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    Songs & Fingerplays

    This Is An Oval - sung to "Frere Jacques"

    This is an oval, this is an oval.
    How can you tell? How can you tell?
    It's long on one end
    And short on the other.
    It's an oval, it's an oval.

    ~Gayle Bittinger

    Oval Time

    Use tape to mark a large oval on the floor. Announce to your children that instead of "circle time; today you will have "Oval Time!' Invite them to sit along the oval. Ask them to tell you how the oval is different from a circle. (It has an oblong shape.) Have the children stand and march along the oval as you sing the following song.

    This is an Oval - sung to "Frere Jacques"

    This is an oval this is an oval.
    How can you tell? How can you tell?
    It's long on two sides
    And short on two others.
    It's an oval. It's an oval.

    Arts & Crafts

    Bean Ovals

    For each of your children, use a crayon to draw three different sizes of ovals on a piece of construction paper. Set out brushes, glue, and a variety of oval-shaped dried beans. Let the children brush glue on their papers, then arrange the beans in and around the ovals. Encourage older children to glue beans around the oval outlines or to create patterns with the various dried beans.

    ~Totline Books, 123 Shapes

    Theme Ideas

    Squashed Circles

    Show your children pictures and cutouts of ovals. Pass several hard-cooked eggs around the circle and let your children feel the oval shape. Discuss how the shape looks straight on two long sides and curved on both ends. Retrieve the eggs but put them where children can see them. Display a circle and an oval side by side. Help your children describe the differences. Give each child a cardboard tube. Have them look at the end of the tube and discuss its shape. Show them how to hold the tube's end and gently squeeze. The circle, slightly squeezed, is now an oval. Turn over the tube and look at the other end still a circle, Have the children work in pairs. Let them examine the two ends of the tube and identify the shape of each end.

    Extension: As an art activity, have your children paint by dipping the ends of cardboard tubes into the paint and pressing them on paper to form ovals and circles.

    Pass the Basket

    Display both ovals and circles on your flannel board. Tell your children that you have put only ovals on the flannel board. Act surprised when they correct you. Point to each shape in turn and ask, "Is this an oval" Remove the circles as the children tell you these are not ovals. Next, give each child an envelope containing several paper ovals and circles. Have them sort them by shape into two piles. Show the children an oval basket and a round basket. Pass these around the circle and have them place their ovals in the oval basket and their circles in the round basket.

    Beautiful Ovals

    Show your children an oval-shaped hand-held mirror. Discuss the mirror's shape. Pass the mirror around the circle and as each child looks into it, have half of the group say, "Oval mirror, oval mirror, tell us what you see!' Have the other half of the group respond, 'A wonderful child is looking at me.

    In the Kitchen

    Egg-Shaped Sandwiches

    Cut slices of bread into oval egg shapes and spread them with peanut butter. Then let your children decorate their Egg-Shaped Sandwiches with shredded carrots, banana slices, and raisins.

    ~Totline Books, 123 Shapes


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