Valentine left Caution! Kids At Play Child Care in Millersville, Maryland ,
on February 12, 2005. Follow her travels below in her online journal. Enjoy!

The Stops

Country Daycare
Ashland, Ohio

Mon, 14 Feb 2005

Valentine just made her arrival! She is safe and happy. Have taken a dozen pictures already! We are on our way out to preschool so will follow up more. Need to run find her a hat as it is raining here and she is traveling with us to preschool. She will be coming home with me though... she can't go to school until Thursday. Thanks for all the goodies! More later,


Thurs, 17 Feb 2005

Here are pictures of Valentine at Tri County Preschool. She had a very fun day. The children loved to hear about her travels. She enjoyed being the center of attention. We told the children about her home daycare in Maryland, shared pictures of her visit with us here at Country Daycare, and showed a map of her future travels. She was tired after all the fun. When we returned home, she needed to cuddle up for rest time.

Thurs, 17 Feb 2005

We took Valentine shopping today for a new blue outfit. My 4 yo dcb says is needs to be blue and no dresses. LOL So she picked out a pretty blue shorts outfit. When we returned from Preschool she had to model it. Isn't she adorable. We are enjoying her visit here at Country Daycare.

Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Valentine is having a great time. She has enjoyed meeting all the new children. She is both sad about leaving and excited to continue her travels. She will spend Monday with the children here and then she will be leaving for Arkansas to visit Nannys House Daycare. She has lots of goodies to take with her. With the holiday on Monday, there is no school here, so Valentine will get to meet some older children. Have a wonderful weekend.


Mon, 21 Feb 2005

We had a puppy visit today and he and Valentine became fast friends. They needed to help each other out today with all the school agers running wild! LOL

Tues, 22 Feb 2005

Valentine played one last game of Rockem Sockem Robot before packing her things for her trip to Nanny House Daycare. She is now ready to go and will leave early this afternoon. We really enjoyed playing and learning with Valentine. We hope everyone else enjoys her as much as we did. Take good care of her please. She is a very special bear.

Nanny's House Daycare
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Thurs, 24 Feb 2005

Well Valentine made it to Nanny's House, but it was late in the afternoon and I told the kids that were left that we would have to wait till morning so everyone could take part. They are all excited, but I think Valentine was glad so she could rest after the long trip from Ohio to Arkansas. My daughter came home from Head Start and after the other kids left she found the box and opened it. She squealed and said the teddy bear the teddy bear! I explained to her that Valentine is just visiting us and will go somewhere else to visit in about a week, and when she gets done visiting she will go back home. Boy, did that start a riot! lol Well Valentine and Abigail have decided that Valentine will sleep in Abigail's room. They have also decided that we need to go shopping tomorrow and buy Valentine a new night gown. lol What girls will come up with!!!!! Oh! and get this, they both have to have one that matches lol geeesh!! They also have made plans for her to visit Abigail's school and, Abigail said she has to go to church with her on Sunday. Well I need to go for now I have to go find Valentine something to sleep in so they will go to night night all!

Dianna, Abigail & Valentine

Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Today the kids got to meet Valentine. They were all so excited. The kids loved all the goodies that Stacy sent us. Stacy, the kids and I thank you. We had our whales for snack today.(their favorite by the way!)We took lots of pictures, about 20 to be exact lol. Valentine had a long but fun day. I dont have a digital camera so I will be taking the film to be developed tomorrow. I can't wait to send in the pics. We didn't get to go shopping for new jammies today but we will go tomorrow. Well, have a good night, Valentine, Abigail and I are going to watch "TWO BROTHERS" Night night all.

Nanny's House Daycare

Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Wonderful. Whales crackers are a favorite here also. I took my 4 1/2 yo dcb shopping with me to pick out the goodies for you. Glad you are enjoying Valentine. Can't wait to see more pictures. We marked our bulletin board for Arkansas today and learned a little about it. (Not much learning today as we have a house full of pink eye - Valentine left just in time! LOL)


Valentine at Head Start

Mon, 28 Feb

Valentine has made a new friend, his name is Bejamin. They have gotten to be pretty good freinds. Benjamin is really gonna miss her when she leaves. This week our theme unit is Dr. Suess so today the kids made "Cat in th Hat" hats (including Valentine & Benjamin) We are all having a great time.

Wed, 2 March

Valentine went to school with Abigail again today so she could tell all her freinds good bye and to tell them of her future journey from Ohio and to Arkansas and how she will be leaving for Minnesota on Saturday. The children were excited about her travels but sad to see her go.

Fri, 4 March

Today Valentine and the kids have had a very busy day. The sun is shining and it 66 degrees so we all finally get to go outside and play! After a long day playing outside we go in for a yummy lunch. Pizza!! Then it's down for a nap. Valentine said she was real tired and wanted to nap too. After naptime we have snack and talk about Valentine's journey to Ms. Mary's at Tykesville in Minnesota. We talk about how the weather there was different than here. Here it was about 66 degrees and in Minnesota it is around 36 degrees and could be snowing. The children all give Valentine a big goodbye hug as they leave. They will miss her alot, but I think Abigail and Benjamin will miss her the most.

Sat, 5 March

Valentine has her bags packed and ready to go. She gives us all a big hug and settles down in her snug little box ready for the road. She said to tell her mom that she loves her and will be home soon and to tell Ms.Stacy that she misses everyone there too.

Ms. Dianna
Nanny's House Daycare

P.S. Tell Ms. Mary I am on my way!

Tykesville Family Child Care
Otsego, Minnesota

Tues, 8 March 2005

Just a quick note to say Valentine has arrived at Tykesville here in MN!! We are sooooo excited! Thanks, Ms. Dianna for the wonderful goodies you sent to us! Everything was a hit! ;)

Mary Miller

You are quite welcome. Glad she made it ok.Have fun We sure did. Abigail saw a picture of her and Valentine on the website and she got so tickled, but then she asked when Valentine was coming back home to us. I told her she wasnt coming back here and that she lived somewhere else. I told her mabe next year she would get tome back.She was happy with that. Now I cant wait til London gets here, then we will have go through it again lol


Wed, 9 March 2005

Hannah is making sure Valentine never gets left out. Table time is spent in a booster seat next to Hannah and Nicholas playing with Legos, coloring and using stencils. We talked about Valentine's travels and looked at pictures online of the friends she has made. We are thinking about what we would like to send off to Nana's House in Pennsylvania where Valentine will go next. We decided Valentine needs winter outerwear so she can go outside with us.

Thurs, 10 March 2005

Hannah & Rachel brough a snowsuit, hat and mittens for Valentine to use when we go outside! She is very excited to be able to play in the backyard with us instead of taking a morning nap! After lunch she was very tired and lay down on the loveseat next to Nicholas and fell asleep.

Fri, March 11

All of us Minnesotans have spring fever and wish we could ride on a boat like the one we made in preschool today. It is too cold for boating here! We did get a light dusting of snow this afternoon and Valentine thought it was just beautiful.

Tues, March 15

It is a quiet day at Tykesville today. Valentine is playing dolls and dancing with Abbi. We ate more of the graham crackers that came from Nanny's House - YUM!! We also talked about Valentine leaving for Pennsylvania and how much we will miss each other.

Wed, March 16

We are printing pictures today for Valentine's photo album. Valentine is excited to leave on her trip but we are sad to see her go and will miss her...........

Mary Miller
Tykesville Family Child Care

Nana's Nest Family Daycare
Hanover, Pennsylvania

Mon, 21 March 2005

Valentine arrived early Monday afternoon just as the children were getting ready to nap. However,we took time to open the box and let Valentine out. She was cold but glad to see all the children. Brady claimed her right away and curled up in Pap's recliner and both were soon snoozing. Valentine spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the children.

Tues, 22 March 2005

Jenny was here first this morning and has been telling Valentine how much fun they will have today. Thank you to Mary and all the children at Tykesville Family Child Care for all the neat goodies that they sent for us. They were greatly appreciated. We will be taking some pictures later today and posting them for all to see.

Wed, 23 March 2005

We're glad she arrived safely! The kids here at Tykesville all say "Hi! We miss you!" Glad you liked the goodies and have fun!!!!

Mary and the Tykesville gang

Wed, 23 March 2005

Valentine helped the children to paint Easter Eggs. Later today we will have our Easter Party.

Thur, 24 March 2005

Today there are not many children at Nana's Nest. Valentine hangs out today with Ryan and Brady playing with Thomas the Train. Valentine got dizzy watching the train go 'round and 'round!

Fri, 25 March 2005

Today there are no daycare children , only Nana's grandchildren. Valentine met Brittney. She is 9 years old and has tons of energy.

Sat, 26 March 2005

No children today. Valentine rested all day.

Sun, Easter Sunday

Valentine hunted Easter eggs with Nana's grandchildren. What a fun day we had.

Mon, 28 March 2005

Everyone is saying goodbye. I guess it is time for Valentine to get back in the box and continue on her journey. Everyone here at Nana's Nest is sure going to miss her. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Nancy's Home Daycare
Shenandoah, Iowa

Thurs, 7 April 2005

Valentine arrived today just before lunch time. We opened the box after the school kids got here and they were just so excited! They said to tell you thank you very much for the dinosaur crackers and the Play-Doh. We had the crackers for snack and, since it was late in the day, will be breaking out the Play-Doh tomorrow. It's rainy here right now, so that will be a perfect activity to keep them occupied since we can't go outside!

Nancy S

Tisha's Tuesday Toddlers Home Daycare
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tues, 10 May 2005

Valentine has arrived at my house...we got her on Friday! The kids are having a blast and I will send in photos soon!


UPDATE - Valentine is "lost" - all attempts to contact Tisha in Colorado Springs, CO, have failed.................... where is our Valentine??? ..............

Mattoon, Illinois

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