St. Patrick's Day

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    Who's Sitting on Gold

    First, you need a gold coin. I just get one that you find the most candy shops (Made of chocolate.) If you can't find one just wrap a quarter in gold colored foil. Next, the children sit down on the floor. The (Leprechaun) then sits with their back facing the children. The teacher signals one child to steal the gold. The child sits on the gold as the rest of the children chant:

    Leprechaun, leprechaun wheres your gold.
    Someone stole it from your home.

    The leprechaun has three guesses to reveal the child. The child who stole the gold then becomes the leprechaun.

    ~Submitted by Jessica

    Shamrock Bounce

    You will need to paint an old tennis ball green. Set five pie tins on the floor, number 1-5. Give each child five bounces to land in the pie tins. Add up the total numbers to see who wins.

    ~Submitted by Jessica

    Run Little Leprechaun

    Have the children sit in a circle. Play music as the children pass around a shamrock made out of construction paper. When the music stops the child holding the shamrock also stops. The children yell "Run Little leprechaun!" The child gets up runs around the circle once than sits back down. Let all children have a turn.

    ~Submitted by Jessica


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