Teddy Bear Express

Host Rules

Teddy Bear Express will begin between September 2 and 9, 2017. The teddy bear you will receive will be mailed out during this time frame from its Bear Keeper location. You can expect to receive your bear within 2 to 5 business days (possibly more if from/to Canada) after the send off date if you are first on the route.

* NOTE: I am very strict with the below rules so please read this page carefully and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. I do understand that at times you may have an emergency which may prevent you from mailing your bear out when you are supposed to or fulfilling all of the requirements. However, if this is the case I expect a timely text message (my number will be provided to you upon acceptance into the TBE program).

1. Receiving The Bear. When you receive the teddy bear at your location (within 24 hours), you will:

      ** Let me know you've received the bear. In that message, I ask that you include the date you plan to send the bear off to the next daycare on the route. You may email me, FaceBook message me, and/or text message me.

      ** It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the contents of the box and email me privately at jana@stepbystepcc.com immediately if any of the required contents are missing, the box is not sturdy, or you have any other concerns at all regarding the teddy bear and the contents or mailing arrival of the bear. To see a list of required contents for the box, please visit the Bear Keeper Rule Page.

      ** If a "GIFT" is included in the box from the previous daycare for your daycare, please remove that. All other items are to remain with the box to be sent to the next daycare on the route.

2. The Bear's Visit. You have up to TEN (10) calendar days to keep the teddy bear at your location. During the 10 days, the bear is at your daycare, you will:

      ** Email one or two photos of the bear and your group to me privately at jana@stepbystepcc.com.

      ** Write in the bear's journal (in the box) at least ONCE during your visit.

      ** Include a souvenir or two that will travel with the bear and will ultimately become the property of the Bear Keeper when the bear returns homes. The souvenir must be something 'educational' about your city or location. Examples - postcards, photos, posters, local handicraft, sports memorabilia, keychains, clothing, use your imagination. The idea here is to have children learn about other areas.

      ** OPTIONAL: Gift for the next daycare on the route and/or a gift for the Bear Keeper. Please label any of these items as such: "Gift for xxxx daycare"


2. The Box Contents. Traveling with the teddy bear you will find a:

      * Journal - you will add handwritten notes/diary to this (at least ONCE, preferably more) and keep it in the box.

      * a protected sheet of paper with your ROUTE ADDRESSES in mailing order. You will send the bear to the location after your own name.

      * Large Zipper Bag "SOUVENIRS" - stays with the bear.

2. Mailing the Bear. You must mail the teddy bear out to the next location no more than 10 calendar days after you receive it. The bear MUST be mailed either via Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation or Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. You will email me privately (THE DAY YOU MAIL THE BEAR) with the Delivery Confirmation number and inform me it was mailed. Purchasing insurance is optional.

If you opt to submit a story to your local newspaper (or any other publication) regarding your participation in the TBE project, I do require proof or draft of the article to be sent to me for my approval before the story is publicized.

If you have any questions regarding our Teddy Bear Express project, please do not hesitate to email me privately.

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