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Songs & Fingerplays

There Are F's Everywhere - sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It"

There are F's everywhere, everywhere,
There are F's everywhere, everywhere,
Frogs and forks and feathers too,
And flags, to name a few.
There are F's everywhere, everywhere.

Repeat, substituting other words that begin with F for the words "frogs," "forks," "feathers" and "flags."

~Jean Warren
Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline Books

Arts & Crafts

Feather F's

Cut large letter F shapes out of heavy paper. Set out brushes, glue and small feathers. Let the children brush glue on their letter shapes and arrange the feathers on top of the glue.

Variation: Instead of gluing on feathers, let the children dip their fingers into different colors of tempera paint and make fingerprints all over their F shapes.

~Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline Books

Theme Ideas

F Activities

* Stamp frogs or fish onto a letter F

* Fingerpainted fans - Use a paperplate and glue on a craft stick. Have the children fingerpaint the plate

* cut out F's from magazine and glue onto paper

* glue foil onto letter F

~Submitted by Susan N

Feeling the Letter F

Make a bulletin board display of F's cut from fake fur, felt, flannel, and foil. Add a few upper-case F's formed with long feathers, if desired. Invite the children to touch the letters and describe how they feel.

~Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline Books


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