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Arts & Crafts (cont.)

Cute Easter Wreath

supplies: (enough for 6 children)

6 small straw wreaths (the kind you find at Michaels)
3 dozen plastic colored eggs
6 packages of colored east grass
2 Rolls of spring colored ribbon (enough to make 6 bows)
hot glue gun, hot glue

The provider should use the glue (obviously) put the glue all over the wreath, spread the grass on the wreath, then use more hot glue to glue on the plastic eggs.

Egg Carton Caterpillars

materials: one egg carton for every 2 children, paints, large paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, glue, cotton balls, dry powdered paint, words to fingerplay


1. Remove the lid from an egg carton and cut the bottom portion in half lengthwise to make two caterpillars.
2. Let the children paint their caterpillars in any colors they choose.
3. use the pipe cleaners as antennae (feelers). Glue these into place.
4. Help the children dip cotton balls in dry powdered paint and glue them onto the humps to make the caterpillar fuzzy.
5. After the caterpillars are complete, teach the children the following fingerplay entitled "Roly-Poly Caterpillar":

~Submitted by Cheryl in NY

Draw an outline of an egg on a pc of clear contact paper. Give them small squares of tissue paper and have them fill the egg. Cut around the outline and you have a sun catcher egg!

~Submitted by Nancee

Marble Paint Egg

1 egg shape cut out of 12 x 18 white construction paper
pink, purple, blue paint
box lid

Directions: Place the egg shape in the box lid. Put marbles in pink, purple, and blue paint. Place the marbles in the box lid and have the children move the lid around and the marbles will decorate the egg.

~Submitted by Carole in TX

Handprint Lamb

Materials Needed:

Pink Construction Paper


Trace around one hand on a piece of pink construction paper. Make sure your finger is spread as wide apart as possible. Carefully cut out your handprint. Glue on popcorn all over the palm part of your handprint. The thumb will be the lamb's head and the fingers will be the legs! Using the crayons, draw a face.

~Submitted by Sam

Striped Easter Egg Technique

Here's an Easter egg dyeing technique that's easy enough for a kindergartner, yet interesting for children of all ages. This technique involves putting rubber bands around hard-boiled eggs, then dyeing them, thus creating a stripe around the egg under the rubber band. If you don't want a white stripe, dye the egg first, then put on the rubber band(s) and dye in a different color.

Start saving rubber bands early in a variety of widths. The wide bands' grocery stores use on bunches of broccoli are the perfect size for a snug fit on an egg. You can also cut these wide bands in half to create thinner ones.

The possibilities are endless. You can create straight or wavy stripes. Multiple thin rubber bands can create a swirl or helix effect. When the egg is dry, try moving or adding bands then dye the egg in a different color. The trick will be knowing when to stop. Have fun!

~Submitted by Julie

You can also use scraps of tape and stuff, anything sticky. We used rubber bands and tape last year and even the teenagers loved doing them. It (the tape) was also easier for the little ones to work with.

~Submitted by Cathie in FL

Bunny Baskets

Give each child a small white foam cup. Have child glue on wiggle eyes, and ears, whiskers, and nose cut from construction paper. glue on a cotton ball for a tail. To make a handle push one end of a pipe cleaner through the rim of the cup and twist to secure. Bend the pipe cleaner and push through the other side of the rim. Stuff the basket with Easter grass and a few treats. (These look so cute!!!!)

~Submitted by Andrea

Sparkling Easter Eggs

Squeeze the round end of empty frozen juice cans to form an oval shape. Have the kids dip the oval ends of the cans into the glue and make prints on a piece of construction paper. Then sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Pretty sparkling Easter eggs.

~Submitted by Andrea

Handprint Bunnies

Paint the child's hand (excluding thumb) white. Help the child separate his fingers into a V shape, then press his hand onto a sheet of construction paper. When the paint is dry glue on wiggle eyes and a pom pom nose. Then use markers to add the whiskers and mouth. Add pink paint to the bunny's ears.

~Submitted by Andrea

Baby Food Jar Bunny


Baby food Jar
Cotton balls
Wiggly Eyes
Two pom poms (one big one small)
One pipe cleaner (white or pink)

Glue cotton balls on baby jar attach wiggly eyes, small pom for the nose and the big one for the tail. On the lid glue on the pipe cleaner after shaping it into bunny ears. Use a piece of cotton glued in the middle of the ears to be sure it will stay.

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Here's a way to create a tie-dyed effect on an Easter egg. Cut a piece of clean cotton cloth in a 6-inch square and dampen it slightly. Roll the egg in the cloth, gently twist the fabric on each end of the egg and secure with a rubber band. (Your egg will appear to be wrapped like a piece of hard candy.)

Now, using a medicine dropper, drop dye on the cloth-covered egg. Use several different colors, rinsing the dropper each time. Allow the different colors to run together on the egg if you wish. Unwrap and enjoy your retro-egg!

~Submitted by Julie

Bag Bunny


2 paper bags
construction paper

Fill a paper bag with crumpled paper. Pull another bag of the same size over the top of the filled bag. Tie the bags together with string, making sure to leave enough on top for the bunny's head. The tied area is the neck. Cut ears and feet from cardboard, cover with colored construction paper and glue into place. Paint the bunny. Add paper eyes and mouth, maybe a yarn tie and a cute little cotton tail.

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