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Songs & Fingerplays

Mirror, Mirror

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A very wonderful, special me!
(point to self.)
With pretty eyes all shiny and bright,
(Point to eyes.)
My smile show my teeth all pearly white
(Smile and Point to teeth.)
It certainly is great to be
This very wonderful, special ME!
(Hug self!)

~author unknown

Song with Physical Promts

Head and shoulders
Knees and toes
Knees and toes

Head and shoulders
knees and toes
knees and toes

And eyes and ears
and mouth and nose
head and shoulder
knees and toes

~Susan from New York

Arts & Crafts

"Me" Book

We make a small book about "me". The pages include My name is_______. I am ______ years old. (You can do birthday here too). My address is ___________. My phone number is_______. My hair is __________. My eyes are______. I am ____inches tall. I weigh _____ pounds. We illustrate this and do the weighing and measuring in class. We encourage the children to use mirrors to decide what should be in the blanks.

~Submitted by Nikki in Kansas


Make a boy and a girl mobile, boys get boy and girls get a girl. Let them cut if they can cut the head the shirt half body and the two hands and make a mobile. I will have the pattern on my website soon. Go to Url: Http:// and go to august lesson curriculum plans are ready July 24 put on tagboard or heavy stiff construction paper when you copy at the copier machine or plain paper will work too.

~Submitted by Evelisa from Texas

Special Box

Help your child find a small box, such as a shoebox, to turn into a Special Box. Have your child decorate the box with wrapping paper, felt tip markers, stickers, glitter, or crayons. Let your child use the box to store private, special things.

My Favorite Collage

Talk to your child about his or her favorite things. Look through a magazine together to find pictures of some of those things. Let your child glue the pictures on a sheet of construction paper to make a collage of his or her favorite things.

Handprint Tree

On a large piece of paper paint a tree trunk with branches. Let the children dip hands into paint and press hands onto the tree for leaves. This is so cute. Great for all age groups.

Theme Ideas

Rice Baby Unit

I start the year by doing a Rice Baby Unit. Ahead of time, I send home a few questions about what the birth weight, length, date and time of birth, and hospital. I then ask parents to send in enough rice to equal their child's birth weight. I also ask for old pantyhose. I cut the top of the pantyhose off and place one leg inside of the other. Using a funnel the children pour in enough rice to form the body, and we use a scale to weigh. After we get the body formed we tie the panty hose as close to the rice as possible. The children then pour the remainding amount of rice to form the head and we weigh the baby until we get to as close as the child's birth weight. We then tie the top of the head. The children then glue wiggle eyes, small pom pom nose, and a pacifier that you use to decorate for baby showers (I bought these at Walmart in the section where the cake decorating is.) The children glued hair on the baby also and wrapped them in a soft fabric to form a blanket. I also help them place their baby in a white plastic tub as a bed and we decorated our window with blue and pink streamers and baby bottles and sign that says Rice Baby Nursery. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me at

~Submitted by Gloria from Kansas

Me Theme Ideas

1. Use an unbreakable mirror to bring out the idea that we are more alike than different. Discuss color, size, and shape of eyes, hair, noise, mouth, ears, etc.
2. Supply children with pictures of people with missing body parts. The children describe what part is missing.
3. Put flannel board cutouts of a boy and girl on the flannel board. The teacher deliberately places body parts in the wrong area, such as an arm in the legs place. Have children be detectives to discover what is wrong and place parts in the right locations.
4. Offer finger paint or water-based ink for making handprints and footprints.
5. Encourage older children to draw self-portraits and transfer them onto unbleached muslin to sew and stuff as dolls or pillows.
6. Trace the shape of children's bodies as they lie down on large sheets of paper. Children can dress these life-sized figures in fabric, felt, yarn buttons, beads, and any other found materials that interest them.
7. Compile a tape of all the member of the group. Discuss how each person has a different voice tone.
8. Children can talk into the tape recorder, listen to the voices and guess whose name they are.

~Submitted by Cathie in Florida


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