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Arts & Crafts

Spring Mural

Make a spring mural. You will need butcher paper, crayons, scissors, magazines, and paper, paint, paintbrushes, and tape. Suggested spring items; paintings by the children, dried flowers, tree bark, branches, leaves, pictures of insects and baby animals, and even Easter eggs. Secure the butcher paper to a wall. Print the word "Spring" on the butcher paper. To create a spring mural, attach spring objects and pictures to the butcher paper. Have the children paint flowers, grass, and butterflies on the mural. Have them cut magazine pictures relating to spring and add them to the mural. Encourage them to bring spring items from home to put on the mural. Discuss each item on the mural, its importance, and the reasons why it is related to spring. Add something new to the mural. See who can find what it is - a ladybug drawn on a flower or sunflower seeds glued in a corner. Play a guessing game. Describe an object on the mural and see who can guess it correctly.

Flower Pots

Use foam cups and let children draw pictures on them. Crayons or colored pencils will work well for this.

Easel Painting

Children can paint flowers, stems and leaves on construction paper.

Finger-paint Flowers

Give the children various colors of finger-paint in small cups. Let them use their fingers to make flowers stems and leaves.


Cut out a large yellow circle. Glue on large yellow petals. Attach a stem.

Pussy Willow Fingerprints

Trace around a tongue depressor with a colored marker. Then using ink pads or finger paint, the children can press their finger on the ink pad and transfer their fingerprint to the paper. This will produce pussy willow buds.

Spring "Wallpaper" Hats

The children will be able to express themselves by choosing materials to decorate their own hats for Spring." And, the children will use large motor skills while showing off their hats in a "Spring Parade".

20'Squares of wallpaper 2 for each child, brushes, glue, and string. Flowers, an assortment of colorful ribbon, fabric scraps, lace, and bows.

For each hat, you will need two 20-inch squares of wallpaper. Let each child select his / her own colors. Have thembrush a small amount of glue on the Bottom of their first square. Then help each child place their second square on top of the first, backs together. Teachers show children them how to press their squares together from the center out, to squeeze out any glue.

One at a time, have the children stand in front of a mirror and place their squares on top of their heads. Let them shape their fancy squares into hats. Tie a string around the band of each hat to help it keep its shape. Let the children remove their hats from their head so the glue can dry and form its shape. When the hats are dry, remove the strings let them cut the brims of their hat into their desired shape. Set out flowers, ribbons, fabric scraps, lace, andbows and let them decorate their own hats. You won'tbelieve the beautiful sight of the spring creations!

Spring Idea

Flower Pot
Potting Soil
Flower Seeds or bulbs

Put the kid's handprint on the flower pot. Paint a border around the top. Label with child's name and the date. Plant a flower of some kind and give it to mom. Very very cute! Plus a wonderful keepsake!!

~Submitted by Denise

Spring Flowers

Construction paper, glitter, confetti, glue, stickers, silk flowers, etc.

What I am in the process of doing is tracing all the children's hands on different colored paper. I am making flowers out of them. I use six to seven hands and put them around a four-inch circle of a contrasting color. I will make a green stem and leaves then put them together. Now, I cut out flower pots from a brown paper which children will decorate with an assortment of items (to personalize each pot). When they are finished I will put them together and use them as a border for my Spring bulletin board.

Comments: You can use this for an infant bulletin board too! You can use their feet for the leaves and just skip the pots. Put clouds and a sun on top it looks cute.

Spring Flower - Hyacinths Make After Easter

Save cracked, colored egg shells (I wash and drain dry). Teacher or students cut out long Spring colored oval shapes. Glue onto paper oval shapes pieces of colored egg shells. Add a green stem and leaves to oval to make a flower. This makes real nice Hyacinths and gives the students a different texture to work with. When savingthe egg shells, the teacher can save each color separately and glue pink on a pink paper oval, and blue on a blue paper oval or the egg shells can be mixed and glued on to the different paper ovals. Either way, it really looks very nice.


Give each of the children a yellow and a white cupcake liner. Have them flatten one of their liners and spread glue on the center portion. Then have them place their other liners upright on top of the glue to make daffodil flowers. If desired, attach Popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners for stems.

* These daffodils look adorable and the children love to make these every year.

Simple Spring Crafts

Something simple for the little ones to do: Take a paperplate and paint or color it, or use a bright yellow plate, and glue crumpled pieces of brown tissue paper to the center. Use cut-out pieces of a paper plate or construction paper (green) to make the stem and leaves. Glue the leaves and stem to the flower.

Another simple one is to use a paperplate, punch two holes about 1/2" apart in the middle. Thread yarn through the holes and tie to make a loop. Punch four evenly spaced holes around the edge of the plate. The kids can color or paint the plate. Then make four flowers from construction paper to hang from your mobile.

Show the children some lilacs. Discuss the name, color, shape. Use a green marker to draw stems on white paper or use precut green stems to glue onto their papers. Have the children crush purple tissue paper squares and glue them to the paper to resemble bunches of lilacs. Add construction paper leaves or draw them on with markers.

~Submitted by Cindy

Fruit Loop Flowers

One thing the children enjoy is making flowers out of Fruit Loops, or another colored cereal. I draw a simple "daisy" shape, and they fill in the petals w/glue and apply the cereal pieces. Of course, their fav. part is eating half the cereal!

We have also made "Thumb Print Flowers." And someone on this list gave me this idea (Terri, maybe?) but I'm not sure who it was. Glue a pom pom on to a piece of white paper. Let the dck use their thumbprints to make petals. Draw a green stem, and use the other thumbprint to make the leaves. There was a cute poem to go w/ this, and the last yr I used it as a Mother's Day card. Maybe someone will remember the poem? But it would be cute just as a craft too.

~Submitted by Anne in TX

A Spring Craft

First, we are lucky enough to have a pussy willow tree out back. So we went out & cut a branch for each child & came in and talked about them (soft, blossom, bud, branches, etc). I had drawn branches on blue paper for each child. I used a deck of cards & had the kids pick one at a time. Whatever number was on the card, that is how many pussy willow blossoms they painted on the branches (we used q-tips). I had drawn vases on various color paper & they cut out the vase and pasted to their picture. They then had their very own vase of pussy willows to take home.

This was fun, and it was a great number of recognition/counting activity.

~Submiteed by Nancee

Spring Art

White or pastel copy paper or other nonabsorbent paper
Water color paints and water
Drinking straws
Construction paper

Make a nice soupy mixture of each water color in the paint set. Drop a pearl-sized or smaller drop of paint onto the paper. Immediately position the far end of the straw directly above the paint bubble and blow in a short breath to make the color spread out in many directions, creating a beautiful flower. Make them all over the page. Using green paint, place the straw just behind the bubble and blow gently to roll it along and create stems. Leave them hanging for a special airy effect or make flower/stem designs in the top half of the page and create a construction paper mirror image vase to glue just below the flowers. To make the vase, fold a piece of construction paper down the center and cut a wavy curve line 2 to 3 inches from the fold. Open the paper and you have a perfect curvy vase to glue down on the ends of the stems. This is one you are going to want to frame or give away to grandparents/relatives for Easter or Mother's Day. Enjoy!

~Submitted by Criss

Pussy Willows

Cut blue construction paper into 5" x 7" pieces and draw several straight stems on each with a brown crayon. (Older children can draw their own stems). Let the children glue grains of Puffed Rice (cereal) up and down both sides of their stems. Parents enjoy receiving these pussy willow pictures which are fun to do on the first day of spring.

Spring Flower

I made this Spring Flower with my Older Toddlers yesterday and they look great!

Have children color on coffee filters using washable markers. Then use a spray bottle with water to spray it and all of the colors will run together. When they were dry we glued a pre-cut stem on. For the leaves, I traced their hands and put their first name on one and last name on the other. They are now on display on our classroom door.

~Submitted by Stephanie in PA

Spring Ideas

These ideas I got off a website, I dont remember which, I just saved them. I'd think you could also use tissue paper, contruction paper or whatever to collage with this first one.

I purchased bow tie macaroni and then dyed them with food coloring to make yellow, green, red, orange and blue. (I dyed them by putting some of the macaroni in a plastic bag, added a splash of rubbing alcohol, and a splash of food color - shake the bag well). Then I placed them on newpaper to dry overnight. I then used the dyed macaroni to collage with pastel colored cello paper (Easter basket paper). The bowtie macaroni looks like butterflies and the paper looks like flowers. It makes a nice combination for a spring art project.

Instead of using marbles or balls to paint in a container, use hard boiled eggs. The eggs get decorated and the paper gets decorated too.

~Submitted by Sheril's Child Care

Tissue Paper Pictures

I remember doing this when I was a child. We would take a large piece of construction paper, any size, the bigger the better and we would use things like the colored pasta, or cereal. Anything with color and we would glue them onto the paper. We would then be given green tissue paper and told to tear into little pieces and crumble them up and glue them. I can remember making all kinds of pictures on the construction paper. I remember using yellow tissue paper and crumbling up and making a sun in one corner of the paper. You can use all different colors of tissue paper and make a picture by pasting onto the paper or you can draw an outline and fill it in with tissue paper.

~Submitted by Deeya

Cookie Flowers

We just made spring flowers from rainbow vanilla wafers. We first drew stems and then glued the different colored wafers to the page. We then colored the leaves around each flower. They looked really cute.

~Submitted by Katherine Braun

Popcorn Flowers

popped popcorn
powdered tempera paint
paper bag
construction paper (spring colors)

Mixed popped popcorn in a bag with colored tempera paint and shake. Have children draw a stem and leaves for their flower on construction paper. Glue popcorn on paper for flower petals.

My kids love this one too but I keep a bowl of edible popcorn close for them to snack on as we work.

~Submitted by Pam

Easy Sunflower

I have something similar to someone else's - hopefully its different enough. You take a paper plate, either yellow, or plain white and paint it yellow, and have the children glue on sunflower seeds. Then you punch a hole and add a green pipe cleaner to make the stem.

~Submitted by Erin P.

Spring Hats

Take regular paper plates (I glued 2 together) and cut out the center circle so you have a ring. Glue misc. materials onto the ring, such as cupcake papers, crepe paper, pom poms, ribbons, feathers, or anything you can think of. Punch a hole on each side and tie a ribbon through the hole so the hat can be tied under the chin. We used the cupcake papers, crepe paper, raffia, ribbon, pom poms and they are just adorable! The kids had a blast making them, too.

~Submitted by Laurie

Pastel Handprint Flowers

Forgive me if I have shared this idea before, but it is just tooo cute! I mix fingerpaint (red, blue, yellow, purple and orange) with a little white fingerpaint to make pastel colors. On a LARGE piece of paper, the children choose a color to make a handprint, keeping fingers close together. This becomes the "bloom" of tulip. The children paint on a stem and leaves, then help decorate the rest of the banner-- we made grass, fluffy clouds with cotton balls, and sponge printed birds, rabbits and other animals in our garden. Above the banner, we printed "Praise the Children and They Will Blossom" and hung the mural on a wall for the remainder of the year.

~Submitted by Suzanne

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