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Songs & Fingerplays

I Am Learning Oo - sung to "The Farmer In The Dell"

I am learning Oo.
I am learning Oo.
Hi ho the derry O.
I am learning Oo.

Other verses to add:
Oval begins with Oo... (make an oval with your hands)
Overalls start with Oo... (point to someone wearing them?)
Over begins with Oo...
Oh my! begins with Oo... (hand on side of face)
Ocean begins with Oo... (wavy hand motion)
Ostrich begins with Oo...
October begins with Oo... (point to calendar) Octopus starts with Oo...

The children can help add other verses of O things and can help decide on the actions for the song.)

Arts & Crafts

Printing O's

Pour different colors of tempera paint into shallow containers. Set out white construction paper and objects with round open ends, such as cardboard toilet paper tubes, drinking straws, butter tubs of all sizes, and plastic bottles. Invite the children to print O's of various colors and sizes by dipping the open ends of the objects into the paint and pressing them on their papers.

Fruity O Project

Trace a big O and a little O on a piece of paper and make copies for the whole class. Get Fruit Loops and let the children glue them inside the O's. You usually wind up gluing some and eating some as you work. Staple the finished and dried Fruit Loop paper to a bigger piece of construction paper and let the children take them home.

Theme Ideas

O is for Office

Create a pretend office in a corner of your room, using small tables for desks. Set out such things as small pads of paper, play telephones, junk mail, pencils, paper clips, rubber stamps and ink pads. Let the children have fun playing in your office during your O unit.


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