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Songs & Fingerplays

Five Little Indians

5 Little Indians running through a door
(raise 5 fingers)
One fell down and then there were 4
(lower 1 finger)
4 Little Indians climbing in a tree
(raise 4 fingers)
One fell down and then there were 3
(lower 1 finger) 3 little Indians stewing a pot of stew
(raise 3 fingers)
One went to play and then there were 2
(lower 1 finger)
2 little Indians playing in the sun
(raise 2 fingers)
One went inside and then there was 1
(lower 1 finger)
One little Indian left all alone.
He went home and then there were none.
(lower finger and shake head)

~Submitted by Tia

I'm A Little Indian - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little Indian on the go,
Here is my arrow, here is my bow,
When I go a hunting, hear me shout
Bears and Buffalo better watch out!

~Rita Jamieson

Arts & Crafts


I have used this craft for Native American week in my class for years. Dreamcatcher- I first cut out the center of a large paper plate. If your children are able to do this, have them cut out the center. Punch holes about 11/2 to 2 inches apart on the ruffled edge of the plate. I use about 18 inches of white yarn and have the children "weave" a web. Throughout the web, the children can place several colored beads to represent "dreams". Tie off the end and attach colored feathers and more beads. Each one is unique and very colorful.

~Submitted by Deb from Pottstown

Indian Paint

Have the kids crush blueberries or raspberries with a wooden spoon. Add a few drops of vinegar to prevent mold from growing. Let the kids create Indian designs on the paper with Indian paint and Q tips.

~Submitted by Tia

Indian Chief's Headress

Lay out two full sheets of paper per child (takes a lot of room -may try one at a time). Have child paint bright bands of color across the width of both papers. Paint from the top to the bottom with different stripes of color. Let the paper dry. When the paint is dry lay one sheet of newspaper on top of the other PAINTED SIDES OUT. Fold the newspapers in half lengthwise. Fringe the papers, cutting from the outer edges toward the fold. Leave about a 3" band along the folded edge. Fit the band to the child's head and staple in place. Fold the rest of the hat for the tail of the headdress.

~Submitted by "The Kids Place" Home Day Care and Preschool

Theme Ideas

Native American Counting Game

For a math lesson, we use a Native American counting game. You can use styrofoam or posterboard and cut about 4-inch circles as many as you want. On each circle, you draw symbols denoting a number value on one side only. Place the circle in a basket and have each child toss the circles into the air. You count the symbols on only the circles that land symbol side up. I then have the child pick the correct corresponding numeral. For older children, you can use this as an addition/subtract lesson.

~Submitted by Deb from Pottstown

Have your kids choose an Indian name for themselves like Snapping Turtle, etc.

Play pass the feather Pass a feather around with music playing. Whoever has the feather when the music stops, has to stand up and give a war cry.

Do face painting on your kids so they look like Indians.

~Submitted by Tia


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