Telephone Interview for Child Care

          1. Name, Phone Number, and Address of caller:
          2.  Child's name, sex, date of birth:
          3.  Parent's employer location and work hours:
          4.  What hours/days is child care needed?  Is this likely to change?
          5.  What date do you need child care to begin?
          6.  What type of program do you desire (preschool, part time, small group, etc.)?
          7.  What are you current child care arrangements?
          8.  What is your reason for needing child care?
          9.  Interview date and time scheduled:

Provider/Parent Interview

Questions for the provider to ask the parent

1. How did you hear about me?

2.  Has your child been in childcare before? If so where and when?  Why did you leave?

3.  What do you expect from child care and from me?  

4.  What is your parenting philosophy?  How do you discipline?

5.  Tell me about your home structure - one parent family, two?

6.  What is your TV policy/computer policy at home?

7.  How long have you been in your present job?

8.  May I have references and your social security number?

9.  How long will you be in the area?  Are you looking for temporary or long-term care?

10.  Are you on a waiting list for another childcare/preschool/center?

11.  Do you have a reliable backup provider for times when I need to close due to illness or vacation or a holiday?

12.  What will you do if your child becomes ill?

13.  Tell me about your child's habits and likes and dislikes:

14.  For schoolagers:  What does your child like and dislike about school?

15.  For preschoolers:  How does your child react to strangers and to other children?

16.  For infants:  How does your baby behave around strangers and what is his/her average day like?

17.  Describe your child's eating habits.  Does your child have any known allergies?

18.  May I take your child in my car on routine trips and/or field trips?

Collected from the members of Providers Playground

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