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Fall Leaves Fall - Zoe Hall
Fresh Fall Leaves - Betsy Franco
How Leaves Change - Sylvia Johnson
I Found a Leaf - Sharon Lerner
Leaves - Fulvio Testa
Look At The Leaves - Rena K. Look
Red Leaf,Yellow Leaf - Lois Elhert
Why Do Leaves Change Color? - Betsy Maestro

Songs & Fingerplays

Raking Leaves

I rake the leaves
(raking motion)
When they fall down,
(raise arms, let fingers fall gradually)
In a great big pile
And when there are
Enough of them,
I jump on them a while
(jump 3 times)

~Submitted by Cindy in MD

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are floating softly down;
(hands floating down motions)
Some are red and some are brown.
The wind goes swish through the air;
(swish motion with hand)
When you look back, there are no leaves there.
(hands out, palms up)

~Submitted by Cindy in MD

Little Leaves - sung to "Ten Little Indians"

One little, two little, three little leaves,
four little, five little, six little leaves,
seven little, eight little, nine little leaves,
ten little leaves fall down.

~Submitted by Barbie

5 Little Leaves - sung to "Five Little Ducks"

5 little leaves, so bright and gay
Hung on a tree one nice fall day
The wind came blowing round and round
And one little leaf came tumbling down.

(4 little leaves, etc.)

Leaves - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

All join hands and circle round
While we watch the leaves fall down.
See them twirling to the ground
See them whirling all around.
See them skipping here and there
See them flipping in the air.
Autumn leaves so peacefully
Falling, falling from the tree.

~Jean Warren

Leaves - fingerplay

Little leaves fall gently down
Red and yellow, orange and brown (flutter hands as leaves falling)
Whirling Whirling around and around (turn around)
Quietly without a sound (put finger to lips)
Falling softly to the ground (begin to fall slowly)
Down and down and down and down (lie on floor)

~Submitted by Barbie

Raking Leaves

I like to rake the leaves (raking motion with hands)
Into a great big hump (pretend to pile leaves)
Then I move back a bit
Bend my knees and jump!

~Submitted by Barbie

Autumn Leaves - Sung to "Mulberry Bush"

Summer leaves are hanging,
Hanging, hanging
Summer leaves are hanging
All day long. (stand with arms outstretched)

Autumn leaves are turning colors,
Turning colors, turning colors,
Autumn leaves are turning colors
All day long. (turn around)

Autumn leaves are falling,
Falling, falling,
Autumn leaves are falling
All day long. (lower yourself to floor)

Autmn leaves are dancing,
Dancing, dancing,
Autumn leaves are dancing
All day long. (dance)

Autumn leaves are being raked,
Being raked, being raked,
Autumn leaves are being raked
All day long. (a few children can gather the group closer)

~Gail Klayman

Five Red Leaves

Five red leaves, five and no more (hold up 5 fingers)
The caterpillar ate one, now there are four (thumb down)
Four red leaves, that's easy to see.
Along came a rainstorm, now there are three. (index down)
Three red leaves, nothing much to do.
A big wind blew, now two! (middle down)
Two red leaves, that's not much fun.
I glued one on my paper (ring down)
Now there is one. (hold up pinky)
Hang on, pretty red leaf! Your branches won't break.
You're one less leaf for me to rake!

~Submitted by Barbie

Leaves, Leaves Falling Down - sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Leaves, leaves falling down, (Wiggle fingers downward)
Falling on the ground.
Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown,
Triangle, oval and round.
(With each thumb touching and each forefinger touching, make shapes.)

~Susan A. Miller

Leaves Are Falling 'Round the Town - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Leaves are falling 'round the town
Watch them fall right on the ground
Autumn's coming, it is true
Then comes winter just for you
Leaves are falling 'round the town
Falling, falling all around.

~Judy Hall

Raking Leaves

My poor back will surely break,
If one more leaf I have to rake!
Crusty, rusty brown leaves!
Dusty, blustery red leaves!
Crunching, bunching, scrunching beneath my feet.
In a pile of crispy leaves, I'll find a welcome seat!

~Submitted by Barbie

In The Kitchen

Fall Trees

Spread the toast or graham cracker squares with peanut butter. Decorate with it one with short thick pretzel stick placed vertically on the bottom of bread. (this is the tree trunk), Then take mini M&M's in fall colors (left over from Halloween maybe!?)! & place them over the top of the pretzels (these become the leaves). Cute & tastey!!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Yummy Leaf Toast

Use leaf cookie cutters to cut white, rye or wheat bread to make leaf shapes. Put on a cookie sheet and toast in oven for a short time. Give the children strawberry (or raspberry) and apricot jam to spread on their leaves so they turn into fall colors. Pretty and yummy!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

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