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I would love to have a housecleaning service come to my house one day or even a gift certificate or a zoo membership to take the kids to the zoo or even a children's museum.

Every year my daycare family gives a toy to each of my children, an educational gift to the daycare in general (they're both teachers), and then a gift certificate to the Olive Garden, the movies, and a night of daycare for our children. That's the BEST! The best educational gift they've given was a set of write on/wipe off boards with erasers, markers and magnetic letters. My girls' favorite gift was backpacks filled with books. :)

I agree with the response that a card and thank you are great! As for an actual gift, I'd love a Starbucks gift card.

The best gift that I treasure always is when the Daycare parents call me and my family part of their family. The 3 families I have here now told me every day how much they love the care I give, and they are constantly including us in their family things. Which I love.

I got a really nice candle from a daycare parent today, my newest family. But ya know what? I have already got all of my Christmas cards from them, and they just signed their names.. all of them.. not one thank you.. or anything.. that is what made me sad. I took the time and wrote out something special about each child on the cards I gave the parents... oh well, guess I just have a group of parents that just do not know any better...

We would love art supplies and preschool toys. For myself a simple happy birthday or thank you would suffice.

I love receiving gift certificates for use at a local salon to have my nails done, or even a pedicure. The most precious gift to me was a sign advertising my child care business that was given to me by some of my children when I graduated from college!!

I would just like to be told that I am really appreciated. Also, I would like to receive something every now and then from my parents.

My favorite gift to receive is Gift Certificates to go out and eat. It's wonderful to have someone wait on you for a change and not having to cook.

For the past couple of years, I have received beautiful lead crystal items from one of my daycare parents and her children. This family knows I love cats and angels, so the year before they bought me a lead crystal cat and this past year they bought me a lead crystal angel. They are beautiful~~! But I do like the idea from one of the other providers that have posted about having the daycare parents either separately buy a new toy for the daycare or all go together and buy a nice large toy that the children can share and use. That's a wonderful idea since items aren't cheap and toys do get destroyed over the years.

Cash/Gift Certificates: Restuarant, Movie, Mall

I was a home daycare provider many years ago, and recall getting small gifts from the children. I am now working privately for a couple of families who have children with autism. I receive many verbal kudos on a regular basis, but the gift I appreciated the most, was when one family gave me the day off, with pay. When working privately, there is no such thing as holidays or sick days with pay, so this was the best gift, ever. The mother wrote a note to me stating that we all deserve paid holidays now and then.

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