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I have the children put on a Mother's Day Tea. The children make muffins, lemonade & iced tea for the moms before the moms arrive. Then they 'serve' their moms the muffins and drinks. The children love this as they feel very grown up and the moms like visiting with each other. I do this outside if the weather permits.

~Submitted by Arlene

Save your fruit and vegetable cans. Get some flowers at your local greenhouse (annuals or perennials in the little six-packs) and some potting soil. Let the kiddos paint the cans and then plant the flowers in the cans. On the Friday before Mother's Day take the kiddos to deliver the flowers to their Mom's work. Be sure to take your camera so you can get a picture of the surprise.

~Submitted by Marty

For Mother's day, the kids and I are making pans of lasagna (disposable pans) and I am buying a bag of salad and a loaf of bread for each family and the child will be taking supper home with them on Friday before Mothers Day. The kids are very excited about getting to layer all the ingredients themselves and I think the moms will appreciate not having to cook that night. I know I would!

~Submitted by Tammy in IN

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