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Songs & Fingerplays

E, E, What Do You See? - sung to "Skip to My Lou"

E, E, What do you see?
What do you see that starts with E?
I see an elf, that's what I see.
Hip, hip, hurray for E!

Repeat, substituting other words that start with E for the word "elf."

~Elizabeth McKinnon, Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline Books

Arts & Crafts

Eggshell E's

Cut large letter E shapes out of heavy paper. Set out glue, cotton swabs and crushed eggshell pieces that that been rinsed and patted dry. Let the children glue the eggshell pieces on their letter shapes, using the cotton swabs as applicators.

~Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline Books

Theme Ideas

E's in Eggs

Label stickers with E's and attach them to large plastic eggs. Inside each egg put a picture of something whose name begins with E. Place the eggs in a basket. Have the children sit in a circle with the basket in the middle. Let each child in turn take an egg from the basket and name the letter on it. Then have the child open the egg and name the picutre inside.

~Alphabet Theme-A-Saurus, Totline books


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