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Songs & Fingerplays

X Song - sung to "Skip To My Lou"

X's mean kisses, I like alot
X is for x-ray and X marks the spot
X is for xylophone I like to play
X is quite special, I'd say

~Submitted by Susan in OH

Where Is X - sung to "Where is Thumbkin?"

Where is Xx?
Where is Xx?
Here I am.
Here I am.
How are you today Xx?
Very well I thank you.
Xx away. Xx away.

Arts & Crafts

X Pictures

Cut small construction paper strips. Show the children how to place the paper strips to form a X. Then let the children glue their construction paper strip x's on their large letter X shape.

X Ray Picture

Paint dog bones white and let dry. Have the children glue the painted bones onto black paper to resemble an x-ray.

Make X's using paint, finger paints, water colors, etc. Use cotton swaps, straight noodles, your fingers, brushes, etc. Make your own design and put it onto a piece of paper.

X is for Xylophone

Theme Ideas

Play Hide the X

Cut a large, capital or lower case letter X out of poster board or construction paper. Hide the letter somewhere, either in the open and slightly camouflaged or near an object that would begin with the letter X. Let the child(ren) look for the letter. You can say getting warm as they get closer to finding the letter or you can clap faster or slower depending on how close they are to the letter.


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