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Songs & Fingerplays

The 7 Days of Kwanzaa - sung to 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Kwanzaa, my family gave to me, a cup for our family unity
on the second day of Kwanzaa, my family gave to me, 2 woven mats and a cup for our family unity

repeat the song, adding the following lines
3rd- 3 special flags
4th - four kinds of fruit
5th - five ears of corn
6th - six handmade gifts
7th - seven kinara candles

~Submitted by Colleen in Kansas

Arts & Crafts

Special Flag

The african american flag or bendera is striped w/3 colors of Kwanzaa: red, black and green. Use it to help little ones with this color-sorting activity. Cut out a rectanglur flag shape, divide it in 3 equals parts vertically. Instruct child to sort black licorice candies, red M&M's and green M&M's. Color the flag with 3 colors(red on top, black in the middle and green on the bottom), then glue on the candies on the matching colors on the flag.

~Submitted by Colleen in Kansas


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