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Arctic Information

Polar Bears

Standing height: 8-11 ft.
Weight: 880-990 lb, females about 100 lb less.

The polar bear is the largest bear in North America. Conservation projects and regulated hunting exit in all countries where polar bears are found. After declining to about 5,000, the present population is now up to about 40,000. Their future depends on the protection of arctic environments. Polar bears eat vegetation but they mainly feed on seals. They have a keen sense of smell and can sniff out a seal den 20 miles away! Polar Bears are strong swimmers. They cruise through the water at speeds of up to six miles per hour, using their front legs to propel them, with their back legs trailing behind. They close their nose when diving in the water but leave their eyes open. They can remain submerged for two minutes when they resurface they immediately shake the water off their coat so that it doesn't freeze. On smooth slippery slopes, the polar bear frequently slides down on his belly. When walking on the ice, he may appear bow-legged - that helps him maintain his balance without slipping. Here mating season is March-June. In Oct-Nov., they carve out big dens in the snow, which is used for giving birth. They usually have two cubs who stay with their mother into the third spring of their lives.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Eskimo Story

(Use flannel board pictures to go along with the info. seal, walrus, etc...). Seals provide Eskimos with much of their food and skins for their clothing the walrus meat and skin is very valuable to the Eskimos. Their tusks provide the ivory for crafts of scrimshaw and carving. Eskimos are warm and gentle people. Common names for Eskimo children are Ootah, Nathlook, Inatuk, and Akoik. Eskimos wear fur jackets called parkas polar bears provide food for the family. Their fur is used to make the warm clothing needed in the winter mukluks help keep their feet warm in the cold winters Kayak is a small one-man boat made of driftwood and seal skin. It is extremely light and waterproof Igloos are temporary homes made of blocks of snow. The Eskimo men build igloos when they are on long hunting trips. Sleds pulled by huskies are used to travel great distances across the snow.

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

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