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A Farm Of My Own - Daphne Hoystrom
All Pigs Are Beautiful - Dick King Smith
Barn Dance - Bill Martin, Jr.
Big Fat Hen - Keith Baker
Big Red Barn - Margaret Wise Brown
Birthday Chickens - Shirley Kurtz
Buzz Buzz Buzz - Byron Barton
Cat And Mouse On The Farm - Ray Gibson
Chanticler And The Fox - Chaucer
Charlie Needs A Cloak - Tomie dePaola
Chick Hatches - Joanna Cole
Cock A Doodle Dudly - Bill Peet

Duck Who Loved Puddles - Michael Pelowski
Eggbert - The Slightly Cracked Egg - Tom Ross
Family Farm - Thomas Locker
Farm Babies - Russell Freedman
Farm Morning - David McPhail
Farm Noises - Jane Miller
Farming - Gail Gibbon
Fiddle-I-Fee - Melissa Sweet
Greenbrook Farm - Bonnie Pryor
Hamilton - Robert Newton Peck
Horses Horses Horses - Allan Fowler
I Can Be A Farmer - Kathy Henderson
Inside A Barn In The Country - Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Is Your Mama A Llama? - Deborah Guarino
Mary Had A Little Lamb - Sarah Josepha Hale
Muppet Babies Baby Animal Farm - Bonnie Worth
Music In The Night - Etta Wilson
Night Is Coming - W. Nikola-Lisa
On The Farm - Richard Powell and Steve Cox
Pigs Aplenty Pigs Galore - David McPhail
Rockabye Farm - Diane Johnston Hamm
Rooster's Off To See The World - Eric Carle
Rosie's Walk - Pat Hutchins
Sheep In A Jeep - Nancy Shaw
The Carrot Seed - Ruth Krauss
The Cow Buzzed - Andrea Zimmerman

The Cow That Went Oink - Bernard Most
The Farm Rooster And The Weather Vane - Sharon Peters
The Fourth Little Pig - Teresa Celci
The Little Red Hen - Paul Galdone
The Midnight Farm - Reeve Lindbergh
The Milk Makers - Gail Gibbons
The Smallest Cow In The World - Katherine Paterson
The Three Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig - Eugene Trivizas
Time For Bed - Mem Fox
Two Crazy Pigs - Karen Berman Nagel
Wake Up Farm! - Alvin Tresselt
Wake Up, Wake Up - Brian and Rebecca Wildsmith
What Do You Do At A Petting Zoo? - Hana Machotka
When The Rooster Crowed - Patricia Lillie
Which Pig Would YOU Choose? - Dorothy Kunhardt
Who Took The Farmer's Hat? - Joan L. Nodset
Who's In The Shed? - Brenda Parkes-Rigby
Wings A Tale Of Two Chickens - James Marshall
Wooly Sheep And Hungry Goats - Allan Fowler
You Silly Goose - Ellen Stoll Walsh

Songs & Fingerplays

Take Me Out To The Barnyard - sung to "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

Take me out to the barnyard
take me out there right now
show me the cows, pigs, and horses too,
I hear an oink and a neigh and a moo.
There are chickens laying their eggs,
If they don't lay it's a shame.
Oh, it's one, two, three, eggs today,
And, I'm glad that I came.

Rhebus Rhymes - by Enchanted Learning

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen
Little Bo Beep
Little Boy Blue
Mary Had A Little Lamb
This Little Piggy

Arts & Crafts

Grain Collage

Use corn, wheat, hay, oats, barley, and other grains
that farm animals eat to sort and/or make a collage.

Pig Of Many Pinks

What You Need:

Construction Paper
Tissue Paper (in various shades of pink)

What You Do:

Give each child a pig cut out. Let them glue the different colors of tissue paper on the pig. This creates a unique looking cute pig that has a great texture!

Theme Ideas

Homemade Butter

When talking about all of the great things that you get from farms.
Make butter just like the farmers do with you class. It is real easy,
just put whipping cream in a jar, then let your kids take turns shaking
it soon the cream will turn into butter. To speed up the process you can
add a marble to the jar. When done have the butter on bread for snack.


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