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May 9, 2021

Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, is a day set apart for honoring all mothers. Julia Ward Howard first made a suggestion for Mother's Day as early as 1872 as a day dedicated to peace. In 1875, Anna Jarvis began a nationwide campaign for a day to honor mothers. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day as a national observance in 1915. Celebrations of Mother's Day include visits, cards, gifts, and special dinners.

Mothers Day was first celebrated as an American holiday in 1872. It was called a Mother's Day for Peace and was suggested by Julia Ward Howe, who is best known for writing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". She had nursed the wounded during the Civil war and was determined to put an end to the war. She wanted to set aside a day dedicated not only to mothers but also to peace. Later, in 1907, Anna Jarvis started a campaign for a national Mother's Day. She arranged to hold a church service in Philadelphia on the anniversary of her own mother's death and started the custom of wearing a carnation. The custom is still observed. In some places, it is now the custom to wear a red carnation if your mother is living and a white carnation if she has died. By 1915, Jarvis' campaign had become so successful that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day in the United States. Mothers are honored in many other countries as well, on different days and with different customs. However, mothers the world over like to receive flowers and candy in honor of their day.

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Songs, Poems & Fingerplays

Mother, my darling, Mother, my dear, I love you, I love you, Each day of the year.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

I Love My Mommy - Sung to "Up on the Housetop"

I love my mommy, Yessiree!
She is very good to me!
She makes me cookies and yummy treats,
That's my mom and she's real neat!
Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know,
Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know,
I love my mommy and she loves me,
That's the way it's supposed to be!

Mommy - Sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Mommy, Mommy, let me say,
"I love you in every way.
I love you for all you do.
I love you for being you."
Mommy, Mommy, let me say,
"Have a Happy Mother's Day!"

My Mommy Helps Me - Poem

My mommy helps me when I'm sick.
My mommy helps me when I'm blue.
My mommy helps me when I'm sad.
Thanks, Mom, for all that you do!
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.

~Submitted by Trena<

Five Pretty Mommies - Sung to "Five Little Ducks"

Five pretty mommies, I once knew,
Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, too,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me. ..
I love her and she loves me!

Down to the grocery, we did go,
Wibble - wobble, wibble - wobble, to and fro,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me,
I love her and she loves me!

Mommy Song - Sung to the tune of "BINGO"

I love her and she loves me,
And Mommy is her name-o.
And Mommy is her name-o.

My Special Friend - Poem

I have a very special friend
And Mommy is her name-o
M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y,
And Mommy is her name-O!

~Submitted by Trena

Mother's Day Song

I love you mommy
My dearest mommy
You make me happy
When I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you!
When I'm with you I am so glad!

~Submitted by Trena

Mommy - poem

Mommy, Mommy, let me say,
"I love you in every way.
I love you for all you do.
I love you for being you."
Mommy, Mommy, let me say,
"Have a Happy Mother's Day!"

~Submitted by Trena

Helping Mother - fingerplay

I like to help my mother
(nod head knowingly)
To me it's just like play.
(point to self on"me")
I wash the dishes
(pretend to wash dishes)
And sweep the floors
(pretend to sweep)
Because it's mothers day
(broad smiles)

~Submitted by Mel

Mommy, Mommy

You and the children stand together and do the movements suggested by the verse.

Mommy, mommy, let's sweep the floor.
(pretend to sweep the floor)
Mommy, mommy, let's go to the store.
(pretend to drive a car)
Mommy, mommy, let's bake a cake.
(pretend to mix ingredients)
Mommy, mommy, let's take a break.
( wipe brow and whisper "whew")
Mommy, mommy, loves me so.
(Draw a heart shape in the air with fingers)
Mommy, mommy, watch me grow.
(Stretch arms up high)
Mommy, mommy, turn out the light.
(Make a click sound and turn pretend light off)
Mommy, mommy, say good-night
put hands together beside cheek and tilt head)

I Love Mommy - sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques"

I Love Mommy, I love Mommy,
Yes, I do; yes, I do.
And my mommy loves me
Yes, my mommy loves me,
Loves me, too; loves me, too.

~Submitted by Laurie

Were You, Mom?

Mom, did you used to play
with kites and skipping rope?
Did you sometimes wash your hands,
forgetting about the soap?
Did you walk in squishy mud or like to play in rain?
Did your mom say, "Eat your vegetables."
again, again, again?
Did your aunts and uncles kiss you?
Dis you wish that they would not?
Did you always mind your manners
and do what you were taught?
Did you run and jump and slide
or fall and scrape your knee?
Mom, were you ever really once a little kid like me?

~Submitted by Konnie, Daydreams Daycare

Mommy's Song - sung to "Daisy, Daisy"

Mommy, Mommy,
You know that I love you.
You're my mommy-
Nobody else will do!
Oh, Mommy, when we're together,
We have the best time ever!
Oh, Mom, it's true:
I do love you!
Mommy, nobody else will do!

~Submitted by Andrea

Mother Dear

Mother dear, can you guess
who it is that loves you best?
I'll give you three guesses, 1 2 3
There! I knew you'd think of me!

~Submitted by Trena

Mother's Day Kisses

A kiss from me,
a kiss to you;
a kiss for
everything you do.

A kiss for love,
for wrongs and rights;
a kiss for motherly sacrifice.

A kiss for answering God's call;
you deserve them all!

~Submitted by Trena

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