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Shoebox Valentines

This year my dck's will be decorating a shoe box to put valentines in. The shoe boxes will be covered in the white paper. Then the dck's will be decorating it with doilies, ribbon, stickers, etc. I asked each parent to bring in a box for their child even infants. I will probably fill it with baby items.

~Submitted by Susan N.

A Valentine Gift Idea

Take an empty small box with lid. Have the children decorate it in their own special way. Wrap with ribbon and attach this card:

This is a very special gift,
that you can never see.
The reason it's so special is,
it's just for you from me.
Whenever you are lonely,
or ever feeling blue,
you only have to hold this gift,
and know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it.
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box close to your heart,
it's filled with love inside.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare - idea from Alice

Smelly Valentines

Cotton Balls

Cut out 2 large hearts the same size for each child. Have each child decorate a pair. Spray perfume on cotton balls. Have the children glue around edges of hearts, but leave an opening. Stuff the cotton balls inside. Seal the opening. Mmm!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Beary Special Valentine

~ Hope Smith, from the Provider's Playground Facebook Group

Valentine Sticker Collage

Cut big red hearts out of construction paper. Give children valentine stickers to put on the heart.

Valentine Collage

Each child has a piece of contact paper taped to the table. Provide them with Valentine tissue paper (red, white, and pink), ribbons (red, white, and pink), bows, paper hearts (red, white, and pink), pom poms (red, white, and pink), feathers (red, white, and pink), etc. to put on their collage.


I saw this in a magazine and thought that it was just adorable!!

You will need:
A paper towel or toilet paper tube
White wrapping paper
Tissue paper in pink or red
And curling ribbon on Pink, red, white and silver
Satin Ribbon in Red or Pink

Wrap the tube with the white wrapping paper, and apply sticker letters(or write) Be Mine (or any valentine message) on the tube. Punch a hole on the top and bottom of each side of the tube and tie the curling ribbon in the holes...make long so it drapes and is really curly this is what makes it neat I think. Push the satin ribbon through the tube and tie the ends together to form a "hanger" and tie a pretty bow on top. Then warp little goodies (if you want) in tissue paper and stuff them inside the tube with the tissue paper flowing outside of the tube. This looks really cute!!

~Submitted by Kathy

A Valentine Butterfly

Popsicle stick
Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner

1. Cut out 2 red hearts, about the height of the popsicle stick, from the construction paper.
2. Cut the bottoms off the hearts and tape the bottom edges together.
3. Glue the popsicle stick to the opposite side of the hearts as the tape.
4. Add a mouth and eyes to the popsicle stick and decorate the butterfly, you could add Valentine's message if wanted.
5. Cut the pipe cleaner and tape it to the back of the popsicle stick as the antenna.

~Submitted by Christi

Valentine's Day Card

Prepare a big red heart with a smaller heart in the middle of it with "I Love You" written on the smaller heart. Have children sit in a chair and hold the heart in front of them. Take an individual close-up picture of each child. Then have the children make the following card.

Red construction paper
White construction paper or white doily
Glue Poem (from below)

Directions: Fold red construction paper in half. Cut out a white heart or use a white doily and glue on the front of the card. Then glue the following poem on the front of the card.

Someone loves you
Do you know who?
Take a look inside and see
The one who loves you is me!

Inside the card glue the picture of the child that you took with the heart.

~Submitted by Christi

Vinegar Hearts

Have the children paint (I've also had the children sponge it on, which is easier to control the amount.) a piece of light colored paper with vinegar (white) & place colored tissue heart cutouts on the wet paper. Once dry the hearts will fall off & their images will remain. The kids love this!

Note: you will need to use "bleeding" tissue paper or else this will not work.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Valentine Bracelet

Make the bracelet from a strip of construction paper. Glue small hearts on the paper or use cute valentine stickers. Staple or glue the strip to fit over the child's wrist.

A Valentine's Project - This is a great little gift that is inexpensive and very cute. What you will need for ten gifts:

10 snack-sized Ziplock bags
10 pieces of heavy paper cut to 4" x 6.5"
2 bags Hershey Kisses
2 bags Hershey Hugs
Pink and Red felt tip pens

Instructions: If it is the right time of year, you can get Hershey Kisses, in red and green, half off after Christmas. Just use the red ones for this project, and save the green for St. Patrick's Day (or for personal snacking!). Place a half a dozen hugs and kisses in the Ziplock bag and zip it up. Fold the paper length-wise and staple the bottom of the edges just the zipper of the bag. On the front of the bag, write: "Hugs and Kisses, Happy Valentines Day". You can decorate the front with X's and O's either handwritten or using the letters of a stamp alphabet. Put the To: and From: on the back of the card.

Easy, easy, easy! You can adapt this for your kids to give to school friends. (My son objected to putting "Hugs and Kisses" on his valentines, but loved giving out the candy with just "Happy Valentines" on the front.

~Submitted by Anne (from the holiday planning list she's on)

Sponge Heart Prints

Give each child a large heart cut from glossy paper and let them use a heart shaped sponge to paint heart prints on the paper.

Valentine Shapes

For each child, cut a large heart shape out of the center of a piece of construction paper. Place a piece of contact paper, with the backing removed, over the opening and turn the paper over. Invite the children to press small multi-colored pieces of construction paper on the adhesive paper.


Children can make puppets using popsicle sticks stapled onto old valentine cards.

Valentine Collages

Cut large heart shapes out of red construction paper. Then let the children decorate their hearts by gluing on a variety of red items (red lace, red rickrack, red ribbon, red yarn, red heart stickers, red glitter, etc.)

Valentine Playdough

Make 2 batches of playdough-1 red and 1 white. Each child gets a small ball of each and they mix them together to discover how PINK is made. I have used playdough to help the children practice how to use scissors. Make impressions from heart-shaped cookie cutters in the dough and then have the children use safety scissors to cut the shape out. The children seem to love cutting the dough and never get frustrated.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Valentine Shaker Bottles

Children love to make these shakers! It makes a fun, cheap and easy group activity for a party too! Collect empty plastic drinks bottles - any size will do, but we used 0.75l bottles (1 pint). You will also need a selection of glitter, sequins, cellophane, gold foil paper, gold coin wrappers, pink plastic straws, seed beads ...... anything that won't dissolve immediately in the water! Optional extras include food coloring (pink for Valentine's Day!) and glycerine. Fill the bottles nearly 3/4 full with water and add a little glycerine and, if required, food coloring. Let the children fill their bottles with their own choice of bits and pieces. They can cut the cellophane and foil into little pieces with scissors or use a hole punch. We added tiny snippets of a pink plastic bag! When they have made their selection, put the tops on tight and seal them firmly on with masking tape or similar, just to be safe. Children seem to love playing with these! Each one is different and offers endless fascination!

~Submitted by Christi

Heart Fold-Overs

Cut a heart shape out of white construction paper for each child. Fold them in half. Let the children lay their hearts out flat and place drops of red, pink, and lavender tempera paint on one side. Have them fold their hearts and rub the tops with their hands. Then let them open their heart shapes to see the beautiful designs they have created.

Valentine's Mailbox

Use two paper plates. Cut one paper plate in half, keep the other one whole. Then staple (or lace together with yarn)the plates face to face to form a pouch. Paint black with yellow stripes. Glue on a red paper heart that reads "bee my valentine". Glue on a second red paper heart with the child's name on it. Children can collect their valentines in these "mailboxes". Have the children make a bumblebee with styrofoam balls or pom-poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Hole punch a hole in the outer rim of the pouch and tie the bumblebee on the pouch. Very cute!

Valentine Holder

Use two paper plates; cut one in half. Staple the half piece onto the bottom of the whole paper plate. Children can decorate them with hearts cut from construction paper or they can draw and color hearts on them. Punch a hole in the top of the whole paper plate and attach a piece of yarn for a hanger.

Valentine Cards

Cut red, pink and white construction paper in half (6"x9") and fold each half sheet in half (6"x4 1/2"). Provide various materials to decorate in front of cards. Some ideas are doilies, lace, ric-rac, stickers, heart message candy, tissue paper pieces, pieces of foil, ribbon, glitter. Have the children select a message and ask an adult to print it on the inside of the card.

Texture Hearts

Cut heart shapes of different sizes from a variety of textured materials (corduroy, wallpaper, sandpaper, velvet, foil, etc.). Help your child glue the hearts onto white construction paper to make textured collages.

Thumbprint Hearts

Cut out hearts from construction paper (you know how you fold the paper in half and cut out the heart that way?)... Using washable ink have the kids stick their thumbprints all over the hearts and you can write "thumbody loves you" on one side of the heart for the kids to give to their parents.

~Submitted by Dawn

Photo Frames

This is my favorite. Have a recent photo of your dc child. Make a photo frame using large popsicle sticks (wooden craft sticks) and glue on those Love Hearts Candies (the ones with the sayings on them). Glue it all around and insert the photo behind it. It turns out very very cute and the parents love it.

~Submitted by Sandra

Valentine's Candy Bouquet


Terra Cotta Pot
Floral Foam
Floral picks or wooden skewers
Spanish moss
Baby's Breath (optional)

The following candy: Sugar Babies, Snickers, Chunky, Twix, Bit-O-Honey, Bar None, Good and Plenty, 5th Avenue, Pay Day, Mounds, Almond Joy, Hugs and Kisses, Now and Later, GooGoo Cluster, 100 Grand Bar.

Prior to starting, decorate pot as desired. Tape the skewers to the candy bars on the backside of the candy. Arrange the skewers in the pot; fill in with baby's breath and place Spanish moss on top of the pot.

Then include this letter:

My Dearest Sugar Baby:
Happy Valentines Day! May this bouquet bring you a Snicker as you read my message. It will not make you Chunky and I am not playing Twix on you. You are my Bit-O-Honey. You are worth more than a 100 Grand to me. I get Goo Goo eyes every time I see you! There are more stars in my eyes for you than in the Milky Way. Our Good-N-Plenty life together is like shopping on 5th Avenue on PayDay. I wish you Mounds of Almond Joy on this Valentine's Day.

Hugs and Kisses, Now and Later,
(Sign name)

~Submitted by Becca

Heart People

Construction Paper

Cut out a heart (large) and glue on hearts for eyes, nose & mouth. Attach paper strips, folded accordion-style, for arms and legs and trace child's hands and feet and attach to the accordion strips.

Valentines Gift

Construction Paper
Red Tempera Paint
Misc. craft Supplies

Cut various-shaped hearts from white and pink construction paper. Using red tempera paint, decorate the hearts with children's thumbprints. Set hearts aside to dry. On a 4 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch paper write out "Thumb-body Loves You", and tape the paper to an empty 12oz juice can. Glue a painted heart to the can, then glue the remaining hearts to popsicle sticks. Press a small amount of clay into the bottom of the can, then tuck a small amount of red tissue into the can, and then insert the sticks through the paper and into the clay.

~Submitted by Veronica in the UK

Valentines Wreaths

Construction Paper
Paper Plates
Yarn or Ribbon

I cut out different sized, smaller hearts from red and pink paper ( a whole bunch of them ). Then cut the middle out of a paper plate and glue the hearts all over the plate to make a Valentine wreath. Make bows with some yarn or ribbon.

~Submitted by Carol in MA

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