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Songs & Fingerplays

Nine Pretty Flowers

Cut nine flower shapes from felt (three each of red, yellow and white). Vary the size of the blossoms (large and small) and the length of the stems (short and tall). Place the figures on a flannel board and count them with your children. Then sing the following song, letting the children take turns pointing to the appropriate flannel board figures as you sing. Variation: Hand out the flannel board figures to nine children. Let them act out the song as the group sings.

Nine Pretty Flowers - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Nine pretty flowers by my garden wall.
Some are short and some are tall.
Some are yellow, some are white.
Some are red, a pretty sight.
Some are big and some are small.
Nine pretty flowers by my garden wall.

Hungry Birds

Spread a brown sheet, a tablecloth or a beach town in the middle of the circle for a bird nest. Choose nine of your children to be baby birds. Have them sit in the nest. As a group, count the nine baby birds. Choose one child to be the mama bird. Give this child nine short pieces of yarn worms to feed the baby birds. Count the worms as a group. Then have the children act out the following rhyme. Recite the rhyme again, giving each child an opportunity to be a bird.

Nine Baby Birds

Nine baby birds in their nest.
Nine baby birds were taking a rest.
Mama bird brought them quite a treat,
Nine delicious works one for each to eat!

Arts & Crafts

Number 9

Print out a large Number 9 on heavy paper or tagboard. You can find one HERE. Then have the children glue on 9 of any one item. For example, buttons, feathers, macaroni, etc.

Theme Ideas

Making Nines

On a chart or chalkboard, write the numeral nine. Show your children that the numeral 9 is made of a circle and a straight line. Demonstrate how to form the numeral 9 with a round pretzel and a pretzel stick. Now give each of your children a plastic gag counting an equal number of pretzel rounds and pretzel sticks. Encourage them to make 9's with their pretzels, then let them eat the results.

Extension: Provide paper and markers in the writing area so your children can practice writing 9's.

Nine Gym Bags

Gather several athletic bags of different colors and put nine sports-related items into each one. Possible items include towels, water bottles, trading cards and balls). Divide your children into groups of two or three. Give each group a bag. Let the children open the bags and count the items inside. After all groups report their results to their classmates, have them return the items to their bags and trade with other groups. Continue counting and trading as long as interest lasts.


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