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Songs & Fingerplays

Three Cats

Prepare cutouts for your flannel board. Three white cats, three blue hats, three purple mats, three orange bows, and three pink triangle noses. Read the following poem to your children and place the figures on the flannel board as they are mentioned.

Three Cats

Once there were three white cats
One cat, two, cats, three cats.
And those cats wore three blue hats
One hat, two hats, three hats.
And they sat on three purple mats
One mat, two mats, three mats.
All three cats wore orange bows
One bow, two bows, three bows.
And each one had a soft pink nose
One nose, two noses, three noses.

These Three

Call three of your children to the front of the circle. Talk about characteristics that the three children share. (For instance: All have brown hair. All are girls.) Then sing the following song, and have a volunteer answer the question. Repeat choosing three different children each time, until every child has had a turn to stand before the group and an opportunity to answer.

These Children Are the Same - sung to "The Farmer in the Dell"

Three children are the same.
Three children are the same.
Can anybody tell us how
Three children are the same?

Arts & Crafts

Make #3 Book

On each page glue on 3 items. You can even do the sticker idea (see Themes).

~Submitted by Susan N.

Theme Ideas

3 Stickers

Fold a piece of paper into 4's. On each section have the children count out 3 stickers. For example; on one section stick on 3 bear stickers, on another 3 hearts and so forth

~Submitted by Susan N.

#3 Movement Game

Have the children follow your lead. Have them clap 3x, stomp 3x, wave your arms 3x, jump 3x, etc.

~Submitted by Susan N.


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