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Songs & Fingerplays

Eight is Great!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
We think eight is really great!
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
Now our cheer for eight is done.

Garden of Eight

Cut out eight large flower shapes, a sun and a watering can from construction paper. Select eight of your children. Give each of them a flower shape to hold and have them stand inside the circle. Help the group count these eight flowers. Have the remaining children pretend to be the sun and the rain as you read the following rhyme.

Eight Little Flowers:

We;re eight little flowers in the garden today.
The sun came out and shined all day
(Circle hands overhead.)
The rain came down and water us all
(Wiggle fingers downward)
We're eight little flowers and we're growing tall.

Variation: Copy the poem onto a rebus chart. Point to the pictures as you read the poem.

Arts & Crafts

Glue sets of 8 things all over a large tagboard number 8 cutout. 8 buttons, 8 stickers, 8 pompoms, etc.

Number 8 Spider

Theme Ideas

Eight Little Boxes

Collect a small box with a lid for each child in your group (Gift boxes for jewelry work well. Put a layer of cotton at the bottom of each box. Put eight plastic novelty rings into each box and then hand out the boxes to your children. Let them open the boxes and count the rings inside. How many rings do they have? Does everyone have the same number? Have them put one ring on each finger (not thumbs) and count the rings. Do they still have eight? Now have them put two rings on each of one hand until they run out of rings. Count the rings again. Do they still have eight? Keep moving rings on fingers and counting after each change.

Eight Railroad Cars

Display eight cardboard cartons in a line outside the circle. Have your children count the cartons. Explain that this is a train with eight cars, and each car can only hold one person. Select eight children to ride in the train and have each climb into a separate box. Help the group count the passengers. Now have each passenger exit the train and choose a replacement. Repeat the activity, counting train cars and passengers each time.

Cheering for Eight

Select eight of your children to be cheerleaders. When they are standing in the circle, help the group count them. Now let the cheerleaders lead the group in the following cheer. When they have finished, have each select a child who has not yet had a turn as a cheerleader, and repeats the activity.


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