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In The Kitchen

Easter Basket Cupcakes


Baked cupcakes frosted with green frosting
chocolate licorice
marshmallow "peeps" bunnies or chicks
jelly beans

Take a piece of licorice and bend it to look like a handle. Stick it into the cupcake, pointing the ends in towards the center for support. Place a bunny or chick behind the handle and then arrange three jelly beans in front to look like eggs. You can wrap them individually in colored plastic wrap and tie off with curling ribbon for children to take home from school church, etc. This is fun and easy for kids to do with you!

Chicken Cookie Snack

Take a nutter butter cookie. Let the kids ice it with yellow icing. Use candy corn for the beak. Chocolate Chips for eyes. Then eat and ENJOY!!!!

~Submitted by Yolanda in KS

Rainbow Mints (Easter candy)

1 3oz. package cream cheese
1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
3 cups powdered sugar sifted
Rainbow sugar topping

In a large bowl, blend cream cheese and peppermint. Beat, then add powdered sugar slowly, kneading in the last of it with your hands. Form mixture into balls the size of cherries. Roll in sugar. Flatten with a fork, if desired. Let stand at room temperature overnight.

~Submitted by The Apple Orchard Family Childcare
Taken from Readers Digest

Easter Nests

1 Jar Marshmallow cream
1/4 cup Creamy peanut butter
2 Tbsp. Butter or margarine -- melted
1 can Chow mein noodles -- 5 ozs
1 cup Pastel M & M's
Confectioner's sugar

In a mixing bowl, beat marshmallow cream, peanut butter, and butter until smooth. Fold in noodles and M & M's. Chill until easy to handle. On waxed paper, form mixture by 1/3 cupfuls into 3-inch nests. Chill for 30 minutes. Place several M & M's in each nest.

~Submitted by Beverly

Bunny in a Cup

2 cups cold milk
1 pkg instant vanilla pudding
2 sticks black licorice
1/4 cup vanilla frosting
red food coloring
8 oval cream-filled vanilla sandwich cookies
8 green jelly beans
4 pink jelly beans

In a bowl, beat milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes or until thickened. Pour into four small bowls; refrigerate. Cut licorice widthwise into fourths, then lengthwise into thirds; set aside. Combine frosting and red food coloring; frost top of cookies to within 1/2 inch of edge. Just before serving, insert two cookies into each bowl of pudding for ears. Add green jelly beans for eyes and a pink jelly bean for the nose. Place three pieces of licorice on each side of the nose for whiskers. Yield: 4 servings

~Submitted by Karla

Wanted to share this snack idea that I saw in my college nutritional class the last nite. Hope I describe this so that it makes sense. If I tell this right, it will be a bunny's face. First of all, you take some shredded lettuce and place on a small plate (this is the grass you use at Easter). Then you take a hard boiled egg and cut it in half longwise. Place one, yolk down on the shredded lettuce (grass). Take the other half and cut it in half again longwise. Place these yolks up at the top of the other egg half for his ears. Now take 2 sliced black olives and place on the egg half for eyes. Take a very small piece of red pepper (or green) and use it for his nose. Then take carrots and slice very thin strips - place 3 of each side of his nose for whiskers. Then you can take a small piece of American cheese and cut into 2 triangles to be placed at his neck for a necktie (optional). There you have an Easter bunny nutritional snack - one that some kids could help "put together" Well, anyway - I thought it was cute - so thought I'd share.

~Submitted by Colleen

Bunny Face Salad

Lettuce, cottage cheese, 1 pear, celery stick, raisins, 1 red grape. Arrange lettuce on a salad plate. Spoon cottage cheese on top of the lettuce. Peel and core a pear, cut it in half (or use canned halves). Place one half on top of the cottage cheese for the bunny face. Add pieces of celery for whiskers, raisins for eyes and grape for the nose. Cut the remaining pear section in half for the ears.

~Submitted by Renate

Easter Gifts

Bunny Kisses

All you do is put some Hershey Kisses or Hugs in a plastic baggie (or use chocolate chips-they look like minikisses anyhow) and attach the following poem:

This cute little bunny has hopped all day
Been delivering delivering baskets for the holiday.
His paws are so tired and his little nose itches.
He left you something special-something to fill all your wishes.
These cute littles hugs and Easter kisses

~Submitted by Machelle from Missouri

Theme Ideas!

Easter Bunny Key

Attach this poem to an old key, or one of the children's teething keys (you could paint these with glue then sprinkle glitter all over them, or Katherine suggested a fun foam key:

Dear Easter Bunny,
We don't have a Bunny door
for you to come in through
And if you miss our house
I don't know what I'll do.
Mom says you work magic
and can use just any old key
If we just hang it outside
in a place, you're sure to see
So I'm placing this old key
right beside our door
say my prayers and jump in bed
and I won't worry anymore

~Submitted by Machelle in Missouri

Show and Tell Eggs

Give each of your kids an empty plastic egg to take home. Have them fill with something small from home and bring back in. Have your kids sit in circle time with their eggs. One at a time have them pass their eggs around and have the other kids try and guess what is inside.

~Submitted by Andrea

Easter Egg Hot Potato

Play Hot Potato with a plastic Easter egg.

~Submitted by Trena

Easter Egg Race

Mark off a start and finish line with two pieces of masking tape on the floor. Using plastic eggs, the children try the following movements from the start line to the finish line.

1. Carry an egg in a spoon.
2. Balance an egg on your head.
3. Walk with an egg between your knees.
4. Slide your feet and push the egg with your toes.

~Submitted by Trena

Chick, Chick, Rabbit Circle Game

Played the same as duck, duck, goose.

~Submitted by Trena

How Many Eggs?

Set out construction paper, green plastic Easter grass, small bowls of glue, brushes, and cotton balls. Show your children how to brush glue all over a sheet of construction paper and arrange the plastic Easter grass on top of it. Give each child a handful of cottonball "eggs". Let them dip the cotton balls in the glue and then "hide" them in the grass on their papers. When the glue has dried, help the children count their hidden eggs.

~Submitted by Trena

Listening Game

Cut large egg shapes out of construction paper. Give each of your children one of the egg shapes and a red, a blue, a green and a yellow crayon. Ask them to listen carefully as you give them directions for decorating their eggs. For example, you could say, "Draw a straight blue line. Make a red circle. Add five green dots." When you are finished, have the children hold up their eggs. How are they alike? How are they different?

~Submitted by Trena

Matching Baskets

Set out baskets filled with grass, clip a number on the front of each basket. Children place an appropriate number of plastic eggs in each basket.

~Submitted by Trena

Pin the tail on the bunny

Played the same as pin the tail on the donkey.

~Submitted by Trena

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Where's Your Egg?

Played the same as Doggie, doggie, where's your bone?

~Submitted by Trena

Bunny Tag

A child begins by being "it". Everyone hops like a bunny trying to keep from getting tagged by the child that's "it".

~Submitted by Trena

Pin the Egg on the Basket

Played the same as pin the tail on the donkey.

~Submitted by Trena

Counting Activity

Here's a counting activity I do with my special needs preschoolers. I put jellybeans or small candies (M&M's work well) inside plastic Easter eggs. I put the eggs in one basket. The children take turns picking an egg and counting the candy inside. Then, they get to eat it, of course!

~Submitted by Lisa

Easter ABC Game

Get 26 plastic Easter eggs. In each basket put a slip of paper with an alphabet letter written down. Put all the eggs in an Easter basket. Have the children sit in a circle. Play music and have the children pass the basket. When the music stops, that child picks an egg and reads what letter is inside.

~Submitted by Carole in TX

Bunny Hopping

Give kids a variety of "hopping" commands such as:

Hop in one place
Hop and turn in circles at same time
Hop on left/right foot
Hop backward, sideways, make a square or circle
Hop over a line
Hop with a partner
Hop to different rhythms (clap hands, use a drum, music, etc..

~Submitted by Renate

Button Bunnies

** Make paper rabbits with numbers on their stomachs and cover with clear adhesive plastic.
**Pass out rabbits to children and have them put as many buttons on the stomach as shown by the numeral. Pass rabbits to the left and repeat.

~Submitted by Leigh Outlaw

Number Guessing Game

Say "I'm thinking of a number that tells me how many ears a bunny has....a number that tells me how many paws a rabbit has....." Have children answer the questions

~Submitted by Leigh Outlaw

Matching Baskets

Set out baskets filled with straw or grass, clipping a number on the front of each basket. Children place the appropriate number of plastic eggs in each basket.

~Submitted by Leigh Outlaw

Easter Egg Blow

Divide the children into two teams. Place each team on one side of a table opposite of each other. Place a colored cotton ball on the table and pretend it is an Easter egg. The object of the game is to blow the egg off the opposing team's side of the table. Players can not use their hands in any way.

~Submitted by Yolanda in KS

Group Egg Decorating

Pass out hard boiled eggs to everyone at the table. Have each person draw a feature on the egg with felt tip markers. Continue passing the eggs until each egg has a face (eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, ears, moles, eyelashes, chin, freckles, etc.

~Submitted by Amanda (who received from another list)

Easter Egg Matching

Cut different egg shapes from different colored construction paper. Using markers design simple pictures to make matching pairs on each egg. Have the children match up Easter egg pairs. I made two sets one set with stickers and the other I rubber stamp a little chick.

~Submitted by Yolanda in KS

Jelly Bean Math

** Give each child ten (10) Jelly Beans and a Jelly Bean Math Graph.
** Teacher calls out a color and children go through their 10 Jelly Beans and place the Jelly Beans on their graph beside the corresponding color word.
** Teacher goes through the colors Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Black, and Purple. Children follow step 2.
**After all the colors have been called, children color in the graph with the corresponding crayon color.
**Enjoy the Jelly Beans!!!!

~Submitted by Leigh Outlaw

Give each parent as they enter in the AM a hard-boiled egg and white crayon. Have them write a message or draw a pic on the egg. Later in the day, let the kids drop their egg from parent into Easter egg dye to reveal message or picture.

~Submitted by Lorri

Party Game

Fill plastic Easter eggs with slips of paper that tell the kids to perform some kind of action, ie. hop like a rabbit, wiggle your nose like a bunny, pretend you are munching a carrot, etc. Let kids take turns picking an egg out of the basket and performing task.

~Submitted by Lorri

Counting Containers

Write #'s in the bottom of each of the uncut containers give the children beads, m&m's, pom-poms,etc.... and let them put as many as the # says 2 in the one that says 2, etc... You can also do this with colors

~Submitted by Heidi in UT

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