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Songs & Fingerplays

Dinosaur - sung to "Oh, Christmas Tree"

Oh, Dinosaurs
Oh, Dinosaurs
How big you are to me.

Oh, Dinosaurs
Oh, Dinosaurs
What a wonder you are to me.

So heavy,
So tall
As you lived long ago.

Oh, Dinosaurs
Oh, Dinosaurs
How wonderful you are to me.

Kristine Wagoner

Arts & Crafts


Trace a dino for the child to cut out Then provide scraps for them to tear and glue on.


Trace a brontosaurus on light green construction paper. Child then glues cereal on dinosaur. After it dries, it is fun to paint. works with 2-5 yr. olds.

Theme Ideas

I had the kids dig for a little plastic dinosaur in our sandbox. Then they pressed it into some air-drying clay to make a fossil! When it was dry they got to paint it.

When I have the dinosaur theme I made huge paw prints and put them on the floor when the children arrive they were impressed about that. Another thing we made was a Jurassic park we colored various big dinosaurs and hung them on stakes in the yard. I bought some big plastic bones and buried them in the sandbox for them to dig.

~ Submitted by Patricia


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