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Songs & Fingerplays

Christmastime - sung to "This Old Man"

Christmastime, Christmastime,
Is a very special time,
With a tree and gifts and goodies to eat.
Christmastime is really neat!

Christmas Song - sung to "I'm A Little Teapot"

I'm a little snowman, round and fat,
Here is my scarf and here is my hat.
When Christmas comes around just hear me shout,
"Here comes Santa. You better watch out!"

Christmas Star - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Twinkle, twinkle, Christmas star,
Way up high is where you are.
Shining there for all to see,
On the tiptop of our tree.
Twinkle, twinkle, star so bright,
Shine up there till morning light.

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells.
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh -
Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells.
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

Little Green Tree - sung to "I'm A Little Teapot"

I'm a little green tree in the house,
Here is my trunk,
(Raise arms up straight.)
Here are my boughs.
(Hold arms out to sides.)
Decorate me now with lights so fine,
(Move hands back and forth across the body.)
Then plug me in and watch me shine!
(Hold arms out to sides and smile.)

Ring, Ring, Ring The Bells - sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Ring, ring, ring the bells.
Ring them loud and clear.
To tell the children everywhere
That Christmas time is here.

Where Is Santa? - sung to "Are You Sleeping?"

Where is Santa? Where is Santa?
(Put hands behind back.)
Here I am! Here I am!
(Make a big belly with arms.)
Merry, Merry Christmas!
(Sing in Santa voice.)
Merry, Merry Christmas!
Ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho!
(Put hands behind back.)

The Reindeer Pokey - sung to "The Hokey Pokey"

You put your antlers in.
You put your antlers out.
You put your antlers in,
And you shake them all about.
You do the Reindeer Pokey,
And you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!
You put your hooves in....
You put your red nose in....
You put your fluffy tail in...
You put your reindeer body in...

Arts & Crafts

I'd love to have you submit your photos if you do any of the following crafts, please email to and let me know which craft it is.

Handprint Tree With Fingertip Ornaments

Snowman Ornament

You would use a blue plastic ball ornament. At least that is what I used. Here's a close-up shot of my nephews. All you need is the ornaments, white acrylic paint, I used permanent sharpie markers to make the face, hat, and scarfs. Here's a picture of the one I did several years ago. Hope this helps. You just have to be careful with the smaller kids because the like to slide their fingers. I just paint the whole hand white And place the ball onto their palm and have them close their hands gently. You have to be kind of quick cause acrylic paint dries pretty quickly. Then with one of the markers when they're dry I have the child sign their name and write the year if they can on the back. Good luck and God Bless.

~~ Submitted by Mrs. Valerie

Picture Ornament for Parents

Last year I made an ornament that the parents loved and it was not too hard at all. I was able to go on Utube and see it. I bought clear plastic ornaments at Big Lots. I bought thermo acetate paper at Michaels and long tweezers. I took pics of the kids and printed them out on the thermo acetate paper. You can see through this paper! Then I used my 2 inch round punch and punched out their pic. Put a small hole in the top and strung colored twine through it. Took the top off the ornament, wrapped the pic around a pencil and put it in the ornament through the top. Used the long tweezers to straighten it out, put the top back on and voila! it was so beautiful. No matter which way the ornament hung, you could see the face of the child cause the paper is see through. My parents cried over them!!! Sure gonna do that this year cause I have a lot of new kids. Oh, before I put the photo in the ornament, I sprinkled in a tiny amount of snowflake glitter. Go to YouTube and type in Glass Photo Keepsake Ornaments. You will see that it is not hard at all but so beautiful.

~~ Submitted by Barbe

Picture Ornament for Parents

Here is how I made them, it was very simple and easy....and nothing more than a couple of items needed -

A pair of tweezers, I used a pair as you would get in a nail clipper set.
Clear bulbs, I got glass ones from target. $6.00 for 12 bulbs
Ribbon, any color
2 hole punches, one for the hole in the picture and one to punch the picture out with. The one to punch the picture out with should be a 2-inch hole punch. Any bigger and it will be hard to put the picture in place, any smaller and it will be moving around a lot inside the bulb.
Photo Spray
Hot glue gun
Transparency film (I bought mine at Office Max for $20.00 for 50 sheets)
And this may sound funny but a cup, plastic is best and small enough that the bulb can sit on. This is your bulb holder.
Pictures that you're using.

Take your first picture and punch it out, then punch out the same size from your transparency film.

Spray photo sprays on your TF (transparency film) and add your photo on top. Once you have your photo in place, place a hole at the top of the picture.

Now take your ribbon cut about a 6-inch piece off, fold in half so the ends match, tie a knot at the end of it. Now take it and slip it through the hole and back through the loop and pull tight, this how it will hang on the tree. Now take your glue gun and put a small dot of glue on the ribbon/picture to keep it in place.

Now, roll the picture up, you don't need to do it very tightly, just enough to get it through the hole of the bulb. Take the top of the bulb and push the picture inside, once you have it in use your tweezers to straighten it out. Once you have it all straightened out and your picture in place, place a small dot of glue on the rim of the bulb and place your ribbon over the top of it. This keeps the picture in place while you're putting on the top. When you're putting on the top make sure your 2 ribbons each go to the sides of the bulb topper, push the topper on and you're done.

Then repeat all steps again, I made 50 of these for Christmas last year, and this is the easiest way that I found to do it.

~~ Submitted by Wendy B.

Keep sake craft

You buy clear Christmas balls (find at any crafts store). With glass paint you write on the ball, "_______'s Christmas/Wish List". On small strips of paper write down things that child wants for Christmas and put it in the ball. In the end, you have this awesome ornament, when you shake it a bit you see the different things on that child's list and for years to come, that child and her/his parents have a reminder of what he/she wanted in 2010 at age ___.

~~ Submitted by Louise

Handprint Ornament

I have done this MANY times over the years. You use 1 part apple sauce to 3 parts cinnamon (ie. I cup apple sauce and 3 cups cinnamon). Work in the two ingredients and make balls for each kid. The child will put their hand at the top of the ball (try to make sure it is big enough, you can shape it round and flat if you wish) and have them push down hard (might need help). You will have a perfect impression of the child's hand with really fine detail (that is why I love this craft). Put a hole at the top with a skewer not too close to the edge and allow to dry on a cookie rack for 3 days (I do a week). Then place a ribbon in the hole at the top to hang. I like to write the child's name and date on the back with paint.

This is a great keepsake because a) it is a beautiful reminder of their child's size that Christmas but also b) it smells amazing and doesn't stop giving off a sent for years (maybe forever but at least 5 years).

~~ Submitted by Louise

Decorative Plate

Decorative plate (use metallic Christmas plastic plates, cheap) have the children paint it with Christmas colors (red, white, green) and then put a hand print in the middle of the plate with a bold metallic color (silver or gold). Around the edge of the plate (I usually tape this off so the paint doesn't get on it) I take off the tape and hand write around the plate...."Twas the night before Christmas....2010" then the child's name on the bottom. I buy plate stands at the dollar store (cheap, $1 for 4) and tape it to the back of the plate and have the kids help me wrap it for a gift to the parents.

~~ Submitted by Louise

Christmas Tree

Here is our Christmas tree that we made, The first pic shows it in the process. What we did was traced all the kids hands-on green construction paper than I curled the fingers and the kids glued it to the cutout tree I hung up. The next pic shows it finished, we cut out round ornaments out of the old wall paper samples and you can't see it too well but there is some really tiny garland draped around the tree. Finally, the 3rd pic shows the tree with the lights on it. During nap time I poked holes in the tree and stuck the lights out, it looks pretty cool if I have to say so myself.

~Submitted by Tammy

Christmas Wreath

Cut a wreath shape out of cardboard, glue cheerios to the cardboard, spray paint green, after dry add berries(cheerios sprayed red) and a bow. Kids love to do this...make sure you have enough cheerios for eating because it is one for the wreath, one for me, etc.

~Submitted by Debbie in MN

Silver Bells

Give each child 2 styrofoam cups. Poke a hole in the bottom of each one. Cover the cups with aluminum foil (Add further embellishments, if you wish. LOL) Put a colored pipe cleaner through the inside of the cup and bend to hold. Tie the bells together at the top. The children love to make these, & they make great gifts for the parents. You can even add a small jingle bell to the pipe cleaner clapper---so the bells can really ring!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts Childcare

Tree Ornaments

Print using card stock, have kids color, laminate, put on the tree. Click here for pattern.

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Heart Santas

wooden blocks cut into heart shape
paint (Xmas colors)
1 black paint pen
a cup of water
wood glue and one cotton ball

Take the cutout of a wooden heart, turn it upside down to where the point of the heart is facing away from you. Paint that side of the heart peach. When that is dry, paint the top 2 inches of the pointed section red. Let that dry. Paint the rounded heart bottom white (kind of pat the paint on so there is a textured look), when that dries paint white at the edge of the red "hat" area at the top. After all, this is dry, take the black paint pen and draw eyes a dot for a nose and then glue the cotton ball at the very tip of the point for Santas puff at the top of his hat. This is very cute, after the parents "master" the first one (it took me a couple of tries to get it the way I wanted) the children are really creative in what they want Santa to wear or look like!

Jigsaw Ornament

Popsicle Sticks
Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
Child's Picture
Light Weight Cardboard

Glue popsicle sticks together to form a triangle. Glue the puzzle pieces onto the triangle to make a frame. Glue the picture behind the frame, and then glue the cardboard behind the picture. Add a ribbon for hanging.

Snuggle Socks

Would be good for a Mother's Day or Father's Day, too Great for Grandparents, too. I inserted a paper tube from a toilet paper roll into the sock for easy filling! Even the two yr old's had no problems.

Need: new white tube socks, rice, and optional paint.

Have the children fill the sock a little less than halfway w/plain rice (uncooked). Tie a knot at the end and attach the poem below. You could have the child place their painted handprint on the sock and date it.

Snuggle sock poem

A Gift For You!
This is called a "Snuggle Sock",
I made it just for you.
It's good for all your aches and pains,
Cause it makes you feel brand new.

Just pop it in the microwave
And turn it up to one.
And then before you know it.
Your "Snuggle Sock" is done.

Now take it to the living room.
And lay down on the couch.
And press your toasty "snuggle sock",
On that nagging little ouch.

~~ Submitted by Pat

Pasta Christmas Wreaths

Supplies: Small Paper Plates, A Variety of Different Shaped Pasta, Craft Glue, Silver or Gold Spray Paint, Tinsel Bow

Cut the center out of the paper plate. Glue pasta noodles around the outer ring. Try to completely cover the paper plate. Let the glue dry and then spray paint the desired color. Embellish with a bow of tinsel.

Clothespin Angel

Paint old fashioned clothes pin white. Paint knob on top like a face. Cut out wings & glue to back.

Christmas Stockings

Make a large stocking shape into lacing cards. Make two for each child using laminated construction paper, a hole punch. Have the children use yarn to lace them together. Not only are the children lacing and using fine motor skills, but they will also have a stocking to put any of their little gifts to take home!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts Childcare

Count Down Links

Make a continuous paper chain of 23 red and green links. Attach to the wall or ceiling. Add a construction paper bell or star to the top if desired. Have children detach one link each day to count down to Christmas!

Doily Ornament

Give each child a red doily and a paper baking cup. Provide crayons and markers for children to decorate the baking cup. Glue the baking cup to the center of the doily. Spread glue on top and sprinkle with foil confetti. Attach a piece of yarn with glue or tape to make a hanger.

Painted Poinsettias

Supplies needed:

bath scrubbie for each child
red paint in a shallow dish
white paper
crumpled bits of yellow tissue paper

Dip the scrubbie into paint and allow each child to press them onto white paper. While it's drying, put little bits of yellow crumpled tissue in the center of each flower.

~Submitted by Melly from Ohio

Coffee Filter Angel

Fold a coffee filter in half to make the angel's wings. Cut out a paper triangle and glue it to the coffee filter to make the body. Glue on a circle for the head. Use a marker to make facial features. Add glitter around the edges of the coffee filter.

Christmas Tree Mobile

Supplies: Green Construction Paper, Glue, Tape, Crayons, Yarn, Misc Craft Items - such as fabric scraps, beads, etc.

Cut a large Christmas tree shape - triangle - out of green construction paper. Cut the triangle into one inch wide strips. Lay down the strips in the order you cut them out, with the strips laying about an inch apart. Tape a long piece of yarn onto the back of the strips. Use a scrap of brown construction paper to cut out a pot and tape it below the tree; cut off any excess yarn hanging below the pot. Decorate the tree as desired.

Cinnamon Angel Ornaments (non-edible)

Mix well together: four parts cinnamon, three parts applesauce, and one part white glue in a large bowl. Roll the dough out on a floured surface and cut out angel or other shapes from the dough using cookies cutters. Use the end of a straw to make a hole at the top of each. Place on waxed paper and allow to dry for about two or three days. Add a brightly colored ribbon at the top to hang.

Glitter Ornaments

Trace a simple star or whatever design on paper (tape the paper to the table). Lay wax paper over the top so you can see the design (also tape it to the table) or let them create a free-form design in a Styrofoam meat tray. Have the kids put glue over the outline of the design and then sprinkle on the glitter. Dry overnight and then peel from wax paper. Add a ribbon to hang on tree.

Group Hand Wreath

Cut a large wreath shape from tag or poster board. Trace an outline of each child's hands on green construction paper and cut out. Arrange the hand shapes on top of the wreath, overlapping to add dimension, and glue in place. Encourage children to dip a finger in red paint to add holly berries. Attach a bow and hang on your door or wall.

Hand Print Wreath

Thick, White Fabric - cloth napkins work well
Red and Green Paint
Wooden Dowel
Ribbon or Yarn

Lay fabric flat on some newspapers. Using one hand to dip in paint, form a circle on the material to look like a wreath. Let the green dry. Dip one finger in the red paint and make holly berries on the wreath. Fold over the top of the material to form an opening to slide the dowel through. Tie the ribbon or yard onto the ends of the dowel to hang it from.

Beary Merry Christmas

Precut teddy bear from poster board. Have parents save used tea bags. Let children open the dried bags and shake the dried tea over the bear that has been covered with glue. I used a tub to lay the bear in first (said they needed to lie down in their bed) so they excess tea doesn't get all over. When they dry they look like fuzzy bears. We stapled on Christmas plaid bows as well. They looked really cute.

Candy Cane Candle Holder & Candle

1 Candle unwrapped red or green (green looks nice), 9 Candycanes reg. size, Tape, Ribbon, Greens, Lace, etc.

Wrap some tape around the candle's lower half, sticky side out. Turn canes upside down and press onto candle standing up, all the way around. Candy canes will make a candle stand. Wrap some tape to hold candy canes tight, decorate with ribbon and lace and greens, etc. As the candle has no wrapper it can be burned and the wax will only go onto wrapped candy canes, which can later be unwrapped and eaten.

Candy Cane Shapes

Give each child a candy cane shape cut out of white poster board or tag board. Cut thick red yarn into short pieces and glue to the candy cane outline.

Christmas Bells

Cut apart the sections of an egg carton. Paint with tempera paints and sprinkle with glitter while the paint is still wet. Attach a small be to a pipe cleaner. Insert the pipe cleaner up through the center of the egg carton section and bend at the top to make a hanger. Variation: Cover small plastic or Styrofoam cups with aluminum foil to use as the bell.

Hanging Tree

Have the children make green paper chains. Attach chains of about 20 links to a hula hoop and join at the top. Hand from the ceiling. Make paper pinwheel stars to attach to the tree.

Candy Cane Ornament

Just take two Candy canes, glue them in a heart shape, tie a ribbon around the meeting point on top, glue a bell or a piece of holly or whatever and then glue a piece of ribbon on the back if you use it as an ornament.

~Submitted by Rhonda


I had the kids paint wooden ring frames any color they wanted with acrylic paint and the little guy used markers. Then I got out all my old Christmas cards and let them pick out one they liked, we traced and glued the picture to the back of the wooden ring as a background and I added their picture in the center. They also painted a little wooden shape any color, which was hot glued to the front of the ring (by me) and luckily I bought rings that had little eye hooks and we stung them with golden thread. They are about 3 inches around.

~Submitted by Andrea

Cut N Create Reindeer

For pattern and instructions click Here !

~Submitted by Christi

Reindeer Shirts

I am so excited about the project that we did today!! I just love it and I am so happy that it turned out!! I had each of the kids (big and little) bring a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt in white or gray. Then I took each child's foot and covered it with brown fabric paint and stamped it on the middle of the shirt, then I covered their hands with the pain and stamped them on top of the foot. The foot is the head of a reindeer and the hands are the antlers...I then put little eyes on and a red nose and put their name and date on the bottom of the shirt!! They were soooo cute!! I was so proud of myself!

~Submitted by Kathy

Sugar Ornaments

Today we made ornaments out of sugar and glitter and they tuned out pretty darned cute!! All you do is take 1/2 c sugar, and one teaspoon glitter mix it together and then add about 1 teaspoon of water and mix it well. Then have the kids put the mixture into a cookie cutter and pack it firm...then gently press the ornament out onto a cookie sheet and allow to dry, probably over night. When they are dry you glue a piece of yarn to the top of the hanger! These turned out really cute and the kids had fun!!

~Submitted by Kathy

Christmas Rice Wreath

I just had to share the cute project that we did today! Take a paper plate and cut out the center. Mix together Elmer's glue and green food coloring, mix in non-instant rice.....have the children place this mixture around the paper plate to make a wreath....use a hole punch and punch red "berries" and place on the wreath. Tie a red bow on top. I wish I had a picture because these were REALLY cute!! You could also do them on something smaller for a X-mas tree ornament!!

~Submitted by Kathy

Holiday Finger Puppets

Here are the Holiday finger puppets... Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman, and a gingerbread! The kids just color and decorate and cut them out... tape the tabs together to fit the kid's fingers!

Click HERE for the pattern!

~Submitted by Christi

Santa Bag

I bought this little Santa bag at a craft show in Norman this weekend! The picture did not turn out so good that I scanned but you can get the general idea of it. I paid $1.60 for this just so I could have the pattern. It looks really cute and really easy for the kids to make. They are made out of the snack size plastic baggies, the hat is red with white trim (out of construction paper) and a white pompom at the top, the nose is a red pompom, he has large wiggly eyes and the mustache is made out of white construction paper and red construction paper for the mouth. After the kids have made this then you can place a few pieces of candy in the baggie! They are really cute, sorry the picture did not turn out better than it did!

~Submitted by Christi

Cookie Dough Ornaments --- These smell terrific!!

4 c. all-purpose flour
1 c. salt
1/4 c. cinnamon
3 T. nutmeg
1 1/2 c. lukewarm water
2 T. ground cloves

Sift dry ingredients together. Add water until the dough is the consistency of modeling clay. Wrap and refrigerate dough several hours or overnight. Shape dough with cookie cutters of choice. Bake in preheated oven for one hour - low temp. Brush with polyurethane once cool. Be sure to poke a hole on each cookie for a wire hanger -- a coffee stirrer works great.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


Begin the activity by encouraging the children to trace their shoe. This will be used for Rudolph's face. Then the children should trace both of their hands which will be used as the reindeer's antlers. Finally, cut out a red circle to be used as the reindeer's nose. Have the children paste all the pieces together on a sheet of paper and add facial features.

Foot Reindeer with Hands Antlers Handprint Christmas Trees

On a large piece of green construction paper make a large triangle by finding the middle of the top and drawing a dot and making lines to each corner. Cut out the triangle. Take green construction paper and trace each child's handprint and cut out many hands for each child. Have the child glue hands (only put glue on the palm of hand) to large triangle to make a Christmas tree (we start at the bottom and work up). You can roll fingers around a pencil or wooden spoon handle so they curl up. You can then spray with a little "snow spray".

submitted by ~ "The Kids Place" Home Day Care and Preschool

Glittery Pine Cones

Paint pinecones with tempera paint, sprinkle with glitter, and allow the paint to dry. (or paint the cones with glue). The glittery pinecones can be used for classroom decoration, presents, or taken home.

Cute Reindeer Puppet!

Small paper lunch bag
Construction Paper
Use heavy paper to cut a "stencil guide" for the older kids to trace and cut around. For younger children pre-cut needed shapes. Needed shapes are: 2 black circles for eyes, white oval for the face (put eyes half on the white oval and a half on the bag), brown oval (place towards bottom half of oval face), red circle for nose (place at end of nose), red rectangle (about half the width of the bag, the full length of bag from underneath the folded bottom), Green bow (place towards the top of the red rectangle), and 2 circles (place on red rectangle under the bow). Lay the paper bag on the table with the bottom flap facing up and help them place the pieces where they go. Cut a notch at the bottom from and back, and one on both sides for legs! Very cute and easy!!

~Submitted by Jennifer in CA

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