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Songs & Fingerplays

Eensy, Weensy Leprechaun - sung to "Eensy Weensy Spider"

Eensy, weensy leprechaun
Came out St. Patrick's Day
To look for the gold
That was hidden far away.
Over the rainbow
Was where he was told,
So, with a wink of his green eye,
He ran to get the gold.

How Many Leprechauns?

How many leprechauns do you see?
(Hands out questioningly.)
Can you count them, one, two, three?
(Count with fingers.)
How many skinny ones, how many fat?
(Use hands to show skinny and fat bellies.)
How many leprechauns without a hat?
(Point to head.)

~Submitted by Jessica

I'm a Little Leprechaun - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little leprechaun dressed in green
The tiniest man that you've ever seen.
If you ever catch me so it's told
I'll give you my pot of Gold!

Five Little Leprechauns

Five little leprechauns hide behind the door.
One ran away and then there were four.

Four little leprechauns dance under the tree.
One ran away and then there were three.

Three little leprechauns making Irish stew.
One ran away and then there were two.

Two little leprechauns sleeping in the sun.
One ran away and then there was one.
One little leprechaun said, 'St Pat's Day is done.'
He ran away and then there were none!

~Submitted by Christi

Five Wee Leprechauns

Five wee leprechauns scurrying by my door,
One jumped away, then there were 4.
Four wee leprechauns climbing in my tree,
One hid in the green leaves, then there were 3.
Three wee leprechauns, just a busy few,
One went for a pot of gold, then there were 2.
Two wee leprechauns, having lots of fun,
One hopped over the rainbow, then there was 1.
One wee leprechaun, with all his work done.
He slipped off for a nap, then there was 0.

~Submitted by Jessica

The Little Old Lady & The Leprechaun

An Irish Folktale Adapted by Elizabeth McKinnon

One day a little old lady was out walking when she heard a tiny little sound. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. "I wonder what that could be," said the little old lady. She peeked behind a nearby tree. And there, to her surprise, she saw a leprechaun dressed all in green. He was tapping away with his little hammer, making shoes for the wee folk to wear.

The little old lady grabbed hold of the leprechaun's coat. "I've caught you now, Mr. Leprechaun!" she cried. "Indeed you have," said the leprechaun calmly. "But I'll thank you to let me go so I can get on with my work." "Oh, no," said the little old lady. "Not until you tell me where to find your gold. Everyone knows that when a leprechaun is caught, he has to show where his pot of gold is buried." The leprechaun chuckled. "So, you want my pot of gold, do you? Very well. Just follow me & I'll show you." The leprechaun started off with the little old lady holding tight to his coattails. At last, they came to a field where hundreds of bushes were growing. The leprechaun pointed to one of them & said, "Just dig under this bush & you'll find all the gold you want." The little old lady looked at the hard ground. "I'll have to go home & get a shovel," she said. "But first I'll tie my red scarf on this bush. Then I'll know where to dig when I come back." " That's a good idea," said the leprechaun with a twinkle in his eye. "Enjoy the gold when you find it!" And with a wave of his hand, he was gone.

The little old lady ran home & got a shovel. As she started back, she began thinking about how she would spend all her gold. But when she reached the field, her eyes widened in surprise. Instead of one red scarf, she saw hundreds of them. Every single bush had a red scarf tied on it! "Oh, no!" cried the little old lady. "That leprechaun tricked me! I can't dig under all these bushes. Now I'll have to go home without my pot of gold." And so she did.

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. ~~~~an Irish Blessing~~~~~~

Arts & Crafts

Leprechaun Ladders

Cut white or clear plastic drinking straws into 1 1/2-inch sections. Cut 4-inch shamrock shapes out of green construction paper and punch holes in the centers (make sure that the holes are smaller than the ends of the straw sections). Give each child six shamrock shapes, five straw sections, and a 14-inch length of green yarn with a straw section tied at one end and the other end taped to make a "needle." Then let the children string their shamrodk shapes on their pieces of yarn with a straw section between each shamrock.


Make leprechauns out of paper bags. Put yarn in the top for hair and tie shut with a piece of yarn. Glue on paper feet, hands, and facial features.

~Submitted by Leigh

Leprechaun Bowlers

Purchase Chinet (good and sturdy) paper bowls. Put out bright green paint. Have the children paint the outside of the bowls. When dry, punch two holes into the rim to loop sewing elastic through to keep the bowls on their heads. Glue on a feather and an orange strip of felt or ribbon just below the lip of the bowl---or trim in whatever way you wish.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Leprechaun Mask (this is really cute!)

Make a leprechaun hat tracer from oaktag. Simple trapezoid shape with a brim will do fine. Have the children (or adult if the kids are too young) trace onto green paper, cut it out and decorate with art materials. (lots of green & gold!) Then, make a tracer of a leprechaun beard. The children (or you) trace the beard onto construction paper and then fringe cut it. Then they glue the top of the beard to the bottom of the hat. The child's face should fit inside the beard. Attach a headband around the brim of the hat so it fits on the child's head. Cute--so CUTE!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

In The Kitchen

Leprechaun's Lime Surprise

* Sprite/7up
* lime sherbet
* green sugar sprinkles

Fun drink to go along with your St. Patrick's Day treats... Put one or two small scoops of lime sherbet in a clear plastic cup. Pour Sprite or 7Up over the sherbet. Add some green sugar sprinkles and you have a Leprechaun's Lime Surprise!

~Submitted by Carol in Md.

Theme Ideas

On St. Patrick's day the leprechaun is very mischievous. He upsets chairs while children are outside playing, walks through the jello, and dyes the mashed potatoes light green. To help him keep out of mischief we make leprechaun ladders for him to play on. Stringing shamrocks alternately with snips of straws.

Leprechaun Gold Game

Spray paint macaroni with gold paint and then hide them in the rice/bean table. The children are convinced the leprechaun lost his gold. They love finding gold.

Follow the Leprechaun

Make a set of Leprechaun ears by attaching pointy green construction paper ears to a headband. Have one child wear the ears and be the leprechaun leader in a game of following the leader. Take turns with each child.

Leprechaun People

So Adorable! Take a foam cup - small one or medium. Fill with dirt and add grass seed. Watch hair grow kinda like a chia pet. Add a face to the cup. To keep the people looking neat - I always had the children give their people haircuts once a week! Kids loved watching them grow.

Going On a Leprechaun Hunt - an adaptation of the Bear Hunt

Ask the children to listen closely and follow the directions. Instruct them to clap the rhythm or slap their knees as you tell the story.

Going on a leprechaun hunt. I'm not afraid.
Let's go! Oh. look! I see a grassy field.
Can't go around it. Can't go under it. Can't go over it. Let's go through it.
Let's go! Swish, swish, swish, swish.
Oh, look! I see a giant tree.
Can't go over it. Can't go under it. Can't go through it. Let's climb it.
Let's go! Climb, climb, climb.
Oh, look! I see a river.
Can't go over it. Can't go around it. Can't go under it. Let's Swim it.
Let's go. Swim, swim, swim.
Oh, look! I see a dark cave.
Can't go around it. Can't go under it. Can't go over it. Let's tiptoe into it.
Let's go. Tippy, tippy, toe.
It's really dark in here. Better turn on my flashlight.
Oh, no. I see something!
It's mean! It's green! It's a leprechaun! Let's go!
Run! Run! Swim! Swim! Climb! Climb! Swish! Swish!
Whew...safe at home again.


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