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Songs & Fingerplays

Mail Carrier Song - Sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"

I get to sort the mail,
Then carry it to your home.
The mail comes from all over,
Like New York, Paris, and Rome.
Mail, mail, mail, mail,
I love to deliver the mail, mail, mail.
Mail, Mail, Mail, Mail,
I love to deliver the mail.

The Mail Carrier's Song - Sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Write, write, write your cards,
And lots of letters, too.
I will bring them to your friends,
And they will write back soon.

I'm a Letter Carrier - Sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a letter carrier, on my way. (walk in place)
Here is my suit, it's blue and grey. (point to clothes and head)
When I come to your house, every day, (point with index finger)
I leave the mail, but I can't stay. (point to self)

Arts & Crafts

Mail Carrier Pouch

Make a mail carrier pouch out of construction paper, yarn, and a stapler to staple the mail pouches together.


Make a mailbag for each child. Use a large paper grocery bag cut in half. Use the top to cut out a wide shoulder strap. Adjust and staple to each side of the bag. Let the children decorate the bags.

Theme Ideas

Have each child write a note to either themselves or their parents, or they can draw a picture. Help them to address the envelope, and place a stamp on it. Then when you go to the post office have the child put the envelope in the correct slot. Optional: call ahead and arrange a short tour.

Field Trip to the Post Office

Ask parents to send in self-addressed, stamped envelopes. Have each child draw a picture and put it into his or her envelope. Take a field trip to the post office. Have children mail their "letters" to their parents.

Build A Post Office

The process of sending a letter is often mysterious to young children. They can better understand the process by playing post office. Make a mailbox out of a large box; the most important part is the slot for the mail. Collect envelopes of all sizes. Your child can draw pictures or dictate letters for the envelopes. Address the envelopes and use stickers for stamps. Help your child deliver the mail to nearby friends, relatives, or even stuffed animals!

In The Kitchen

Graham Crackers in White Envelopes

Give each child a "special delivery" by placing a graham cracker in a white envelope. Let them open the envelope and taste the treat.

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