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Hi! I hope you enjoy my preschool curriculum theme pages!!

    Most of the preschool activities and preschool craft ideas found here were shared with me via other providers online. Preschool Teachers and Child Care Providers and others may feel free to use any of the preschool games, ideas, and children activities found here for preschool learning purposes. I hope in the near future to begin adding some printable preschool worksheets on these pages.

    Email me here if you would like to share an idea for one of my Theme Pages. I'd also love to have you submit your photos!

Step By Step Theme Curriculum


St. Patrick's Day
March 17

Spring Leprechauns Tips Galore Gardening Chocolate Farm
Color Green Number 7 Shape
Letter S Letter T Letter U


April 16
Earth Day
April 22
Arbor Day
April 28

Bunnies Spring The Foods
I Eat
and Butterflies
Garden Frogs
Color Yellow Number 8 Shape
Letter V Letter W Letter X

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