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Songs & Fingerplays

The Birthday Song

Oh, do you know the birthday girl (boy)
The birthday girl, the birthday girl,
Oh, do you know the birthday girl,
Her (his) name is __________.

Do you know how old she is
How old she is, how old she is?
Do you know how old she is
She is ___________ years old.

Zippity - sung to "Zippity Doo dah"

Zippity dooh dah, zippity ay,
my oh my what a wonderful day,
plenty of sunshine comin' your way
(you way!)
zippity dooh dah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Four Pretty Presents

Four pretty presents and they are all for me.
(Hold up four fingers.)
I unwrapped the red one, and now there are three.
Three pretty presents and one is from you.
(Hold up three fingers)
I unwrapped the blue one, and now there are two.
Two pretty presents left until I'm done
(Hold up two fingers.)
I unwrapped the yellow one and now there is one.
One pretty present, I am having so much fun!
(Hold up one finger.)
I unwrapped it slowly and now there are none.
(Hold up both hands palms facing out)

Arts & Crafts

Birthday Hats

For each hat, roll a sheet of construction paper into a cone shape and secure the edges with tape. Let your children decorate their hats with collage materials, such as paper and fabric scraps, ribbons, bows, glitter-glue designs, and pompoms. Poke two holes on opposite sides near the bottom of each hat and attach yarn pieces for tying under the child's chin.

Birthday Candle

Print out a large picture of a candle. Have the child color in or paint the candle then cut out where the flame is. Put contact over the hole and get the child to cover it with glitter.

Place Mats

Let the kids make their own placemats. Use construction paper and color or cut out pictures to put on the placemat. Then laminate.

~Submitted by Jean

Birthday Necklace

Each birthday child can proudly display his age with a special birthday necklace. To make one necklace, laminate a numeral cutout that corresponds to that birthday child's age. Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes. Then, using permanent markers, draw on additional facial features. Attach a set of stars or stickers that corresponds to the child's age. Punch a hole in the cutout, and then thread and tie a length of yarn through the hole. Hey, everybody! I am four years old today!

In The Kitchen


Use a package mix and follow directions to make cupcakes for the children. Provide plastic knives and ready-made frosting. Let each child decorate a cupcake. Add a candle to each and have the children sing Happy Birthday to themselves.

Balloon Cookies

Give each child a round sugar cookie. Provide white frosting and some food coloring. Let children dye the frosting different colors. Let children decorate the cookies to look like balloons.

Theme Ideas

Birthday Memory Game

On a table, place several birthday party items, such as a hat, a paper napkin, a paper plate, a candle, and a greeting card. Let the birthday child remove one of the items while the other children close their eyes. When the children open their eyes, have them try to guess which item is missing. Let the child who first guesses correctly remove an item for the next round of the game.

To celebrate each child's birthday I hand out a 'happy birthday' ditto to all the children to draw a gift for their friend on his/her special day. I then put the pictures together into a birthday book which we share before singing happy birthday. While the children draw their gift, the birthday boy or girl can choose an activity as a special birthday treat.

~Submitted by Mari from New York

Pass The Presents

Wrap up some small boxes of different sizes with colored construction paper. One box for each child would be ideal. Give each child a box; and as you play music, have the children pass the presents. When the music stops, ask the children what is the color of their present. Repeat as long as the children enjoy the activity.

Birthday Shirts

Make a special birthday shirt for your birthday child. Purchase plain T-shirts inexpensively at discount stores or garage sales. Let all of your children decorate the T-shirt the day before the child's birthday. Let the birthday child wear this one of a kind shirt on his or her special day.


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