Games For Schoolagers

Games submitted by the member's of the Provider's Playground Child Care Group!
And also from books, friends, and the internet.

Finger Pool

Scrunch a piece of paper into a small ball. Take turns flicking it back and forth across the table.

Stack Marshmallows

How many marshmallows can you stack?

Penny Relay

Form 2 even teams. Put 2 buckets at one end of the playing field and have the two teams stand on the other end. The 1st players walk to the bucket w/ the penny on their foots. When you get back to the starting line the next person in line goes. The team with the most pennies in their bucket after 2 minutes is the winner.

Rooster Fight - Lots of Fun, the kids love it!!!!

2 players are "roosters" at a time. Each one has a small, colored paper pinned to the back of his shirt. Each rooster "fights" to find out what color the other player is wearing. To do this, you must hop on one foot while holding the other foot behind him with the opposite hand. The winner is the first one who finds out the color on the other ones back.

Egg and Spoon Race

Line children up next to each other on a starting line. They race down and back to starting line. Only use one hand and if the egg falls off you must pick it back up if not broken, if broken, you must go back to starting line, get a new egg and start over again.

Balloon Bust

Blow up enough balloons so that each player can tie one to his ankle. Give him a rolled newspaper, too. On the signal to "Go!" use your rolled newspaper to try to burst the other players' balloons. If your own balloon is burst, you are out of the game. The last player to have an unbroken balloon is the winner.

Ankle Race

All players line up at the starting line, holding their ankles. On the signal to "Go," they race to the finish line, about twenty-five feet away. The first person to reach the finish line without letting go of his ankles is the winner. If you let go of your ankles, you must start over.

Hot Potato

Yes, the school-aged children love this game as well as the preschool children. Any object will do.

GraveYard Keeper

Choose one person to be the grave keeper. The grave keeper closes his/her eyes and counts to ten while everyone else gets into a good frozen position and stands very still. The grave keeper then walks around looking for anyone who moves. If the grave keeper catches you moving (breathing doesn't count), you are out. You can move positions when the gravekeeper's back is turned but don't get caught moving. The last person left is the winner and can be the new grave keeper if you choose to play another round.

Chinese School

Stand before the kids and say - "School has just begun. No more laughing, no more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you will have a penalty done." The teacher then preceded to do silly things to make the kids laugh. If they laughed hard enough to show teeth or tongues, they had to do something the teacher said-- example- run around the house, hop on one leg around something, do so many jumping jacks, etc.

Chain Tag

2 people are it. They hold hands and chase people, the person they catch joins the chain by linking hands. This continues until nobody is left.

Shoe Throw

Untie your shoe and see how far you can kick it. The person who kicks their shoe the farthest wins.

Heads up Seven up - version 1

Seven students are in front of the class. The class laid their heads on their desk. The seven went out and each touched a person. That person would stick his or her thumb up. Then the 7 would say "heads up 7 up" and each student got one chance to guess which of the seven touched him. If they guessed right, than they changed places.

Heads up Seven up - version 2

Everyone puts their heads down on their desks and extends one thumb. The teacher chooses one person as "it". He/she goes around touching the thumbs of 6 people. If your thumb is touched, you go to the front of the room. When this is done, "It" yells, "Seven up!" Everyone raises their heads and has to guess which of the 7 people is "it".

Blow Bubbles

Blow bubbles at the children and let them pop them. Even the school aged children love popping them.

Freeze Tag

Dodge Ball

Movement Counting

Give directions for moving in different ways. Examples: Jump one time.
Hop two times
Tiptoe three times
Turn around four times
Gallop in place five times ETC.

Soft things

Go around the room and find _____ things that are soft, hard, or whatever. Have the children write them down. See who gets something different from everyone else.

Kangaroo Tag

Gather all the children in a circle, preferably outside. Show the children how to do a kangaroo jump (arms close to chest, palms facing downward, knees slightly bent). Tell the children that they are going to play kangaroo tag and explain that the mother kangaroo (the child who is "it") is searching for her babies (Joeys). When the mother kangaroo tags a Joey, that child then becomes the mother and tries to tag someone else. Stress the important rules: kangaroos jump, but do not run, tagging should be done in a gentle way and everyone must stop when you tell them to stop.

Koosh Ball

One person starts with the koosh ball. They name a person and throws the ball to them. That person must catch the ball and do the same thing. Everyone in the circle throws the ball to someone they have named. You can add more balls and try having 2 going at the same time.

Tower of Fun

Build a tall tower with large blocks and let your child throw a ball or a beanbag to knock it down.

Let's Face It

Who can make the funniest face? School-aged children are great at this one.

Follow the Leader

Thumb Wrestling

The only wrestling allowed in daycare! LOL

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