Poems for Teachers

First Day of School

            I used to be little, but not anymore.
            Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
            I'm going to school--it's the first time for me.
            It's great to be big, but I'm scared as can be.

            My tummy's in knots. Do you want to know why?
            I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'll cry.
            When Dad leaves the school and I'm there all alone,
            I'm thinking that maybe I'll want to go home.

            But wait--Mommy said I'll play lots of new games,
            and meet lots of friends--I can learn all their names.
            The first day of school, oh there's so much to do!
            There's painting and books and a big playground, too.

            I used to be little, but not anymore.
            Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
            I'm going to school--it's my first day, you see.
            It's great to be big! I'm so glad that I'm me!

            ~author unknown

'ABC' Writings

Children Are: Children Need:

Amazing, acknowledge them
Believable, trust them
Childlike, allow them
Divine, honor them
Energetic, nourish them
Fallible, embrace them
Gifts, treasure them
Here now, be with them
Innocent, delight with them
Joyful, appreciate them
Kindhearted, learn from them
Lovable, cherish them
Magical, fly with them
Noble, esteem them
Open minded, respect them
Precious, value them
Questioners, encourage them
Resourceful, support them
Spontaneous, enjoy them
Talented, believe in them
Unique, affirm them
Vulnerable, protect them
Whole, recognize them
Xtra special, celebrate them
Yearning, notice them
Zany, laugh with them

~author unknown

I'm Happy to be Me

                _______ is my hair,
                _______ are my eyes.
                I'm _______ years old,
                I'm just the right size.
                My name is _______
                And as you can see,
                I'm very happy to be me!

                ~author unknown

The Teacher

              When meeting someone at the first,
              They often ask me what I do.
              I smile and think of how I taught
              My little boy to tie his shoe,
              And how to sing and how to pray
              And how to tell the time of day.
              Why the rainbow's in the sky,
              Why birdies can but cows can't fly.
              Why sky is blue and grass is green
              And unicorns are never seen.
              How to think of others first
              And deal with life's little hurts.
              To say "Thanks you" and "You're welcome"
              Say "Please" for food, and don't reach.
              When someone asks me what I do -
              I smile and simply say, "I teach".

              ~author unknown

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Preschool Teacher

          1. Cute little children......cute little paycheck.
          2. Confidence that you will nenver, ever forget to count to 10.
          3. Attention span.......Do they have one?
          4. Shoes that untie themselves.
          5. Get to sing your favorite songs; over and over, and over.
          6. With all this bending, who needs aerobics?
          7. Play, play, play.
          8. Classroom art displayed in kitchen "galleries".
          9. Small hands......LARGE crayons.
          10. You alone make little ones count.

          ~author unknown

First Day of School

            She started school this morning,
            And she seemed so very small.
            As I walked there beside her
            In the Kindergarten hall.

            And as she took her place beside
            the others in the class,
            I realized how all too soon
            Those first few years can pass.

            Remembering, I saw her as
            She first learned how to walk.
            The words that we alone made out
            When she began to talk.

            This little girl so much absorbed
            In learning how to write.
            It seems as though she must have grown
            To girlhood overnight.

            My eyes were blurred by hastily
            I brushed the tears away
            Lest by some word or sign of mine
            I mar her first big day

            Oh how I longed to stay with her
            And keep her by the hand
            To lead her through the places
            That she couldn't understand.

            And something closely kin to fear
            Was mingled with my pride.
            I knew she would no longer be
            A baby by my side.

            But she must have her chance to live,
            To work her problems out,
            The privilege to grow and learn
            What life is all about.

            And I must share my little girl
            With friends and work and play;
            She's not a baby anymore --
            She's in Kindergarten today.

            ~author unknown

Kindergarten Survival Kit

The penny is to remind you that you are valuable,
The star is to remind you to always try your best,
The eraser is to remind you that it's okay to make mistakes,
The life saver is to let you know that you can always talk to me,
The tissue is for drying your tears and those of others,
The band-aid is to let you know that together we can make things better,
The chocolate hug is to remind you that you are cared for,
The sticker is to remind you that we always stick together.

~author unknown

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