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Zebra Z's

An activity I have done with letter Z is to copy a large letter Z onto a piece of white paper. Supply the child with a cup of black paint and a thin paintbrush. Have the child paint "zebra stripes" onto their letter Z.

You at the Zoo

Have a photo copy picture of each of your preschool children ready. Have children color and cut out zebra, elephant and girrafe. Glue onto blank sheet of paper and themselves now. Take strips of black contstruction paper that has been pre cut and place over sheet of paper to look like the animals and child are in a cage.

~Submitted by Barb in Saskatchewan

Block Letter "Z"

Make a block "Z" letter. Have children glue zippers on the letter Z.

~Submitted by Susan in OH

Color a picture of a zebra

~Submitted by Susan in OH

Theme Ideas

Do a taste test with zuchini then graph who likes it or not.

~Submitted by Susan in OH


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