Preschool Summer Theme

See also Sunshine Theme.

Book List

A Summer Day - Douglas Florian
At The Beach - Eugene Booth
City in the Summer - Schick
D.W. All Wet - Marc Brown
Fishes - Wildsmith
Froggy Learns to Swim - Jonathan London
Henry Fisherman - Brown
Home Field - David Spohn
Hotter Than a Hot Day

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Ice Cream - William Jaspersohn
In My Treehouse - Alice Schertle
July - James Stevenson
Make Mine Ice Cream - Melvin Berger
Mr. Bear's Boat - Thomas Graham
Norman Plays Second Base - Gault
On a Summer Day - Lenski
One Hot Summer Day - Nina Crews
Summer - Alice Low
Summer Noisy Book - Brown
Teeny Witch Goes On Vacation - Liz Matthews
The Pig in the Pond - Martin Waddell
The Witches Vacation - Bridwell
Under The Ocean - Eugene Booth

Songs & Fingerplays

Arts & Crafts

Paper Plate Sun


paper plate(large), yellow paint, glue, yellow strips of paper(rays of sun)


Paint entire paper plate yellow. When somewhat dry glue the yellow strips around the plate-sticking outward.

~Submitted by Susan N

Cotton Candy

Glue pink cotton balls on a paper towel tube for cotton candy. You can also use yellow cotton balls.

Flower Hangings

Cover a table with towels. Give each child two circles cut out of waxed paper. Place a variety of fresh flowers in the center of the table and let each child choose several to arrange on top of one of his or her waxed paper circles. Have each child cover his or her flowers with the second piece of waxed paper. Then place a towel on top of each child's waxed paper circles and press with a warm iron to seal the edges together. Use a hole punch to make holes at the tops of the circles. Thread pieces of yarn through the holes and arrange the flower hangings in a window.

Sidewalk Painting

Color pavement with chalk or with water using a paintbrush and pail of water.

Watermelon Art

Give each child a circle cut out of green construction paper and a slightly smaller circle cut out of red construction paper. Have them glue their red circles on top of their green ones. Then let them glue watermelon seeds all over their red ones.

Paint Blowing - (Might want to do this outside!)

Give each child a sheet of construction paper. Put a small amount of paint on the paper (several colors are more exciting). Have the children blow the paint with a straw to create abstract designs.

~Submitted by Cindy in MN

Wet Chalk Drawings

Give each child colored chalk and a wet piece of white construction paper. Let them draw anything they wish. After the picrtures are dry, back them with a piece of colored construction paper. Mount them on a bulletin board. (Good outside activity)

~Submitted by Cindy in MN

Theme Ideas

Sailboat Races

Have the children make sailboats, either out of clay with a stick and paper for a sail or from pieces of cork with a toothpick and paper attached for a sail. After the sailboats are created, take them outside to a wading pool for sailboat races.

~Submitted by Cindy in MN

Sinking and Floating

Use a wading pool filled with water. Find many things for the children to experiment with to examine the concepts of sinking and floating. Have them predict ahead of time which things will sink and which things will float.


Divide the children into two teams and let them "tug-o-war".

~Submitted by Cindy in MN

Mud Play

Let the children play in the mud then clean off in the sprinkler. Sounds yucky but they love getting dirty!!

~Submitted by Cindy in MN


Let the children dig for worms. We just did this yesterday and they had a ball! Then we talked about worms, how they are good for the soil, etc. and then "released" them into the garden.

Submitted by Cindy in MN


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