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Arts & Crafts (cont.)

Pine Cone Craft Ideas

Take cotton, or fiberfill and stuff the cracks in the pinecone. Glue on eyes and a beak and made a snow owl. Also, they make cute mini Christmas Trees, paint them green, glue on some sequins, and other sparkly scraps. For Thanksgiving, you could make Turkeys, the pinecone (turned sideways) is the body of the turkey, glue on some feathers for the fantail, cut out a construction paper head and pipe cleaner feet.

~~ Submitted by Amye

I stuck them with glue around a baby food jar one year and put a ribbon on and then used it as a candle holder, it was very cute-you could even paint the cones first.

~~ Submitted by Tracy

Santa Letter Holders

Paper towel tubes covered with construction paper and decorated. Then I cut a long strand of the yard, pulled it through the tube and tied the ends to use as a hanger. The children now can put their Santa letters or Wishlist in here for Santa on Christmas Eve.

~Submitted by Pat in MA

Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes

This is a very simple, low cost, Christian ornament. Start with a small white paper plate. Fold the bottom up to about an inch. Fold both sides to the middle leaving the top open. (looks a little like a burrito!) Have the child make a face on a 2" pink circle. Glue the circle to the top of the paper plate, peeking between the folds. Punch a hole at the top of the plate and add a pipe cleaner hanger. Ta-da! Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts Childcare

Create a Nativity Set

Have the children each make Mary & Joseph using peg clothespins. Use pipe cleaners for their arms & dress them in tunics made from fabric scraps, Draw faces at the top of the clothespin. Give each child a baby Jesus that can be a tiny purchased doll from a craft store. Make the manager using craft sticks & paper. Later that afternoon on the next day, build shoebox stables for the figures. When the kids go home at the end of the week for Christmas, allow them to take their Nativity Sets, but during the week encourage them to use them to create Christmas stories.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts Childcare

Handprint Santas

You need a sheet of red and white construction paper, scissors, glue, pom/cotton balls, pencil google eyes/cut out eyes and a red marker.

1. Trace the child's hand (fingers closed) up to elbow on white paper. Place white paper on top on red and cut out traced hand and arm (both sheets).
2. Make an arc on the white tracing where the hand and wrist meet.
3. Cut along "arc" on the white paper only. The "arm" on the red sheet becomes Santa's hat.
4. Glue white hand on red paper where the hand is, glue a pom/cotton ball at the top of Santa's Hat and add eyes.
5. Trace the child's thumb(2) curl on a pencil. Glue cotton balls/pom-poms for Santa's beard.
6. Glue on Santa's mustache.

I did these the other day with my group and they turned out great.

~Submitted by Colleen from Ottawa, Canada

Candy Cane Reindeer

1 candy cane per child and guest
two small googly eyes
brown pipe cleaner
small pompom puff for nose

Twist the pipe cleaner around the top part of the cane. These are the antlers. Glue googly eyes on cane below the antlers, leaving room for pompom nose.. glue that as well. Let dry. Feed the crew cookies and milk and open any packages. Send the canes home in a Ziploc bag with the family's name on it.

~Submitted by Judi from Florida

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Popsicle Stick Reindeer

You need
3 popsicle sticks per child.
1 brown pipe cleaners.
1 small red pom (nose)
2 Goggle eyes/cut out eyes.

1. Glue popsicle sticks (at the ends) in the shape of a triangle.
2. Curl ends of pipe cleaners around finger/pencil (These are the antlers).
3. Wrap pipe cleaner around the top popsicle stick.
4. Glue on eyes and pom nose.

You could also add a ribbon or string and hang these in the Christmas Tree or, add a piece of magnetic backing and stick on the fridge or metal cabinet.

~Submitted by Colleen from Ottawa, Canada

Foot and Handprint Reindeer

Trace child's foot (reindeer's face)
Trace child's hand (antlers).
Glue antlers on the "toes" of the footprint.
Add eyes and a nose.

~Submitted by Colleen from Ottawa, Canada

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water, divided

1. Mix salt and flour.
2. Add half the water.
3. Gradually add the remaining water.
4. Knead until the dough is smooth, this could take a while.
5. Roll out the dough on a flat surface.
6. Use cookie cutters to cut out holiday designs.
7. Dust dough with flour (add designs using a toothpick, if desired).
8. Use a pencil to make the hole for hanging the ornament on the Christmas tree.
9. Bake at 325 degrees for about 1 hour or until the dough is dried.
10. Remove from the oven.
11. Cool completely.
12. Paint with acrylic paints.
13. Add glitter, glue on beads, add stickers. Do whatever you're heart desires.

Note: If you want the ornaments to really last, coat with acrylic varnish when totally dry. Thread ribbon or string through the hole and hang on the Christmas tree.

~Submitted by Tammy from North Dakota

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree using several pinecones - With pinecones standing on their widest end (the base), glue the "sides" of them together in the form of a circle Some of the petals can interlock w/each other to help hold it in place. Just use hot glue to secure. When you have the size of circle you need to form the base of your Christmas tree (obviously this can vary, depending on the size of tree you want), repeat that step, only making the circle smaller. Glue that circle onto the base, using the same technique as mentioned above--allow some of the petals of the base of the smaller circle to interlock with the tips of the larger circle. Keep repeating these steps until you reach the "top" of your Christmas tree. The very tip should be just one (1) pinecone, the "layer" beneath that should be three (3) pinecones, and so on--forming larger and larger layers--depending on how large you want the entire tree. Decorate them with glitter, lights, miniature garlands, ornaments, etc.

Pinecone Christmas Tree (small)

Make a Christmas tree by gluing a single pine cone into a small flower pot. I put gold glitter on the tips of the "branches", a small star on the top and wrap a piece of rickrack around the flower pot. You can add touches of glitter to the flower pot as well. You can even tuck some cotton into the branches for snow. This is just one suggestion for decorating your tree - the possibilities are endless!

Reindeer Antlers (This project is rated EASY to do)

What You Need: Red construction paper, brown construction paper, Scissors, Stapler

How To Make It: Cut a band of red construction paper (about 2-3 inches wide). Measure the length to fit the child's head and then staple at the appropriate length. Using 2 pieces of brown construction paper stacked together, trace one of the child's hands. Then cut out. Separate the hands and then staple each one to the red band towards the front, just a little apart from each other.

Stained Glass Windows

Give each child two pieces of waxed paper. On one piece, squirt a dab of red, yellow and blue paint (or any three colors). Cover with the second piece of paper and gently rub the paint between the pieces to mix the colors. Let dry pressed together. When completely dry, cut into shapes, make a construction paper border, and hang in the window. Glitter can also be added. Colored tissue can be substituted for the paint.

Santa's Hat

Supplies: Red Construction Paper, Glue, Cotton Balls

Cut out a large triangle out of red construction paper. Glue on the cotton balls to make a white ball on one of the triangle tips, and glue cotton balls along the bottom edge to form the brim. You can also cut out two triangles and tape or staple them together to make a hat to fit the child's head, using red strips to add width, if necessary.

Shredded Wheat Wreaths

Shredded wheat (crumpled up), Glue, Green tempera paint, Red Hots, and Cool Whip lids.

Mix glue, shredded wheat, and green food coloring together. Spread around the cool whip lid, making it hill up, and leaving a hole in the center. Press in the red hots for the berries and let dry overnight. Decorate with ribbons, etc.

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