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Arts & Crafts

Shiny Puddles

Blue Construction Paper
aluminum foil
glue, scissors

Cut a free - form shape from foil. Glue onto blue paper, shiny side up, for puddle. Dot paper with glue. Sprinkle on glitter for the rain drops. (Because you are using glitter, this project is best suited for 4s and up. For younger children, have them spatter paint on the foil.

The following poem is cute to go along with the project.

Plip, plop, drip, drop
The rain begins to patter.
Plip, plop, drip, drop
Watch the raindrops spatter.

Plip, plop, drip, drop
The puddles are shiny and round.
Plip, plop, drip, drop
They're scattered all over the ground.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Sun and Rain

Paint a large rainbow on a piece of construction paper. Glue on a small yellow circle for a sun and paint yellow rays comming from the sun. Allow to dry. When dry dot glue over the picture and sprinkle on dry rice to make raindrops. Allow to dry and shake off excess rice.

~Submitted by Andrea

Rain Collage

Let the kids look through magazines to find pictures of rain. Have them tear or cut them out. Let them glue the pictures on a piece of large paper to make a rain collage. Let them talk about the rain in each picture.

~Submitted by Andrea


Let the kids paint large umbrella shapes cut out of paper. Hang the umbrella paintings on your wall or bulletin board and attach a cane shaped handle.

~Submitted by Andrea

Rain Book

Staple together 4-6 pieces of paper to make a book for each kid. Write the words "Rain Helps Things Grow" on the cover of each book. Let the kids look through magazines and tear out pictures of things that need rain to help them grow such as trees and flowers. Then have them glue the pictures into their books.

~Submitted by Andrea

A Rainy Day Picture

Materials needed:

Umbrella die cut or cut out
grey cloud cutouts (or cotton balls)
Blue rice (use food coloring to make blue rice)
construction paper

Let kids collage with blue rice and cutouts creates a cute 3-d look

~Submitted by Heidi in Utah

Rainy Day Picture

Make a cloud on grey paper & cut out. Make raindrops on blue paper & attach to the cloud with string/yarn so the raindrops are falling from the cloud.

~Submitted by Nancee


We covered raindrops made out of cardboard with aluminum foil and then painted the foil with blue paint. We used the paint from Discount school supply that stick to everything.

~Submitted by Brenda

Rainy Day Drip Paintings

When the weather forecast is light rain, make a rain painting. Spread out a large sheet of paper before the rain begins, using bricks or other heavy objects to weigh down the edges. Fill shaker dispensers w/ powdered paint. Sprinkle the paint randomly over the paper. As it rains, the raindrops will mix and blend the paint. After a few minutes, go out and observe the designs the rain has made for you. Bring in the wet painting, and let it dry on layers of newspaper.

~EcoArt, Submitted by Anne in TX

Be prepared for Rain

Cupcake liners
Crayons or Paint
Pipe Cleaners

Cut several Cupcake liners in half (these will be umbrellas). Glue the umbrellas onto a sheet of paper. Make handles, sung pipe cleaners. Glue on the handles. Draw on some clouds and raindrops.

~Submitted by Carol

Rain Sticks

Tape over one end of a paper towel tube. Have children wad up tin foil and place in stick, about 5 wads.....add 3 little scoops of rice...tape end and decorate. The children will have fun making you run for cover over and OVER again.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Rain Booklet

Cover has an umbrella on it and titled "This is the Rain". The first page has clouds, sun, and these words: These are the clouds, all puffy and gray, that block out the sun on a cool spring day. The next page has a farm and a large building on the opposite side of the sheet with these words: These are the raindrops falling from clouds on country farms and on city crowds. The next page has flowers and these words: This is the rain that keeps falling down, watering flowers all over the town. The next page has a rainbow, sun and these words: this is the rainbow that comes when the sun shines in the sky when the rain is all done. The last page can have a smiley face on it and these words: So, when it's raining and your feeling bad, think about rain and be happy, not sad. Rain's good for gardens and for people too. The sun will come out when the rain is all through. This was taken from a Weekly Reader magazine.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Rain Book

Staple together four to six pieces of white paper to make a book for each child. Write the words "Rain Helps Things Grow" on the cover of each book. Let the children look through magazines and tear out pictures of things that need rain to grow such as trees, flowers, and other plants. Then have the children glue the pictures in their books.


Have the children cut the individual egg-carton cups in half. Show them how to glue the halves onto a sheet of construction paper. Add pipe cleaners for handles. Draw pictures around the umbrellas with crayons or paint.

Umbrella Idea

Copy of an umbrella
blue paint

Copy enough umbrellas for your class. Let the children dip their fingertips into the blue paint and put dots all over the umbrella. After the umbrellas dry cut them out and hang in the window or on the door.

~Submitted by Tara in Georgia


We make Rainsticks! Use a paper towel roll or gift wrap paper roll (we did this in January and I had saved the long tube from the Christmas wrapping paper.) Paint tube brown or bright colors. Cover one end with material stretched over it and held on by colored or white masking tape. Then put in crunched up aluminum foil in a long piece. Add rice. Cover the other end with material and put tape around it. It sounds really cool and the kids have fun shaking it and dancing.

~Submitted by Faye


Large half circles, cut out, with handle shapes attached.

Another Umbrella

Large half-circles handles attached, but also glue on a strip of blue crepe paper at bottom of the circle before you attach the handle. Use scissors to fringe. This looks like rain. The children enjoy "fringing" the paper.

Umbrella Picture

Supplies - Paper Baking Cups, Scissors, Glue, Crayons or Paint, Pipe Cleaners. Cut several baking cups in half, these will be the umbrellas. Glue them on a sheet of paper. For the handles, use pipe cleaners or you can draw them. Draw or paint raindrops.

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