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Songs & Fingerplays

G Song

These are Grandma's Glasses
(make glasses with fingers over eyes)
Here is Grandma's cap
(make triangle with hands and put on head)
This is the way she folds her hands
(fold hands together)
And puts them in her lap
(put hands in lap)
These are Grandma's glasses
(make glases with fingers over eyes)
These are granpa's hat
(pretend to pull down a big hat over head)
And this is the way he folds his arms
(fold arms over in front of body)
Just like that!
(Shake head)

~Submitted by Tia

G Song - sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

When I look around I see
Many things that start with G.
I see grass and girls galore,
I see gloves and so much more.
Won't you look around with me
And sing for things that start with G!?

Repeat, substituting other words that begin with G for the words "grass," "girls" and "gloves." Have pictures of G items on hand while you sing the song.

~Elizabeth McKinnon
Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus

Arts & Crafts

You can take a G coloring page and glue grass on it.

~Submitted by Tia

Glitter G's

Cut large letter G shapes out of heavy paper. Let the children paint their letters green. Have them sprinkle green glitter all over the wet paint. Then help them shake off the excess glitter>

Variation: Have the children brush glue all over their G shapes. Then let them sprinkle on gold glitter.

~Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus

Here are some ideas of things to glue on your letters. On the letter G, you can have the children glue glitter. My kids love working with glitter. I just put their piece of paper in a pie tin or a flat box and let them sprinkle away!

~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare


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