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A Christmas card this year from a Daycare parent telling me how glad she was to have found me. Homemade from the heart gifts are the best!

Last year for Christmas one of my families raised by weekly pay by 20.00 .. totally unexpected and I loved it.

Best present from a family, is a gift card for 50.00 dollars (when I was a single mom) The note with it read I know you have worked so hard and have done a great job with my kids, so please take this and buy something for you and your kids. I refused to take it and at the end of the night I put my hands in my jacket pocket to get my car keys and there was the gift card again. I cried. I was really having a hard time making ends meet and that 50 really helped.

I would appreciate anything thoughtful from the parents...Even just some funny ecards

My all-time favorite gift was given one October Saturday morning. Little Lauren rang my doorbell. I was so surprised and said "Good Morning Lauren." She said "Merry Christmas!" and held up two tickets to the upcoming Elton John concert! I startled her when I screamed in excitement! Her dad peeked around the corner and holding up two more tickets added: "We're coming with you!" It was an awesome concert and most generous gift. My all-time worst gift was a peanut butter/raisin covered popcorn ball given by a daycare family. They were sick earlier in the week and gave it to me when the kids returned to daycare. "We just made these last night." YUCK!!! It was tossed in the garbage that evening.

Hey guys! Just got a really cool gift from 2 of my daycare moms!! These are the 2 moms that are always doing sweet things for me and the kids!! They also were the 2 that helped at my Xmas party today from 9-1 and just wonderful! They are giving me one month of a housecleaning service - get this - 2 days a week!!! Gotta love 'em!! They really are the greatest! They are stay at home moms and I keep one of their sons 1 day a week and the other one's son 2 days a week! I am thrilled!

This one is easy.....CASH

Maybe something like.... instead of buying me a gift, I would appreciate if you bought the daycare kids a new toy, book, or game. A thank you note is all the gift I want or need?

That would be a nice idea to include in next year's Nov or Dec newsletter. Just a note about how a nice new toy for the daycare would be a fun gift for your child to buy. A Thank you card would be an appreciated gift!

I would appreciate a nice card with a note inside thanking me for everything I do for their children/family. If they wish to give an actual gift, I'd appreciate something that I really like and that they gave some thought to, not something given as an afterthought or something they were given last year that they didn't like.

I always love getting a card with a nice "Thanks for all you do!" As far as any other type of gift, hmmmm..... something useful (LOL!) would be nice. It's nice to know they actually thought about me when picking the gift. I'm lucky the past few years I've had wonderful dcps who really show their appreciation throughout the year with notes and cards or small tokens. Also, at Christmas, they have given me 1-2 weeks pay plus a gift. (Last year one family gave me $200 in cash, $50 gift certificate for JoAnn's, a tea set and jewelry! Boy, I'm gonna miss them when they leave!)LOL! But really, a note of thanks is much more appreciated than a "gift" that someone hasn't given much thought to.

I like gifts that are for me ~ I have one family that for the last 3 years has given us a certificate to a different restaurant, ones that we probably would have never gone to on our own. Those are wonderful! Another family gave me a GC to a spa/salon ~ I'm getting acrylic nails with that one, again, something I would never spend money on for myself.

The gift of understanding! Most parents don't understand what we go thru each day!

When I first started out, gift certificates for materials and toys etc. was very much wished for. Now that I have been up and running for about 6 years, more personal gifts are nice; especially those that include my family as the in-home childcare does take its toll on them at times...i.e. Movie passes, Restaraunt gift certificates, even a nice Bonus. P.S. One of my dear families has already had a case of Florida citrus delivered to our home-YUMMY!

I must say for the record that the parents I have now are respectful & appreciative all year round, & that is the very best gift they could give any time! Also, my DC parents aren't rich, but when they choose a gift that's just for me, with my interests in mind, I notice & appreciate it. Last year a family gave a beautiful skating doll for my collection. This family was really struggling yet they gave me a gift & chose something they knew I'd love! I'll never forget that!

I had a teacher parent that always added wonderful books to our children's library at Christmas time. I loved that. She also sends personal notes of appreciation and detailed the things she really liked about our program.

Basically I would love a gift towards anything that the daycare children can use, i.e., art supplies, books, toys, etc, etc. I know some providers who ask that the children bring in one "item" for the daycare instead of doing a gift exchange among the children.

Ditto.... I hate receiving gifts that aren't' going to be used. Its a waste of parents money. I had one parent the last yr give me a beautiful sapphire bracelet last yr. I never wore it once. This yr she gave me a sapphire heart necklace. I'll probably give it to one of my dd's. I don't wear jewelry, not even my wedding ring. If a parent wants to give me a gift, a certificate or cash is what would be appreciated most. I had a parent give me a certificate to the Outback Steak house this yr. I'm going to enjoy that one. I've never been there and my dh and I are going to go when I'm on vacation next week.

As much as I would like to say "books or puzzles" for the daycare, I'm not going to say it. I really like little personal touches. Bubble bath, an ornament, earrings, any little thing like that. Something to enjoy or remember the little ones by.

I just enjoy being remembered in a thoughtful way. My dcp know I love to read, so a gift cert to a book store would be wonderful! There's never enough money for all the books I want to read. Bubble bath, candles etc are all welcome. I used to have a dcp pack a basket for me every year. It contained things like crackers, salami, choc. kisses, a bottle of wine.......It was a wonderful gift for the holidays! Another family was just great about LISTENING to the little comments I made. Not even hints, b/c that was never on my mind. But once we were talking about our fav. Christmas movies and I mentioned that I didn't have "It's A Wonderful Life" and the only time it was on was Christmas Eve, and I'd miss seeing it. She gave me the video as one of my gifts. Things like that, that I KNOW were purchased 'for me'. Another yr, this family gave me Bath and Body Shop products from them, and new art supplies from their kids. That was great too-- the best of both worlds. Another time it was a red Winnie the Pooh sweater......I love Pooh and red is my fav. color. The cost of the gift isn't as important as feeling a little bit pampered, appreciated and listened to is.

I love to receive from parents are a simple thank you also I would like is gift certificates to the movies and sure I don't mind cash also. Well, I really don't mind what I get but not something from no dollar store unless that's the only thing they can afford. but really most of the time my parents are great and some u want to wonder about.

First and foremost, I would like to receive just a note of appreciation. After that, I would like something for the daycare kids to play with, or when they get older, maybe a parent could bring in lunch for the children.

A nice card or letter of appreciation and CASH :)

I would always welcome cash! Actually, a card telling me how much they appreciate me, with a coupon for a special coffee, or something like that. I generally get tons of chocolate, and I REALLY don't need it. One parent gave me a bath salt mix, I loved that!

I would appreciate it if they give me monetary gifts or gifts for the daycare.

To me a card with the words "Job Well Done" or something the kids make mean more to me than anything in this world. Anyone can go out and buy a present because they feel obligated to but gifts from the heart mean the most...

Just knowing that I am appreciated would be enough for me.

The gift I would appreciate most is a nice thank you card or letter, expressing the appreciation they have for me and all I do for their children. That would be the ultimate gift and would cost them very little.

Today I got my first gift from my best friend/daycare parent also. Guess what it was?? LOL 2 small picture frames that say "school buds". NOT TO GRIPE... but give me a break... I have been out of school for 10 years... what the heck am I going to do with these?? This is what I mean when I say I would just prefer my daycare parents (and I guess best friend too) to just skip the gifts and give me a card instead... uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh trying not to be disappointed. I know it is the thought that matters, but I would honestly just prefer a card instead.

I've been doing this for 3 years and I have never received anything in ways of a gift. I always get Have a Merry Christmas, which is fine too. But I do a lot more for these kids that I'm with them 10 - 14 hours a day, would be nice to get some kind of appreciation. I myself would like something personal as well. One thing I do for myself is going to the movies and see chick flicks, so GC to movies would be great.

well, not to sound ungrateful, but all I've ever gotten are cookies! LOL! I hear of some getting a weeks pay. Boy, how I could use that!!!!!!!!!!!

My moms & dads are great. They get me wonderful gifts. They tend to surprise me every year with their thoughtfulness. I am very lucky with the group I have. They got me this yr. so far is a lot of bath stuff from Victoria Secrets & stuff like that. 3 of my moms have done this so far. Beautiful & wonderful smelling things.

Now go get something nice ..and a neat card ...put it by the door ...and when anyone asks ...~ it's from a former daycare child~ maybe they will take the hint ! or just brag saying a former child sent this ...~S~

Our newspaper listed typical *tips* for people... gee, hairdresser, and garbage collectors were to get tips based on service ~ the daycare worker was to get a *token* gift of maybe $25. Kills me that people think more of the people that do their hair than the ones who care for their kids ~ and here our paper is telling them that's the way to be!

I would appreciate anything thoughtful from the parents...Even just a card.

I *love* the thoughtful gift that says that they thought about ME when buying (or making!!) it! These people see me every day and ought to know something about me to enable them to do something that is thoughtful. I also LOVE getting a sweet thank you for taking such wonderful care of my child card - with thanks for all the extras I do for them! I would personally rather have that than a gift that is something they picked up because they felt they HAD to.

I think that the most memorable gift a parent can give to a teacher or a provider is something with the child's picture in it or something that the child help make. I still have lots of ornaments and things from kids in the past and fondly remember them at Christmas.

Either gift certificates to nice restaurants or cold, hard CASH! :)

I think that the most memorable gift a parent can give to a teacher or a provider is something with the child's picture in it or something that the child help make. I still have lots of ornaments and things from kids in the past and fondly remember them at Christmas.

What I want money can't buy. Respect and appreciation, understanding, consideration, etc.

I've been in daycare for 10 years now (next month) and I thought I'd try to think back to past Christmases to see if any particular gifts stand out in my memory. Cash bonuses, gift certificates and a sweatshirt that one dcm secretly made for me. She somehow got all of my dck's together and had their handprints put on a white sweatshirt. She wrote their names under their hands and wrote a really nice saying on the front. I will treasure that forever. The other types of gifts I'd like besides cash and gift certificates would be year-round appreciation in the form of letters or cards. I have had a few dcp's who regularly bring me little gifts, things that I like. You have these children every day, you see their parents every day and they should know what you like.

Daycare supplies, or a personal gift just for me. Something I don't have to share with anyone else. Also, what means even more to me is a note or card that is truly heartfelt, and the parent telling me they appreciate all I do for their child/children and thanking me.

I used to care for my cousin's son for nearly 3 years. My aunt (not his grandma, but his great aunt) had custody of him. Every Christmas and my birthday, she gave me $500. She was so happy that I was taking care of him and she said that is what she always did for her son's daycare also - he is 19 now. And she ALWAYS gave me nice, thoughtful cards too! As for the $$, we don't exchange gifts with our extended family, so this was solely based on daycare. Wish more parents were as appreciative and thoughtful!

The gift that I would like to receive are teddy bears, bells etc. Those I collect and they come in all prices.

I DID receive $100 once, and another time I rec'd a weeks pay. I don't remember the amount, because it was many yrs ago. The $100 was in the form of Old Navy gift cert. The child was leaving at Christmas time, so it was a combination Christmas/goodbye gift. And I DO know the mom was grateful to me. I was able to help her thru a very rough stretch in her life. She'd accepted a job requiring travel, and about that time her dh had to be admitted to rehab for alcohol abuse. Her sister (who was younger and single w/ no kids) helped w/ drop off and pick up. BUT her sister was a med student and had to be at the hospital by 4:30 am. So I accepted the baby at 4 several times/wk. And sometimes she couldn't pick up till 5 or 6. The gift was from the mom and the aunt. More recently though, one family would give me a $20 check and a very nice, unique Christmas ornament. I sure missed my pretty new ornament this yr! I have 2 d/c families now. They are both very thoughtful and appreciative, but in one case, the mom recently lost her job. She is waitressing in the meantime, and I KNOW money is tight. I am just so thankful that she is keeping her child here in my care. She's afraid to take him out b/c she doesn't want to lose the spot. And she also knows my numbers are light right now, and it would create a hardship for me. But this same mom calls me every couple of weeks just to tell me I'm wonderful....and that she is SO happy w/ her son's care, etc......And THAT is a GREAT gift!

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