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Songs & Fingerplays

Do you know the Umbrella Man? - sung to "Do You Know the Muffin Man"

Do you know the umbrella man?
Umbrella man? the Umbrella man?
Do you know the umbrella man?
Who likes to sing in the rain.

Oh, He loves the letter u,
the letter u, the letter u.
Oh he loves the letter u
He sings for me and you!

Arts & Crafts

U Mobile

Hang a small umbrella upside down. Cut out pictures of things that begin with the U sound. Glue each picture to a piece of paper and write the letter U on the back. Then hang the pictures from the upside down umbrella to create a mobile.

Theme Ideas

U Toss - game

Using a large sized U pattern, cut 4-5 U shapes out of cardboard. Set out a wooden spoon, held upright in a pot of dirt. Let your children try to throw the U�s so that they ring around the handle of the spoon.


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