Teddy Bear Express

The Rules - the important ones

It's TIME for Teddy Bear Express (TBE) sign ups!!
( Deadline for sign-ups is August 24 )

Please read this carefully and in full as you will be expected to comply with these rules. I've tried to simplify as best as I can. Do not hesitate to email me at janalyn686@yahoo.com with questions.

What is TBE?

TBE stands for Teddy Bear Express. Teddy bears travel around the United States and Canada from one family child care, daycare center, or school to another, staying for up to 10 days, and then returning home. Every fall one or more bears go on the road depending upon the number of signups we have. Each TBE route is comprised of one Bear Keeper (the person that purchases or uses their own bear and prepares the traveling box) and 5 or more Hosts (the providers and teachers) who get to have a bear come and visit them). TBE is done as a fun Geography lesson for the children in our care. TBE takes place once per year, with the bears leaving in September and returning home in December.

Who May Apply?

Any member of the FaceBook daycare group Provider's Playground who resides in the United States or Canada and who is actively involved with children as a family child care provider, center worker, teacher, etc. Feel free to join our group, just do a FaceBook search in groups for "Provider's Playground." If you have any trouble, drop me an email at janalyn686@yahoo.com

What Do I Need To Do To Sign Up And When?

1. The Application - simply copy and paste the questions along with your answers into an email sent to janalyn686@yahoo.com and put "TBE APPLICATION" in the subject line.

2. The Deposit - I ask for a Deposit because it helps ensure that our teddy bears return home safely and that you are serious about this project. Prior to requiring a Deposit, we frequently had bears that came up 'lost.' Since the Deposit requirement, we have had a 100% success rate with our bears returning home.

The Deposit for all applicants is $10 this year. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE and must be submitted via PayPal at the ID janalyn686@yahoo.com. You do not need a PayPal account to submit payment. Just ask me to send an email invoice with instructions. Don't forget to give me your email!

Don't forget for those of you who are self-employed as Family Child Care Providers, all of your expenses associated with TBE are a 100% direct tax write off for you. Keep good records.

3. Picture, Name, and Sex of Bear - If you are applying for a position as a Bear Keeper, you must email me one or two photos of your teddy bear, along with the bear's name and sex at the time of your Application. All photos must be submitted in .jpg format and must be close-up photos.

4. Deadline - for me to have all of the above is Thursday, August 24.

When Do The Bears Leave and When do they return?

The bears leave between Saturday, September 2, 2017, and Saturday, September 9, 2017. If you are chosen as a Bear Keeper, please let me know which day you will mail out your bear.

Depending on the mail service, promptness of participants mailing out the bear, and how many hosts are on the route, the bears generally return home to their owners anywhere from late November through mid-December.

Tell me more about the Bear Keeper and Host positions!!

All Applicants apply for a Host position. If you'd like to prepare a box and send a bear out, you may also apply for a Bear Keeper position. There are only a few Bear Keeper positions, approximately one for every 5 or 6 Hosts. Please read the rules thoroughly for both positions before deciding on whether or not to apply and in what aspect.

BEARKEEPER RULES http://stepbystepcc.com/tbe/bearkeeperrules.html
HOST RULES http://stepbystepcc.com/tbe/hostrules.html

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

Please know that I do my best to approve all Applications but I cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate. It is possible you may live in a location that just won't work for any route. I almost always am in need of Hosts in the Southern or Western states. In the case of multiple Applicants in one area, the first Application received will be given preference. If you are not approved for TBE, your FULL Deposit will be returned immediately.

No smoking around the traveling teddy bear is permitted.

No food items are permitted to travel with the bears.

Mailing Rules - bears may be shipped either via Parcel Post or Priority Mail. In either case, you are required to obtain Delivery Confirmation. Delivery Confirmation is inexpensive and will provide you with a Confirmation Number as proof that you mailed the bear to the next location. Insurance is optional.

Photos! Please know that with your participation you agree that any photos sent to me may be used on our TBE website!

Please make sure you are familiar with ALL the rules for this project. They are all put into place for a reason and are important to ensure a successful venture.

I believe this is an AWESOME project. Some of our bears and daycares have made the newspapers and news. If you would like to return to our main TBE page, please go here.

Please consider joining this very fun project!

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