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I'm looking for some more children's games to include on this page. Do you have a fun preschool game idea you enjoy playing in your daycare or school?
Email me at the link at the bottom of this page with your fun game ideas!

Are you in the game playing mood right now?
Have fun with this cool Checkers game against the computer!
You are red and you start! Have fun!
Let me know if you win because the computer is too smart for me!! LOL


Games for Anytime!

Find The Bone Game

Have children sit in a circle. Select one child to be the Dog and have that child step outside. Hide a large soup bone (or a paper bone shape) in the room. Have the Dog return to the room and begin searching for his or her lost bone. As the Dog gets closer to the bone, have the rest of the children bark loudly. As the dog gets farther away from the bone, have them bark very quietly. When the Dog has found the bone, let him or her select another child to be the new Dog.

Don't Eat Pete!

Take a file folder and draw squares (like tic-tac-toe) you may decorate them or draw candies in them. The game is played by taking pieces of candy, or cheerios or even carrot slices - any small edible thing will do. You place one on each square. A person is chosen to be "it" they leave the room or cover their eyes. The others choose one of the treats to be "Pete" then the child who is it comes back and begins taking the candies off of the squares. Everyone is silent, watching as they do this until they try to remove "Pete" the kids all yell "Don't eat Pete!!!" The child who is "it" cannot take any more. A new child is chosen . . . . . . repeat until everyone has had a turn being "it" We have had a lot of fun with this simple game - if you want you can laminate the file folder to make it last longer or you could simply draw circles on a paper plate. Hope you like this idea.

~Submitted by Michelle

Games For the Holidays

Go For The Gold

The highlight of our St. Patrick's Day - in addition to eating and drinking green foods - is an annual hunt for gold-covered chocolate coins. We tell the children that leprechauns have hidden lucky coins in the yard, and my children usually invite a friend to join in the search. Afterward, we count out their riches and talk about what each child wishes with his or her good fortune.

~Submitted by Suzan Aydinel


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