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Songs & Fingerplays

The White Song

I know a color that looks like snow
can you tell me what its name is?
W-H-I-T-E, W-H-I-T-E, W-H-I-T-E
the color is called white.

~Submitted by Laurie

Arts & Crafts

Use cotton balls, dollies, and white buttons to make a White on White Collage.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Whip Ivory Snow powder with water until the mixture is soft and fluffy. Let the kids finger-paint with the soap mixture on sheets of heavy white paper or tagboard. While the mixture is still wet, let them add Styrofoam packing pieces for snowflakes and cotton balls for clouds. Then let them sprinkle on glitter to add sparkle to their snow scenes.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Snow Scene

Give each child a sheet of pale blue construction paper and styrofoam packaging chips. Let them create a winter scene. These turn out to be lovely three-dimensional projects.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Paint with Salt

I give each child a small dixie cup 1/2 full of white tempera paint. I allow the child to spoon in as much table salt as they want and mix it into their paint. Next, they take a piece of colored paper and paint anything they want on the paper. When dry the paint will have a rough texture and sparkle from the salt. As the children paint with this salt mixture they LOVE the gritty, bumpy, noisy texture and sounds that occur. Some will paint designs....but most enjoy it so much they paint the entire paper white. Any extra paint that is left I pour together in a larger paint cup and place it at the easel.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Snowstorm Art

Material: liquid starch or glue, brush or q-tips, construction paper, rice

1. Generously brush starch or glue onto paper
2. Sprinkle rice on paper
3. Shake off excess

~Submitted by Cheryl

Sparkle Snow Paint

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Mix together and put in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze doughy paint out on to black construction paper. Make anything snowy, snowflakes, snowmen, - we made snow covered mountains with the moon and northern lights. Let dry thoroughly and it will sparkle. May also be painted (when dry) and allowed to dry again. This is a great 3-dimensional effect for snow.

~Submitted by Cheryl

White On White

Create a snowy day picture by using only white materials. Give each child a styrofoam tray to be used as a base for the picture. Provide an assortment of white material (cotton balls, white string, rice, white straws) to glue on to the tray to create a snow day scene.

~Submitted by Cheryl

An idea for the color white would be: Get a large piece of black paper or any dark color....have the children make a white collage---use various items such as--q-tips, cotton balls, marshmallows, etc.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Water Color Surprise

Put out the white paper, watercolors, paint brushes, water cups & masking tape. The teacher rips off different lengths of masking tape & sticks it to the edge of the table. The children take these masking tape strips and tape them any way they want on their white construction paper. (I have had children just randomly lay the tape down and I have had children form the tape into letters and create their entire name. Whatever they come up with is fine.) Once they have taped down all the tape that they want, I tell them to watercolor their entire paper....tape & all. It is important that they paint the entire paper...otherwise, the results are disappointing. When done we hang them up to dry. On another day I lift up the edges of the pieces of tape and then call the children to the table. I tell them to CAREFULLY pull their masking tape pieces off of their pictures. What appears?.....the WHITE spaces that were hiding under the masking tape that did not get painted. These are very striking, a fun surprise for the children & we always talk about HOW did this happen!!

~Submitted by Cheryl

Theme Ideas

Large Motor

Use cotton balls and plastic spoons to pretend to shovel, carry, scoop, etc. Then run, hop, and scoop it up. Try blowing the cotton balls across the floor with their own air.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

White Riddles

Challenge your children to solve the following riddles. Give one clue at a time and the let children guess before offering the next clue.

1. I'm white. I'm cold. I'm round. I'm made of snow. (A snowball).

2. I'm white. I'm fluffy. I float around high in the sky. (A cloud)

3. I'm white. You pop me in a pan or an oven. I'm tasty with butter and salt. (popcorn)

4. I'm white. I'm cold, I'm sweet to eat in a cone. (Vanilla ice cream).

Where Is It White?

Gather a number of items that are white on the outside and/or white on the inside. Possibilities include a hard-cooked brown shelled egg, a hard-cooked white shelled egg, a white crayon, an apple, a cotton ball and an envelop. Have your children examine each item and tell whether it is white on the outside. Set aside the items that are not white on the outside. Then ask the children to tell you whether the items are white on the inside. How can they find out? Can they think of other items that are white on the inside or outside?

White on White

Pass a roll of white toilet tissue around the circle and have each of your children tear off one square to place on the floor. Now pass around a white basket or plastic bin containing small items, some white and others not white. Let each child select a white item to place on his or her white square. Include enough white items for every child to find one.

White Web

Hold on to the loose end of a ball of white yarn and roll it to one of your children who is wearing white. Have that child grab the yarn and roll the rest of the yarn ball to another child who is wearing white. Continue while interest lasts. Then examine the white web you've constructed.

Take a magnifying glass outside to observe the snowflakes on a dark coat or on dark paper.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Finely grate one bar Ivory soap. Mix the grated soap with one cup of water and one tablespoon glycerine. Use an electric mixer to beat the mixture until peaks form. The soap snow can then be used in many ways.

~Submitted by Cheryl

At The Easel

On WHITE day as a "side", I put up the black paper and layout WHITE chalk.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Sensory table

Fill your sensory table with white packing foam pieces and confetti. Or..... if it snows where you teach, bring in a couple of buckets of snow; put the buckets in the sensory table and have children "color" the snow. Use paintbrushes and food coloring.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Sensory Ideas

salt/sugar/flour/icing sugar, styroafoam balls, white yarn, streamers, white paper shredded up (Let children use scissors to cut it up), snow in the winter time, white finger paint.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Colored Ghosts

Once there was a WHITE ghost named __________ who was very hungry. He looked in the refrigerator and found a banana. He ate it and turned YELLOW.

The ghost was still hungry so he ate an apple and he turned RED.

The ghost became very thirsty so he drank some chocolate milk and he turned BROWN.

The ghost really liked vegetables so he ate a carrot and turned ORANGE. He also ate a pepper and turned GREEN.

The ghost was tired after eating so much food that he thought he would have one more drink so he drank some milk and he turned WHITE once again.

This flannel board story can be as short or as long as you like. Just change the ghost every time he eats some food. Have the children say the color that the ghost changes into.

~Submitted by Cheryl

In The Kitchen

Marshmallow Sculptures

Create & eat a white sculpture

Materials: Marshmallows (mini size and large, Toothpicks or pretzels

Create sculptures by using toothpicks or pretzels to hold sculpture in place. Yummy & fun!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Crispy Snowflakes

8-inch tortillas (one for each child)
powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Stack tortillas on top of each other and wrap in aluminum foil. heat for 5 mins.(or cover with plastic wrap and heat in the microwave). Fold tortillas into sixths and cut snowflake designs. Using a flat skillet and fry in oil one at a time. Or bake in the oven. Remove from oil and sift powdered sugar on tortillas. To bake in oven brush with milk and bake 350 for 5-10 mins.

~Submitted by Cheryl

Snowball Shake/Snacktime

Materials: Milk, Vanilla ice cream, shredded coconut

1. Fill a large cup 3/4 full of milk
2. Add 1 scoop ice cream
3. Sprinkle coconut on top

~Submitted by Cheryl

Snowy Day Snacks

Tell the children that today we are only going to eat snowy day snacks that must be white just like snow. Brainstorm for ideas. Here are a few things that you should have on hand for this special snack day. Marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, milk, peeled apple slices, cauliflower, white cheese...

~Submitted by Cheryl

Banana Coconut Snowmen

1/2 banana per child, 1 TB. honey per child, 1/2 cup milk per child, 1/3 cup shredded coconut per child, toothpicks, raisins, carrot, cut into tiny pieces. Give each child one large, one medium, and one small piece of banana. Stir honey into milk. Dip pieces into milk and roll in coconut. Stack pieces and secure with a toothpick. Decorate with toothpick arms, carrot nose, raisin eyes, and buttons.

~Submitted by Cheryl


White Activity Theme - Childfun
Wanda White Color Buddy - DLTK
The Color White Activities - Preschool Express

Quick Starts for any Color Day

1) Make Vanilla pudding and add food coloring of the color you want.
2) Make Jell-O in the color you want and even add some fruit of that color.
3) Kool-Aid Art - Sprinkle Kool-Aid powder of the desired color on a large piece of white paper. Use Spray bottles to spray the KoolAid with water. It makes some very interesting artwork that smells good, too!!!!!
4) Fingerpaint with the color you are "studying."
5) Fill the water table and add food coloring of the desired color and toys of the desired color.
6) Make some colored water using food coloring and freeze it in ice trays the day or night before. Then, Put them on trays or in the water table and watch them melt to make colored water. If you use different colored ice cubes, the colors will mix to make new colors.

These are some things I do in my preschool special needs classroom!!!!

~Submitted by Lisa in North Carolina

* Dress in clothes that are the color of the day
* Add the desired color of food coloring to playdoh and set it out on the art table
* Take a walk to look for a particular color of car
* Dip cooked spaghetti in the desired color of paint and let it "dance" across white paper
* Make chart listing foods that are the color of the day
* String the desired color of buttons on matching colored telephone wire to make necklaces
* Use paper plates and napkins that are the color of the day for snack time
* Try guessing how many of the same colored buttons, beads, etc., there are in a glass jar, then count to see who came the closest
* Add food coloring to white glue to coordinate with the color of the day
* Mix cream cheese with the desired color of fruit or vegetable bits (tomatoes, pineapple, blueberries, etc.) and spread on crackers for snack
* Plan a scavenger hunt to search for objects that are the desired color
* Freeze water tinted with the desired color of food coloring in milk cartons to make ice sculptures for the water table
* Use the desired color of paper cups for stacking in pyramids or for counting
* Make finger Jell-o coordinate with the color of the day
* Tint rice with the desired color of food coloring to use for sandbox play

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