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Pass The Penguin

Play music and pass a paper or plastic toy penguin around. When the music stop, that child can walk around the center of the circle waddling like a penguin.

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Penguin

Play Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Penguin using the format of Duck, Duck, Goose. When the last person is tapped with the word penguin, the 2 involved students must waddle around the circle like a penguin as fast as they can, and try to reach the empty spot first.

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Penguin/Seal Sliding Game

I found pictures of a penguin and a seal sliding down a hill in a children's picture book. The penguin is sitting on his bottom, and the seal is laying on his tummy. I copied them and made them into cards. I took our large foam triangular shaped wedge and covered it with white paper, and then with smooth plastic (the kind you buy to put on the floor when you're painting). The kids choose one of the cards and tell me "I want to sit and slide like the penguin" or "I want to slide on my tummy like the seal". They then sit on a piece of cardboard made into a sled or just on the plastic and slide down.

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Penguin Shuffle

Males protect the eggs by balancing them on their feet. So I place a bean bag on the child's feet and they shuffle from one place to another without losing the bean bag "egg".

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Penguin Bowling or Ice Bowling

Use a 2-liter bottle. Wrap it with black construction paper. On the front of the bottle make a body and head out of white construction paper. Draw eyes on the head with a black marker. Use orange construction paper triangles to make the beak. Use orange construction paper to make the feet and glue at the bottom of the bottle. Cut the toe out of a bright colored sock. Put the sock on the top of the bottle using a rubber band to hold it in place. From the toe to the neck of the bottle cut strips in the sock. Turn the strips down and you have its hat. Use soft balls to roll and try to knock the penguin down. (You can pretend they are snowballs.)

In The Kitchen

Penguin Snack

Need: 2 slice of bread per child cream cheese, raisins, butter knife, carrot wedge, spread cream cheese over top.

Directions: Spread cream cheese in the center of one piece of bread. Use raisins for the eyes, wedge of carrot for beak. Cut the second piece of bread in half diagonally for the penguin's wings.

~Submitted by Becce from Missouri

Penguin Boiled Eggs

Theme Ideas

Penguin Castle

Every January the children and I build a "Penguin Castle". Cover a piece of plywood approx. 2-feet square with aluminum foil. The foil can represent the water. I have each child bring bags of large and miniature marshmallows Approx.8 large bags and 3 miniature bags). 4 children work at a time each child has a small container of Elmer's glue and a bowl of marshmallows. I start the children out by showing them how to dip one marshmallow (barely covering the bottom of the marshmallow) into the glue and then rubbing that marshmallow onto the bottom of another one (this way glue is not wasted or dripped everywhere). The children then usually start by making a castle wall around the outside edge. Remember to leave openings for the penguins to get in and out. We also build tall icebergs with the marshmallows (If the marshmallows slide off it's okay just keep building. We also make paths and tunnels. We use styrofoam bowls for igloos or ice houses and cut out an opening! for the door. We cover the bowl using the miniature marshmallows and build them up. When through with the large marshmallows we also put miniature marshmallows all over the big ones. Our finishing touch is to use penguin stickers on toothpicks for flags on the castle. Last but not least we get out the penguins and let our imagination go. This is an ongoing group project and is left out for several weeks. (Hint) Build your castle over 3 to 4 days to allow drying time. It's great fun and we have actually drawn names for children to take it home. Hope this makes sense! Enjoy!

~Submitted by Kathy from Oklahoma


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