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Arts & Crafts

For Infants

Use a large, clean plastic bottle,(the ones from Costco or Sam's Club that have the cookies in them are the best)and put a piece of white paper into it around the sides of the bottle. Put red and blue tempera paint in the bottom and a wooden block or rubber ball (something that can be washed off). While the infant sits on the floor and rolls the big bottle around, he/she will be decorating their very own picture for the Fourth of July! When they are done, just remove the paper and hang to dry, and rinse out the bottle to reuse! (It also makes a lot of noise and the infants love that!)

~Submitted by Katie in CA

Patriotic Bead Patterning

Have several packages of red, white, and blue beads, and white pipe cleaners. Make a few example patterns with the beads on the pipe cleaners. Set the remaining beads and pipe cleaners on a table and allow the children to copy any of the patterns on their own pipe cleaners or create their own.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Stars and Stripes Collage

Set out blue construction paper, red and white construction paper cut into 1" strips, silver star stickers, and glue and let children create.

Stars and Stripes Sponge Painting

Let the children make sponge prints on white construction paper with red and blue paint and sponges cut into stars and long strips.

4th of July Flyers

you need toilet tissue rolls
construction paper (red,white,blue)
crepe paper (red,white,blue)
star stickers (red,white,blue,gold)
glue sticks

Cut a piece of construction paper to fit around
tissue roll, have the children glue that on.

Then have them put stars one the construction
papered tube then cut crepe paper about the same
length as the tube, maybe a little longer then
cut in half, to make narrow strips, (length wise)
and glue them at one end of the tube on the inside.
(looks like a mini windsock). And you are done,
quick and easy and the small children were able to
do this with little help.

Then the kids have been throwing them up in the air
and watching the crepe paper streamers flutter in
the air, they think it is cool. Hope you like
the idea and can use.

~Submitted by Karen in Ks


Put watered down tempera paint in a spray bottle. (Red and Blue make sense to me!). Let the children spray it on a large piece of white paper. Can be done on an easel, or outside w/ the paper taped to the fence. It looks like fireworks, and glitter can be added too.

Yankee Doodle Dandy Headbands

Cut a band of red, white, or blue construction paper 4" wide. Cut the length to fit around the head; then fold over and staple together for a headband. Cut white paper into four 3" x 4" rectangles. Cut blue paper into four 1" x 2" rectangles; then glue onto upper left corner of the white paper for flags. Use a red marker to draw stripes on the flag, and white chalk to draw on the stars. Staple flags onto straws; then staple straws inside fold of headband.

Yankee-Doodle Dandy Windsocks

Using a half-sheet of white posterboard, curve the ends back until they meet and slightly overlap. Staple the ends in place. Paint red vertical stripes around the top half. Glue a blue, star-studded paper strip around the middle of the posterboard, covering the ends of the painted stripes. From a blue paper circle, cut a centered concentric circle to match the diameter of the posterboard cylinder. Slide the blue circle onto the posterboard cylinder for a hat brim, and tape it in place if necessary. Draw a face on the bottom half of the posterboard. Glue red, white, and blue streamers alternately to the inside bottom of the cylinder. Punch holes at the top of the cylinder and thread them with yarn for hanging.


Make dandelion prints with red and blue paint on white paper. Looks like fireworks exploding. Very patriotic.

Happening Headbands

Provide each child with a red or blue construction-paper headband and a few star shapes cut from white construction paper. Have each child glue the stars onto her headband; then staple the band to fit his/her head.

Star Cookie Cutters

Gather a few star-shaped cookie cutters and shallow bowls of red and blue tempera paint. Allow each child to have a turn pressing the cookie cutters into the paint, then onto a piece of construction paper to make star-shaped prints.

United States Flag

Red and blue paper
Large white paper
Star stickers

Help your child tear or cut a large
blue square and strips of red paper.
Glue the strips and square onto white
paper to make a flag. Stick stars on
the blue square. Tape the flag to a
dowel and fly the flag proudly!
~Submitted by Janice

Here's a neat craft idea I just finished doing with my daycare children. Take a clean, plastic soda bottle, and pour about 1-1/2 (one and a half) inches of clear hair gel into the bottle. Give the children all kinds of red, silver, and blue sequins, beads, glitter, etc. that would be small enough to fit and float in the bottle.

After they are through with their creation, carefully super glue the top onto the bottle. Wait a few minutes for it to set, and then tie red, silver, and blue curly ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

It makes a very pretty bottle. I was able to assist a 16mo with this and he loves it! He's running around shaking it along with his whole body - so cute! I have daycare children of all ages, and they are all having a lot of fun with it. They're now dancing to lively music and shaking the bottles all around - and guess what! - THEY DON'T MAKE NOISE!!
~Submitted by Rhonda in Houston

This is a good idea, Try this also. Use a 16 or 20 oz soda bottle. Fill it up half way with Karo Syrup. Add sequins or glitter (Or anything like that). Then fill the rest of the way with water. The same Idea I guess. Kids love it. (I do too)

~Submitted by Kristy

Togetherness Flag

Materials Needed
Red, white and blue paint
Paint Trays
A sheet of paper 2'x3'

What to do 1. On the large sheet of paper, draw lines for stripes and paint a blue square in the upper left corner.
2. Have the children fill in the bottom stripe by dipping their hands in the red paint and pressing them to end within the lines of the stripe. Using the white paint, have them make a white stripe just above it the same way.
3. Continue until you have all 13 stripes filled with handprints.
4. Have the children dip their fingertips in paint and make the "stars" in the blue square.

We did something simple today, easy for younger children. On black construction paper, I put small blobs of bright tempera paint. With cotton swabs, the kids spread the paint from the drop outward so it looked like fireworks. You could add glitter but I avoid glitter whenever possible.

~ Submitted by Nancy in IL

Uncle Sam Hats

Cut a top hat shape out of white, glue two red strips to the front put a small blue band of construction paper where a hat band would be and decorate hat band with white stars. Attach hat to a construction paper strip & fasten around the child's head.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Stars and Stripes Sandwich Bag Stars

Gather several star shapes from red, white or blue construction paper. Also gather ribbons, glitter, sequins, aluminum foil or stickers in the same colors, along with one plastic sandwich bag for each child in the class. Allow the children to place items in the bags sparingly and evenly. (the bag should be flat on a table) Place the bag between two pieces of foil with a towel between the foil and the table and iron with a warm iron. Peel away the foil, and when the bags are cool, allow children to trim to star shapes.

Craft Stick American Flag

Have the children paint about 8 tongue depressors red. Cut a blue paper square about 1/4 the size of a sheet of white paper. Glue it in the left-hand corner. When sticks are dry, glue them on the page making a red stripe, then the white paper, another red and continue on. Have the children glue cotton balls on the blue part to be stars.

Stars and Stripes Collage

Blue construction paper, Red and white construction paper cut into 1" strips, silver star stickers, glue. Set out all of the materials and let the children create!

Stars and Stripes Sponge Painting

Red and blue tempera paint, Sponges cut into
stars and long strips, white construction paper.
Let the children make sponge prints on the white
paper with the red and blue paint.

Red White and Blue Puffy Paint Pictures

Flour, Salt, Water, Red and blue food color, Empty mustard squeeze bottles, Cardboard. Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water to make the puffy paint. Divide mixture into three different bowls and color one bowl of mixture blue, one bowl red, and leave the last one white. Fill the mustard squeeze bottles with the mixture (one color per squeeze bottle). Let the children squeeze the different colors onto the cardboard. Allow the children's artwork to dry. When it is dry, the design will be raised and will sparkle!

Awesome Firework Designs

To make awesome firework designs, put 5 - 6 different colors of tempera paint on a plate so that the colors are touching, but do not mix the colors. Have the children use a popsicle stick or tongue depressor to dip the long edge of the stick into the paint across the colors. Then, encourage the children to print it onto black or navy blue construction paper. You may need to show them how to put it into an "X" then an "I" through the middle and lastly a "-" throught that. So that it makes a star design, and then you'll have beautiful, vibrant fireworks! (This may sound a bit complex or hard to visualize what it looks like, however, it is very fun. Ages 2 and up may participate, obviously with more assistance given to the younger children. Also, it looks just as great if they don't make it into a "star-shape" but to create thier own designs.)

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Children make their own flags using:

construction paper
cardboard tube from a paper towel roll
glue, scissors & tape

Cut the shape of a flag from construction paper. You can cut or the children can cut designs from red, white and blue paper. Stars and stripes can be used for decoration, or anything else the child wants to create. Glue the designs onto the flag. Use tap to attach the outer edge of the flag to the cardboard tube. Put on some John Philip Sousa marching music and have the kids make a parade waving their flags.

Fireworks Painting

Use a very large piece of paper (like bulletin board size) Let children drop small amounts of paint (different colors works good) Have the children swirl the paint out with a spoon, let them keep swirling from the center, in all directions around the drop of paint. Some of them may overlap, and that is fine, too. When it is finished it looks like fireworks bursting in the sky.


Use old newspapers and roll them in a large cone shape. Let children paint the cones. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper. That would be the flame of the torch.


Start with white construction paper. Children glue on red strips, to make red and white stripes. Then glue a blue square in the top left corner. For the stars you can use white tissue paper, crumpled up, or star stickers.


Use paper cups and let children decorate them. (have them add a "Crack", like the Liberty Bell) use string through the bottom of the cup, and tie on a small 'jingle bell'


Make a cone shape, out of construction paper. Decorate with markers. Cut a narrow (approx. 2" long) slits on opposite sides of the wide open end. Use 18" of string, and with the point up, put the string through the slits, and pull sharply on the ends of relaxed string (rocket will fly into air)


Materials Needed:

Blue Construction Paper
Flat Sponges (the kind after you put them in water raise up to a regular sponge) Paint
Cookie Cutter in the shape of a star
Red Crepe Streamers
White Crepe Streamers
Clear Contact Paper
String or Yarn

Cut out star shapes on the sponges. Then put them in water to make them regular size. Glue a 35 mm canister to one end of the sponge. This will keep the paint off the children's hands. Dip the star-shaped sponge in white paint and then onto the construction paper. If you do not want to use the sponges you could use the star-shaped cookie cutters instead. When dry you can add contact paper so that you can put it outside but I found the crepe paper runs in the rain and doesn't look good. (You can try it) Fold the blue construction paper into a cylinder and staple together Then add the red and white streamers.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

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