100th Day of School!

One Hundred Days of School
Activities and Crafts to use on the one hundredth day of school

A fun week for schools around the world is to celebrate the 100th day of school.
The celebration begins on the actual 100th day of school.
This day will be different for each school depending on their school calendar.

Book List

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The Wolf's Chicken Stew - Keilo Kasza
The 100th Day of School - Angela Shelf Medearis
I Can Count To 100...Can You? - Katherine Howard
The Night Before the 100th Day of School - Natasha Wing
The 100th Day of School - Abby Klein

Songs & Fingerplays

100 Days Song - sung to "I've Been Working on the Railroad"

We've been working in our classroom,
For 100 days.
We've been working in our classroom,
Here in the first grade.
Rising early in the morning,
Bring our books and pencils too.
Every day we come to first grade,
We learn something new.

Happy 100 Day - sung to "Happy Birthday to You"

Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days at ________ School,
Happy 100 days to us.

Arts & Crafts

My son did this in Kindergarten. Each child had to get together 100 items. This was a take-home project. My son collected rocks/pebbles. Other ideas were to put a sticker on each school day in a calendar, buttons, etc.

~Submitted by Susan N.

My son glued100 buttons on a piece of construction paper. I have hundreds of those laying around.

~Submitted by Lisa

One hundred goldfish (the crackers from pepperidge farms)......draw and color a big pond and glue them swimming in the pond.

~Submitted by Shel

Oh something else I thought of was "spelling" out 100th and glue over each number with some kind of item-but there should be 100 of that item. Make sense?

~Submitted by Susan N

100 pennies glued on a poster...............a 100 pc puzzle.......100 cheerios...

~Submitted by Pat

My daughter is also in Kindergarten with the same project what we did was made a flag on the poster and we put those little red blue silver gold stars that you can buy we put that on the star part of the flag and then she colored the flag with the red stripes and then for the white strips we glued the 100 pennies on it....it was a big hit in school...just an idea

~Submitted by Krista

Theme Ideas

My kids like to bring 100 M&M's. They enjoy counting them out!

~Submitted by Crystal

Link up with some other classes and make a mural of 100 painted children's hands to represent 100 days of friendship-include the teacher's and other special helpers in the school.

~Submitted by Katie

I teach Kindergarten. We read Miss Bindergarten's 100th Day. As a correlating activity, each child brings in an edible food item. We then count 10 items from each bag of food until we have 100 total. This is our snack for the day.

~Submitted by Heather from Missouri

I teach 2nd grade and we count down each day with a sticker chart until we have reached the 100th day. Things we do that day include student's bringing in a 100th picture made out of something at home (cereal, toothpicks, candy, cotton balls, etc.) Other activities include doing 100 addition/subtraction problems. Writing 100 spelling words )taken from the lists since the beginning of school, I have a hundred word story that has blanks in just the right places and the children fill them in to make a funny story, also they draw a picture on off-white paper (*Mine has a picture frame on it*) of how they think they'll look when they are 100 yrs. old. Afterward, we wrinkle up the paper real good and then smooth it out and paste to construction paper. We usually go outside and do 100 exercises too!

~Submitted by Cindi - 2nd-grade teacher

100th Day Idea

At my son's school on the 100th day, each child had to bring in 100 items in a bag to count together.

~Submitted by Ashley


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