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Songs & Fingerplays

Something Blue - sung to "The Farmer in the Dell"

Lalisa sees something blue.
Lalisa sees something blue.
Let's look so we can see.
Lalisa seems something blue.

Lalisa sees Joey's shirt.
Lalisa shees Joey's shirt.
Let's look so we can see.
Lalisa sees Joey's shirt.

A Boat is Going Sailing

A boat is going sailing,
A pretty boat of blue.
Blue boat, blue boat,
A __________ can go with you.

A boat is going sailing,
A pretty boat of blue.
Blue boat, blue boat,
A ________ can't go with you.

Arts & Crafts

Blue Day Hats

Use newspaper or construction paper to make a hat for each child. Set out glue and materials such as the following: blue yarn, blue cupcake liners, blue buttons, blue glitter, blue paper scraps, blue sequins, blue felt-tip markers, blue crayons, blue chalk. Then let the children use the materials to decorate their hats any way they wish.

Theme Ideas

Pockets of Blue

Wear a cobbler apron or other garment with many pockets to circle time. In the pockets place several small items that are blue and a few that are not blue. Have your children watch carefully as you take items from your pockets, one at a time. Tell them that if an item is blue, they are to cheer, if it is not blue, they are to call out "Boo!"

Who is wearing Blue?

Bring a few blue objects to circle and show them to your children. Ask the children who are wearing blue to stand. Have them name their blue garments. Now have the children who are not wearing blue stand up and let them name blue items that they see in the room or blue items they remember.

Finding the Blues

Give your children cardboard tubes from paper towels or gift-wrap. Invite them to look through the tubes. Ask them to look all around the room. Can they find things that are blue? Have each child, in turn, tell what he or she sees through the tube. Incorporate each child's responses into the following song, substituting his or her name for Lisa, and the item seen for Joey's shirt.

Blue Milk

Any color day is an excuse to color our milk by adding food coloring. It won't change the taste, but it will change the children's reaction to pouring and drinking milk. This tradition began for us in my daycare when the Leprechaun played a trick on us on St. Patrick's day and turned our milk green. The children loved it!

~Submitted by Marcia in Maine

Blue Boat

Show your children a simple picture of a blue boat on light blue water. Explain that is a special boat. Only blue things are allowed on it. Discuss a few blue things that could go on the boat. Insert their names in the rhyme that follows. Then think of a few things that are not blue and use their names in the rhyme. Let the children suggest other things that can or cannot go on the boat, use their suggestions in the rhyme.

Blue Ideas

1. We drew either an ocean or sky scene, then finger painted it blue.
2. We strung loops making patterns for a necklace
3. We played the WACKY RAINBOWS game, matching rainbows.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

More Blue Ideas

1. We made GROVER on a plate of paper with chalk.
2. We counted and sorted BLUE ITEMS from school.
3. We heard a SESAME STREET story and did the puzzle.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


Blue Activities -
Bonnie Bluebell Colors Buddy - DLTK
Little Boy Blue Craft - First-School
Teaching Colors - Blue - Happy Home Fairy
The Color Blue Worksheet -
Circle the Blue Things - K12 Reader

Quick Starts for any Color Day

1) Make Vanilla pudding and add food coloring of the color you want.
2) Make Jell-O in the color you want and even add some fruit of that color.
3) Kool-Aid Art - Sprinkle Kool-Aid powder of the desired color on a large piece of white paper. Use Spray bottles to spray the KoolAid with water. It makes some very interesting artwork that smells good, too!!!!!
4) Fingerpaint with the color you are "studying."
5) Fill the water table and add food coloring of the desired color and toys of the desired color.
6) Make some colored water using food coloring and freeze it in ice trays the day or night before. Then, Put them on trays or in the water table and watch them melt to make colored water. If you use different colored ice cubes, the colors will mix to make new colors.

These are some things I do in my preschool special needs classroom!!!!

~Submitted by Lisa in North Carolina

* Dress in clothes that are the color of the day
* Add the desired color of food coloring to playdoh and set it out on the art table
* Take a walk to look for a particular color of car
* Dip cooked spaghetti in the desired color of paint and let it "dance" across white paper
* Make chart listing foods that are the color of the day
* String the desired color of buttons on matching colored telephone wire to make necklaces
* Use paper plates and napkins that are the color of the day for snack time
* Try guessing how many of the same colored buttons, beads, etc., there are in a glass jar, then count to see who came the closest.
* Add food coloring to white glue to coordinate with the color of the day.
* Mix cream cheese with the desired color of fruit or vegetable bits (tomatoes, pineapple, blueberries, etc.) and spread on crackers for snack.
* Plan a scavenger hunt to search for objects that are the desired color.
* Freeze water tinted with the desired color of food coloring in milk cartons to make ice sculptures for the water table.
* Use the desired color of paper cups for stacking in pyramids or for counting.
* Make finger Jell-o coordinate with the color of the day.
* Tint rice with the desired color of food coloring to use for sandbox play.

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