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Songs & Fingerplays (cont)

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Little Bunny Foo-Foo, (hold up two fingers)
Hopping through the forest, (bounce you hand up and down)
Picking up the field mice, (make a grabbing motion)
And bopping them on the head, (hold your fist, and hit your fist with your palm)
[spoken] Down came the fairy godmother, (symbol rain coming down)
[spoken] And SHE SAID:
Little Bunny Foo-Foo, (hold up one finger "no-no" motion)
I don't want to see you, (same as above)
Picking up the field mice, (make a grabbing motion)
And bopping them on the head, (hold your fist, and hit your fist with your palm)
[spoken] I'll give you three more chances, and then I will turn you into a goon!!!

(sing again last line 2 more chances, then 1 more chance, then sing the following:)

Little Bunny Foo-Foo, (hold up two fingers)
Hopping through the forest, (bounce your hand up and down)
Picking up the field mice, (make a grabbing motion)
And bopping them on the head, (hold your fist, and hit your fist with your palm)
[spoken] Down came the fairy godmother, (symbol rain coming down)
[spoken] And SHE SAID:
Little Bunny Foo-Foo, (hold up one finger "no-no" motion)
I didn't want to see you, (same as above)
Picking up the field mice, (make a grabbing motion)
And bopping them on the head, (hold your fist, and hit your fist with your palm)
[spoken] I gave you three chances, now I will turn you into a goon!!!
[spoken] And poof, she turned him into a goon

Coloring Easter Eggs - Poem

I take an egg
All shiny white
And then I dip
It out of sight.

I leave it there
Within the cup
Then after a minute
I pick it up.

And oh!
It's a lovely
Shade of green!
The prettiest Easter egg
I've ever seen.

~Submitted by Trena

Arts & Crafts

Cut out a basic Easter egg shape and have the children marble paint it.

~Submitted by Greta from Wisconsin

Mosaic Eggs

construction paper

Have children tear different colors of construction paper in all different sizes and shapes. Help children cut out an oval for their egg out of white construction paper, then have the children glue their different colored pieces on their eggs. This is great fine motor practice for younger children.

Save a whole egg carton for each kiddo. Cut the top off and use underneath the bottom. Let the kids scoop dirt into all the holes. Add grass seed and water. When the sprouts start, let the kids trim it with little scissors (it's just fun). For Easter, you can hide the tiny plastic eggs or candy eggs or jelly beans to it for a pretty centerpiece.

~Submitted by Tracy

Bunny Upside Down In Pot

Just wanted to let you all in on a cute Easter craft that my dcks did on Wednesday. It REALLY turns out cute and is relatively easy and very cheap. You will need: small terracotta pots (sp?), Jumbo plastic eggs, filler paper (crinkle design or Easter grass), cotton balls, Foamies 9x12 foam sheet in pink or fuschia and one in white. I painted the pots white prior to the kids getting them, then allowed them to sponge paint (actually dab with cotton balls) pastel colors on them. I then cut about 1/2 inch or a little more off the top of a dixie cup and glued that inside the pot and then glued the plastic egg (pointy side DOWN) into the dixie cup. I ran a ribbon of craft glue around the inside edge of the pot and the kids stuck the crinkle design filler paper to the glue (some sticks out, etc.). I also cut and glued the Foamies into bunny feet (white was the actual feet and the fuschia was cut for the pads of the feet) and then I glued the pads of the feet onto the white part of the foot and they glued the feet onto the egg. The last thing they did was to glue a cotton ball on as a tail. (It is supposed to look like a bunny sticking upside down in a pot since I haven't told you that before this.) Anyway, I know my directions stink, but they really do turn out SOOOOOO cute and the kids had a blast doing them. The parents loved them as well.

~Submitted by Traci in ND

"I just made the bunny upside down in the pot by Traci in ND and for the feet, I used an egg shape and for the pads of the feet a heart and for toes punch out from the hole punch and 1 1/2 inch pom poms for the tail. She is right Soooooooo cute." -- Sherry in OK

Egg Carton Chicks

To make these adorable Easter chicks, you need one egg cup (cut from a styrofoam egg carton) and two cotton balls for each child, powdered tempera paint, a large Zip-Loc bag, a hole punch, scraps of blue and orange construction paper, glue, scissors, and markers.

1. Cut individual egg cups from an egg carton. Make V-shaped notches the top of each to resemble half of a cracked eggshell.
2. With markers, have the child write their names on the bottom of the cup and an Easter message on the front if you so choose.
3. Put 2 teaspoons of powdered paint in a Zip-Loc bag with two cotton balls. Seal carefully and shake vigorously. Shake
off any excess paint. (You can substitute Yellow Cotton Balls) 4. Cover the inside bottom of the cup with glue.
5. Place 1 cotton ball in the cup for the chicks body. Place a drop of glue on top and add another cotton ball for the head.
6. Punch out two blue dots and glue on for the eyes.
7. Cut a small diamond shape from orange paper and fold in half. Glue on for beak.

~Submitted by Amanda (who got from another list)

Egg Cup Bluebells

Egg carton
Pipe cleaners
Paper leaves
Tempera paint

Cut the egg cups out of cardboard egg cartons. Then cut the cups into bluebell shapes and let the children paint them blue. When the paint has dried, make stems by inserting the ends of green pipe cleaners through the bottoms of the bluebells, then bending the pipe cleaners into cane shapes. Let the children poke holes in the ends of precut green construction paper leaves and thread them on their bluebell stems.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Bunny Baskets

Use the bottom 1/3 of a 1-pint narrow milk carton. Staple (adult do this) a 1" strip across the top for a handle. Have cut out ready, 'bunny' shapes - sitting up bunny - ears on top, round head and fat body, the width of the milk carton (a bit like the traditional cat drawing) If children are able, get them to decorate the basket with paper chips (small pieces of paper cut or torn) and draw on bunny's face. If the child is not old enough, adult do bunny's face and glue or paste it on one side of the basket.

One easy way to decorate (need to supervise though) is to let children paint the basket with glue and dip it into a container of confetti. Let children glue a cotton ball on the opposite side of the basket for bunny's tail. Put cotton balls, paper shavings or grass in the basket as a nest for the eggs. Ours used to take two hen eggs - one boiled egg decorated by the children and one chocolate one left by the Easter Bunny while we were outside playing.

~Submitted by Amanda (who got from another list)

Egg Carton Nursery


Egg carton
marigold seeds
12 half eggshells
potting soil

What to Do:

Let your children fill an egg carton with empty halves of egg shells. Have them fill each shell with potting soil and carefully plant one or two marigold seeds in each shell. Water each shell with a teaspoon of water. Seeds will sprout more quickly if the lid of the egg carton is kept closed so that the seeds will stay warm. When the seeds sprout, have the children replant the seedlings outside, crushing each shell as they place it into the ground.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Egg Carton Basket

One plastic-foam egg carton will make three baskets. Cut off the top of carton. Cut the carton into three sections, each containing four cups. One section makes a basket. Make small holes on 2 opposite sides of each basket. Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to form a handle. Push the ends of the handle onto holes. Fill the basket with cellophane grass. Decorate handle.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Egg Carton Place Card - (makes a cute cubby marker)

Cut two cups from a cardboard egg carton for each place card. Glue the two cups together (bottom to bottom). Cut a chick from construction paper. Add features with paper and glue the chick inside the cup. Print a name on a piece of paper and glue it to the front of the cup - put a few jelly beans inside if you want.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Easter Bunny Baskets

1 tin can (any size you like). Spray paint the can white, then hammer 2 holes in the can. They should be opposite one another Cut out pink circles for eyes or use craft eyes and glue to the front of the can (the holes should be on either side of the face). Glue a white pom-pom for a nose, use a black marker for whiskers. Cut out some white foam bunny ears and some pink foam for inside the ears and glue these together. Glue the ears to the back of the can.For a handle, thread each end of a pipe cleaner into a hole and secure. We put feet on our bunnies: Cut out an oval shape from the pink foam and glue to the front bottom of the can. And for a tail glue a cotton ball to the back of the can. I put easter grass into each "basket" to set the treats on. You have a bunny basket to take treats home in!! You could change this to fit many holidays and celebrations. We made pumpkin baskets at Halloween but we used coffee cans!

Easter Bonnet

Cut out the center circle of 9-inch paper plates. Punch a hole on two sides opposite each other on each plate rim. Tie about an 18-inch piece of pastel color yarn through each hole. Gather and provide a variety of pastel color materials such as paper cupcake liners, tissue paper, punched paper circles, crayons, feathers, and ribbon. Decorate a paper plate rim Easter bonnet.

~Mother Goose Time

Egg Window Hangers

Use washable color markers on flattened coffee filters. Color the entire surface of the filter. When done, fold the filter into quarters and dip them individually into cold water for just an instant. Open the wet filters and lay them flat on a wire cake rack to dry. Then cut out egg shapes, poke a small hole in the top of each one, and thread with string for hanging.

Easter Bunny Ears

Take a strip of paper and measure it around the child's head....make ears (with white and pink construction paper) and attach the ears to the ring! Tape some cotton balls on their butts.

~Submitted by Renate

Bunny Basket

2 Lt. Pop Bottle
Wiggle Eyes
Pom-pom or cotton ball

Take a clear 2-lt. pop bottle and take off the bottom support if there is one. Cut the bottle in half so you remove the opening. Next cut down on the bottle till there is about 3-4" left which will be the body. Move left or right about 4-5" and cut down the same distance. Remove this section that is loose. Go to the opposite side and diagonally cut two pointed ears (don't cut them off). Cut out pink felt and glue on to the plastic ears. Glue on eyes (wiggle or paper); pink triangle felt nose (or paper) with little strips of white paper to resemble whiskers. Don't forget the cotton ball or white pompom for the tail! Fill with Easter grass.

~Submitted by Renate

Easter Basket

Take 2 paper plates and face the sides you eat off in towards each other and staple about 3/4 of the way closed around the circle. The part of the circle that is not stapled closed, fold down towards the outside and staple down. Paint the front and back yellow and let dry. Cut out a little orange triangle beak and little orange chicken feet from construction paper. Cut out white and black circles (2 different sizes) to make eyes. Trace child's handprints (both hands) on yellow or yellow printed paper to be used for wings. Staple feet on and child glues on the beak, wings, and eyes. Staple a length of ribbon to the top to form a basket handle and insert a little green Easter grass in the top. The kids can use them to be filled with treats by the Easter bunny.

~Submitted by Laurie

Giant Easter Eggs

Each child will need a blown-up-balloon. Dip string in liquid starch and wrap around balloon. Hang balloons until starch is completely dry. Pop the balloon and decorate string egg using white glue and glitter. (add glitter prior to popping balloon. Hang from ceiling.

~Submitted by Denise


1 paper plate per child 2 ears per child cut out of brown construction paper 3 black whiskers per child

Fold a paper plate in half and staple it together. Have the children color the rabbit brown. Attach the ears with glue to the one end of the curved plate. Glue on 3 black whiskers. Have the children draw on eyes and a nose with crayons Glue on a cotton ball to the opposite end of the face.

~Submitted by Carole in TX

Easter Baskets

Small milk cartons such as children use daily to make good baskets. Open, clean, dry and push up straight the four sides at the top of the carton. Trim away two of the sides and curve the remaining two into a half circle. (sides of the basket) Mix paint with a small number of soap flakes(not detergent) and a little liquid paste or glitter glue, so that the paint will stick to the sides of the waxed carton. Colors such as purple will need two coats unless the tempera is very thick. When dry, attach a handle to the two curved sides (pipe cleaners will do) Fill the basket with green Easter "grass". Put in colored eggs to take home.

~Submitted by Denise

Bunny Basket

Cut a hole in a large cylinder container (as an oatmeal box). Tape top lid. Attach paper rabbit ears on one lid and paper feet on the other. Glue on cotton for a tail. Add construction paper eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers. Fill the bunny with artificial grass and goodies.

~Submitted by Denise

Hatching Chicks

If the cartons are styrofoam ( =I know I know bad for the environment) you can cut them out individually and then make the edges jaggedy and put a small dab of glue in the bottom of one of them a put a yellow pom-pom (glue on googly eyes and a small felt beak) inside then you put another one on top it looks like a little chick hatching from an egg (cute).

~Submitted by Heidi in UT

Sweet Smelling Flowers

Another thing that works well for younger kids is letting them paint the individual cut egg cartons poke a piece of the green pipe cleaner through the bottom for a stem. You can glue construction paper leaves on to the pipe cleaner.. (You can put a slightly crumpled piece of tissue paper in the center of the carton). To make them sweet smelling spray the center with cheap perfume or air fresheners.

~Submitted by Heidi in UT

Creepy Caterpillers

Cut out sections of about four from the egg carton let the children paint them green (or whatever color you like) let them glue on eyes and rolled pipe cleaners for the little antenna things.

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