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Songs & Fingerplays

Mittens, Mittens

Have the children recite the following verses along with you.

Mittens, Mittens
You need two!
Mittens, Mittens
Red, green, or blue!

Mittens, Mittens
Good for cold weather.
Mittens, mittens,
Always keep them together.

Ideas taken from: Seasonal Activities for 2 year olds.
By: Carol L. Van Hise
~Submitted by Nikki

Put on Your Mittens - sung to "Up on the Housetop"

Put on your mittens--it's cold I fear--
(Pretend to put on mittens.)
Now that winter snow is here.
(Hug self and shiver.)
Play in the yard and when you're done,
(Pretend to make snowballs and stomp around.)
Pull off your mittens, one by one.
(Pretend to remove mittens.)
It's fun to play in the snow!
(Pretend to toss armfuls of snow.)
It's fun to play in the snow!
(Pretend to toss armfuls of snow.)
Play in the yard and when you're done,
(Pretend to make snowballs and stomp around.)
Pull off your mittens, one by one.
(Pretend to remove mittens.)

~Barbara Paxson

10 Little Mittens Hanging on the Line

Make 10 different decorative mittens. Get a clothesline and secure the ends. Hang 10 mittens with clothespins and act out this action rhyme

10 little mittens hanging on the line...
one went away, and then there were nine

9 little mittens near the gate...
one went away, and then there were eight.

8 little mittens blowing near heaven...
one flew off, and then there were seven.

7 little mittens hanging near the sticks...
one fell off, and there were six.

6 little mittens by the old beehive...
one came off, and then there were five.

5 little mittens very near the door...
one went away, and then there were four.

4 little mitten hanging from a tree...
one went away, and then there were three.

3 didn't know what to do...
one went away, and then there were two.

2 little mittens drying in the sun...
one went away...and then there was one.

1 little mitten didn't want to be alone...
He went away, and then there were none.

Have a different child come up each time and takes a mitten off of the clothesline.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Arts & Crafts


Most advanced:
They may draw their own mitten shape onto a piece of paper and cut it out on their own. Then have them decorate it with markers, crayons, paint, sequins, glitter, ribbons, bows, lace... whatever you can come up with.

You draw the mitten shape onto a piece of paper and the children cut it out on their own. Then have them decorate it.

You draw the mitten shape onto a piece of paper and then cut it out for them. Then have them decorate it.


December Mitten Match

We played a new game today =) You would need different colored paper scraps (or fabric, we used wallpaper) and laminating paper. We cut our wallpaper into sets of mittens and laminated them and used them to play a matching game...the kids also used them to decide who would be partners on our walk this afternoon by putting them into our seeker book and pulling out mittens until everyone had a partner.

~Submitted by Sabrina from New York

Mitten Toss

Stuff several mittens with cotton stuffing or foam packing chips. Stitch the bottom of each mitten closed to keep the stuffing inside. Place a large laundry basket on the floor. Have two or three children at a time toss the mittens into the laundry basket.

Ideas were taken from Seasonal Activities for 2-year-olds. By: Carol L. Van Hise
~Submitted by Nikki

Mitten Toss

Make mismatched mittens made into bean bags. Draw a large "hand" target and post it on a fence or wall. Have the children try to hit it.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Mitten Hide and Seek

Have all the children hide their eyes while you "hide" a mitten in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to find the mitten, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to hide the mitten.

Mitten Hide and Seek

Play the game the same as above, except hide the mitten. Then tell the children individually whether they are "hot" or "cold" to the relation of the mitten. Allow the other children to have a chance to hide the mitten, and tell children whether they are "hot or cold". It may be a good idea to discuss the meaning of hot and cold before you play this game.

Theme Ideas

Mitten Prints

Collect mismatched mittens for your art table. Have the children put on the mittens: then press their hands into shallow tubs of paint and onto their paper. Another variation of mitten printing would be to hot glue sponge shapes on the mittens and use these to print designs on paper.

~Submitted by Julie in TN, from the book "The Best of Holiday & Seasonal Celebrations"

Annual Tradition

We stared an annual tradition which is one of our giving projects during the Christmas season. It is called "Helping Hands Stay Warm - The Mitten Tree". Each child shops with their parents to purchase a pair (or more) of mittens to hang on the 4 ft. tall Christmas Tree. These mittens will be distributed to the children at a respite center the 3rd week in Dec. This activity is very easy for 2's and up to understand. We tell them that not all children have nice, warm hands as they do, and we need to help them by giving them mittens to stay warm. Mittens and gloves of varying children's' sizes are appropriate for this activity! The parents wholly support our giving project each year! Outreach is not automatic. We must teach and guide, and by example, we will raise our children to know that there are others less fortunate. Wonderful social studies theme!!

~Submitted by Carolyn from Utah

Science Activity for Mittens

Have the children time how long they can hold an ice cube with bare hands and with different types of mittens and gloves on. Lots of fun and laughter with this activity!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Matching Mittens

Cut pairs of mittens out of different textured fabrics. Mix up the shapes and put them in a basket. Hang a clothesline between two chairs and clip clothespins to it. Let children take turns finding the matching mitten shapes and hang them together on the line.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Mitten Sizing

Cut out many different sized Mittens. Ask the children to line up the mittens from largest to smallest.

Mystery Mittens

Here's a fun mitten-related activity that will stimulate visual imagery and increase each child's awareness of his sense of touch. Gather several Large adult mittens. (If mittens are not available, make mittens by sewing or hot gluing fabric mitten cutouts together.) Place a small object - such as a toy car, plastic animals, roll doll, or pinecone-inside each mitten. Ask the children to try to figure out what is inside each mitten by feeling the object from the outside of the mitten. Then have each child reach into each mitten and feel the object inside. Ask youngsters if they would like to change their guesses or stick with their original ones. Afterward, reveal the objects and discuss the children's guesses versus the actual objects.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

The Great Mitten Match Interactive Board

Construction Paper - 3 different colors
1/2 Poster Board
Colored Pencils or markers
Glue sticks
Clear contact paper
sticky velcro (both sides)


1. Cut out four mitten shapes from each color of construction paper.
2. Also, cut out six mitten shapes from brown construction paper.
3. Color designs on each pair, but, each pair should differ.
4. You will glue 3 sets of mittens across your board, making two rows, however, instead of gluing the right mitten down, glue the left and a brown one next to it as a shadow for the other mitten.
5. In "Word" create a title for your project and glue it to the top of your board.
6. Laminate the front and back with the clear contact paper.
7. With the other halves of your pairs of mittens, glue them to the poster board and cut out. Laminate these mittens.
8. The mittens that you just laminated should correspond with the brown shadows you placed on your board.
9. Place a piece of soft velcro on each brown shadow on the board and a corresponding hooky side on each mitten that you just laminated. Make sure that both sides of velcro will match up when placed on the "shadow" mitten.

This activity can be made more difficult or easier, depending on the cognitive abilities and ages in your group. To make it simpler, just use plain color mittens, such as all green, all red, all blue, that way the younger ones can learn color recognition. With a little of increasing the decorations, but, still using similar colors, older ones, such as older fours can build on discriminating skills. Hey, you all work with children, so I know you are creative!!!

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri


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