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Songs & Fingerplays

I Like Aphids

I like aphids and I cannot lie.
I like 'em soggy and I like 'em dry.
I'll eat 'em off a flower and I'll eat 'em off a leaf.
I like 'em even better than big brown beef.
I like aphids.

~Submitted by Martie Yunker, Children's Libriarian, Ohio

The Surprise

"Let's go to sleep," the caterpillars said,
(bend all ten fingers into your palm)
And they tucked themselves into their beds.
They will awaken by and by.
(slowly unfold each finger one at a time)
And each one will be a butterfly.
(fly with your arms)

~Submitted by Janice in TX

Arts & Crafts

Bug Glasses

Cut an egg carton into sections of two, Cut a hole in the bottom of each egg cup for the eye holes. Poke a small hole in each side of the attached cups. Push a pipe cleaner through the hole in each side and twist to hold. Curve the pipe cleaners so they will fit behind ears. Decorate Bug Glasses as desired...How bout WILD And CRAZY!!

We did a science project, well sorta LOL LOL we placed a couple of pieces of fruit outside on the sidewalk and left them there. After about an hour or so we returned to the fruit to look at the ants and talk about what they were doing, why, and where they were taking this fruit. After we were done with that we made ants.


egg carton (cut each egg carton into 4--3 segments each, to form the ant body)
pipe cleaners
wiggle eyes
black paint or black markers (we used markers)

Have the children paint the 3 section egg carton; add eyes with a hot glue gun; make 3 small holes on both sides of the egg carton and add pipe cleaners for legs and add pipe cleaners for antennas.

The kids had fun with this project. We talked about how many legs ants had, how many body segments they had, etc...

~Submitted by Karen in KS

Bug Guest House

1 qt milk carton
old pantyhose and rubber band
Heavy scissors or craft knife
Old Magazines and glue

A bug guest house is a perfect way to observe insects without harming them. Keep them only long enough to observe, and then return them to their home where they were found. Be sure to put whatever plant material your bug needs like food. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the leaves too. To make the house, cut 2 window openings on the sides of the carton. Look through magazines for colorful pictures. Trim and glue them to cover the milk carton, making a nature picture collage. When the glue is dry, cut a leg off the pantyhose, and pull it up over the box, having the toe at the base of the carton. Add your bug, plants, and water, then pull the hose up tightly, and trim, leaving about 3" to tie in a knot or fasten w/ the rubber band. Watch your bug for a few hours or overnight, then set it free. Save bug house for another guest.

~EcoArt by Laurie Carlson

Theme Ideas

Insect Seriation

Construction flannel board pieces representing a ladybug, an ant, a caterpillar, a butterfly, etc. The children can arrange them on the flannel board from smallest to largest.

Insect Movement

Ask the children to move like the following insects; worms, grasshoppers, spiders, caterpillars, butterflies, bumblebees, etc.

Fascinating Bugs

Show your two-year-old pictures cut from magazines of bugs. Flies, bees and spiders will be familiar to them. Go out into the yard and section off a small area by drawing in the dirt with a stick. Look closely to see if anything is moving within that area. Find a magnifying glass and let your child look for bugs with it. You will be amazed at what you see. Take the magnifying glass to another part of the yard and repeat the game.

~Submitted by Janice in TX


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